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So yeah. School started and now that is my life.

My school, Eddie’s school, Eddie’s activities like soccer and cub scouts, Sunday school–which I teach and Eddie and Charlie attend. Bowling started for Cortney. We are suddenly crazy busy here all of the time, which means our TV watching has slowed down significantly.

The boys watch one episode of Octonauts in the morning before leaving for daycare/school and then, depending on our level of busy, they get to watch one or two shows before bed. That’s it. Cortney and I seem to watch even less. In fact, lately, I have been totally falling asleep in Eddie’s bed after I read the boys their bedtime story. It’s ridiculous.

I have a running list of some shows I want to watch/catch up on though. These are my top three:


Yes, I know. This is ALWAYS on my list. But I really want to finish up Season 3 because I don’t want to be a whole season behind when season 4 comes out. This show is like a good book to me; it takes me right out of my reality and gets me super invested in all the characters and their stories. But I can’t watch it when the kids are up, so my watch time is severely limited. I need one good day home alone to binge!


Cortney and I just discovered The League on FX and it is hilarious. It’s totally inappropriate, but so SO funny. Plus both of us like it, so this is a good one to watch after the kids go to bed when nothing else is on TV (like a baseball game).  We need to start from season 1 because we busted in during the current season and now I have the need to watch all of them.


So I am putting Gotham on here because I have seen the previews for it and it looks good. I have always loved the Batman movies (the ones from the 90’s and the more recent ones with Christian Bale). In fact, I am quite interested in superhero stuff, but I have never taken the time to read comics or watch all the movies.  Actually, I like the ones that have complicated and interesting back stories. I’m not as interested in all the action stuff as I am in the story. I think that is why this appeals to me. Season 1 is available now on Netflix, so I think I should start watching it, yes?

What is on your Top 3 TO WATCH list? When do you find time to watch your favorite shows?


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  1. I tried to get into Gotham, but I so wanted more action. If you are looking for story I think you will really like it. You should check out Daredevil on Netflix too.

  2. We have four people living in this house and the youngest is sixteen so everyone has a strong opinion and gets a vote. This makes deciding on shows we can enjoy together our challenge.

    You know how people talk about teenagers never wanting to be home and never talking to their parents and basically being a blur in and out of the house? Not true here. Jack and Karly still like ending their weeknights on one of our two couches in the family room with Bill and me.

    Watching TV.

    What can we agree on? (Remember, my kids are 16 and 18, so….)

    The Walking Dead
    American Horror Story
    Modern Family

    Any of these shows wins an automatic yes from everyone. Almost every other show involves some compromise.

    Then there are the re-runs of older shows we will throw on that all four of us love:

    The Office
    Parks and Rec
    Arrested Development

    Thank goodness for NetFlix.
    For real.