Raising The Bar

I don’t actually know what to say here.

So I will show you.

And that is not even all of them. We are up to 72 books.


My goal was 40 before March 27.  It’s not even March yet.

Look what you’ve done.

You have made at least one of my students cry–not to mention my jaw has been dragging on the floor.

One student said, “Mrs. Sluiter, I bet we get up to 100 new books for our library. Bet.”

I’m happy where we are. MORE than happy. Ecstatic even.

But there are those of you who told me to post the link again because 100 is possible, you all say (and this isn’t even counting the ones I plan to buy once this frenzy is over!)

So here it is again...my Classroom Library Wish List. I added a few titles that students asked about.


Oh…and of the 72 books I have? Over half have greedily been checked out already.

72 books.

I still can’t believe it.

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