Challenge Completed

I think every year for the past five or so years, I have done the GoodReads book challenge. You are supposed to set a goal for how many books you want to read in that year.  Almost every year I put 24 – two books per month.

When I compare my goal to many of my friends, it is low. They aim for like 50 books. If I didn’t have to work or keep my children alive, I bet I could read 50 books a year. But, alas, people need me to do things, so 24 is the goal.

I have never met this goal. I usually start out Ok, but then drop off as spring comes and I get out of control busy with end of the school year things like grading and graduation.  I pick it back up in the summer, but not usually to a point where I can recover because once school starts up again, my reading life grinds to a halt.

Some how I managed to not just meet my goal of 25 books this year, but to surpass it! As of right now, I have read 30 books this year and I am on number 31.  Currently I am reading The Liar’s Club  by Mary Karr.

I’ll be honest too, that I have always tried to right up a review of the book over under my book categories, and not having time to write it up has held me back from starting a new book. I decided I had to let that go and just enjoy books. If I get them up there, awesome, but if not, at least I am reading, right?

So tell me, what are you reading?

I have a bunch of books from my classroom library on my To Read List including Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell and all of the John Green. The problem is that they are all checked out right now…by my students!

I guess that’s not really a problem.


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  1. I did the challenge this year as well. I choose 25 books, thinking it was pretty reasonable. I managed 13 in all, even after I cheated and started rereading The Chronicles of Narnia, which I loved as a child. I think if my Kindle hadn’t gone kaput, I may have made it.

  2. Since this summer, I’ve read so much more than I have been able to, too! Last night I finished An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. I kind of had to force myself to finish it, because I had gotten both that and Paper Towns from the library and they were both due today and non-renewable. I should’ve read Paper Towns instead. AAOK was okay, but no where near as good as what I was expecting after reading and seeing The Fault in our Stars. Next up, that stack I shared with you!

  3. Look at you! Awesome!

    I just finished Eleanor and Park. I was disappointed in the ending but I loved the book. I think I’m up to about 20 books this year. More than the past two years combined. Feels good. I love reading.

  4. I completed my challenge of 24 books last year, just under the deadline, and this year, I finished 36 books early! I’ve actually surpassed it by a few books. I haven’t managed to read anything since the twins came, but I just bought Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park, and Landmines (couldn’t find Fangirl). Hoping to read at least one before the end of the year.

  5. Before kids my goal was 100. I never made it. I made it into the 90s a couple times or 70s. After child I went with 52. I’m always on track or ahead until the fall starts. I read a ton in January/spring break and summer vacation and then I peter out and try to read a ton over Christmas break to catch back up. I was ahead of schedule and at one time 7 books ahead but now I am 2 books behind. I’m reading Those Who Remain by Ruth Crocker right now.