This Is Where We Live

We are lucky to live where we do.

2015-08-04 13.52.18

Michigan has some of the best beaches ever…and I say that having seen both the Atlantic and the Pacific. I definitely prefer fresh water and the clean beaches here.

2015-08-04 15.58.25

All of our kids love the beach.  Eddie could stay in the water for days, but he settles for hours. Charlie likes to wander off by himself and play in the sand or watch the waves. And Alice is content to take it all in–and also take a cat nap here and there–from the shade of the umbrella on a lap.

2015-08-04 12.46.32

I wish I could say this is where we are every possible moment, but it’s not true. We are lucky to have friends who invite us out because going to the State Park brings out my anxiety. It’s not nearly as relaxing with all the crowds.

2015-08-04 15.34.18

This is much more our pace. Thankfully we DO have friends who have lake front property both on the Big Lake and on a small inland lake.

2015-08-04 15.13.43

Next year will be even more fun since Alice will be able to wear sunscreen and play in the sand too. Not that she minded her spot on a lap this year.

2015-08-04 13.53.52

And Eddie will be a year older, a little stronger swimmer, and hopefully I won’t have to worry about his overconfidence in those waves like I did this year.  Thankfully Charlie is cautious about the water and the sun. He sticks close to the beach and wears sunscreen, his life jacket, a bucket hat, and goggles at all times. Safety first, right Bird?

2015-08-04 15.06.34

Yes, we are beach people. Good thing it’s only about a 15-minute drive to a beach.

What is the best part about where YOU live?

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  1. I grew up in Michigan but we didn’t do the beach thing. We would camp one of the State Parks on a lake but never ventured to the Great Lakes. That’s probably because we lived in mid-Michigan.

    Now I live in East Tennessee and we’re only 30-40 from the Smoky Mountains and the Gatlinburg/Sevierville/Pigeon Forge area. We love driving through Cades Cove and looking for bears, deer and whatever else we can come across!! I love it! And there’s some super cool about looking in your rear view mirror when doing your daily commute and seeing the mountain landscape behind you. It’s hard to beat that!

  2. Ah, what a great beach. Texas beaches are not great. But I love all the outdoor activities that Austin allows. I always joke that we are an intensely fit city.

  3. I’m so jealous! We are SO far from the beach, that my oldest hasn’t been to one since he was 2 (3 1/2 years ago), and the youngest three have never set foot on one. I love Alice in a swimsuit!


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