The Home Stretch


I just fell over laughing at this comparison.

First, I apparently gave up with Eddie and Charlie by this point. Was I living in jammies or what? I mean, I look homeless in the Eddie shot.

Secondly each tummy is progressively bigger…like it’s giving up a little with each pregnancy. It’s all “look how cute and small I still am” with Eddie and now with Alice it’s all “ugg. dude. get it OVER with already.”

It’s also funny to me that I have a helper in the Charlie photo because look:

2015-01-21 17.48.33

Yup, Charlie was all sorts of excited to help me out with the Alice picture!

So I’m officially in the 8th month of my last pregnancy. Suddenly all the “Alice Will Be Here Soon” things are starting to happen: My sub for the rest of the school year has been hired. My 12 weeks off has been approved and put in the system. I have done a load of baby laundry. We have a lot of the infant stuff located. We even have some diapers and a stockpile of formula.

We need to put the car seat bases into our vehicles which may be a bit of a puzzling challenge with the other two 5-point harness seats in there already, but we will make it work.

We need to dust off the swing and the bounce seat.

I have a colleague who is generously giving us their rock n play for Alice to use, and we probably should get some more baby pants and socks and hats.

We need to find the bottles and wash them.

We should probably get serious about organizing what the heck we are doing with school pick up and such while I am still healing from surgery. I thought about making some freezer meals, but we all know I don’t have time for that. I will just accept whatever comes our way and ask Cortney to pick me up a taco the other times.

I am starting to feel the need to reduce everything extraneous from our schedule and prepare to hunker down in the baby daze. I am excited to have that small bundle in my arms rather than kicking my butt…from the inside.  I want all the things in my house clean, but I also want all the naps to be mine.

And there is that wee small part of me that realizes that this is the beginning of the end.

No more pregnancies after this. 98% of me says THANK GOODNESS! That tiny 2% of me is like “aw”.

We are in that home stretch of reaching brand new territory.  Only one more monthly photo to go before show time!

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  1. Seriously, you are adorable.

    Plus, I can’t wait for Alice to arrive. XO

  2. You’re belly looks different in each picture…I don’t know if I’d say bigger or smaller. Eddie is LOW, Charlies is HIGH, and Alice looks like shes’ standing up inside of you. You look great in all of the pictures. I hope the time goes by just fast enough for you.

  3. I love that the boys get into the sign-holding.

    You’re going to have fun with a girl in the house 🙂

  4. Even when you want it to be the end, it’s still sad. I am DONE having kids, no more pregnancy, no more babies…but there is still 5% of me that is sad about that. It is a sucky feeling. Having those little tiny pangs between all of the “no way, never again” statements.

    You look great. I can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girl.

  5. I think I like the Charlie picture best. Your face says about everything I’ve ever felt about pregnancy.

    Hey hey hey, guess what?? Alice is coming!

  6. You look fabulous! I’m excited for everything that Alice will bring to your family’s lives.

    I made my husband wait for a year before we made the final “cut” ending our chances at being parents again — even though I was totally on board for our last to be our last. I remember feeling pangs about a year or two when my youngest was a toddler — but when I realized I wouldn’t have to change another diaper or go through the “terrible twos”, and that all my kids slept through the night (mostly) — my pangs shifted to happily holding or “borrowing” other people’s babies for a few hours — and happily giving them back. 🙂

  7. Ok, google Stephanie O’deas 365 days of crockpot. Throw some things in this weekend & freeze for when baby comes (we love her taco soup, chicken & salsa soup, chili, lasagna…). Her recipes are great & easy & she is super funny too. Her site SAVED me after baby #3 came along. Better yet, it saved husband and babies 1-2 since it meant food to eat in the PM since I threw things in the crockpot in the AM when I had .2 minutes between toddler & baby business. Love love love it. Frozen chicken, can of black beans, jar of salsa… Boom, filling for taco shells. No take out required. Cheaper & healthier too & hooray!

  8. You are adorable! I can’t wait to ‘meet’ Alice!

  9. I laughed at your “I look homeless” comment. You do not, because you are in a home. 😉 I kid!! You just look comfy. I always love the comparison photos. I did the same as you, bigger belly each time. Can’t wait to meet sweet baby Alice!!!