Thrown Back


We have had Netflix for about three months now, and while I thought Cortney and I would use it to watch new (to us) shows and movies, it’s really been the boys that use it the most.

Because Eddie already knows how to work the Wii and the Tivo, he easily learned to navigate Netflix. My favorite part of Netflix is that each person in the house has his/her own profile. Eddie finds his and all his shows are in there, along with suggestions appropriate to his age.

At first he had a good time finding all the superhero shows and then there was his slight addiction to all things Ninjago.

Then one day he found the old Super Mario Brothers show/cartoon.


Do you remember this awful show? I had naturally completely forgotten about it. I mean, it’s awful. But Eddie is totally into Super Mario Bros on the Wii and when he found it, he had to watch every single episode. I wanted to laugh at the badness of it all. Even Cortney got sucked into it: “Oh man. Remember this show? Sheesh it was bad!”

Remember how it started out and ended with a live show that took place in Mario Brothers Plumbing? And the guest stars? The episode Eddie was just watching had Winnie Cooper on it (yes, I know that is not her real name, but she will always be Winnie Cooper to me, Ok?). Oh it was just SO BAD.

But Eddie loved it. It was new to him.

One day when Eddie was busy doing something else, Charlie asked for Elmo, so we looked up Sesame Street on Netflix. They totally have the classic episodes from when I was a kid on there. Now THOSE I like! Bert and Ernie before they were cartoons, pre-Abby Sesame Street. Barkley!

One yucky cold day over Spring Break, Eddie and I curled up together on the couch and I talked him into watching old cartoon movies with me. We giggled over The Emperor’s New Groove all afternoon and he has watched it more often than he has watched Frozen.

It’s so fun to find treasures from our childhoods that we have forgotten about show up in the Netflix suggestions. And our kids are having fun experiencing them for the first time.

Because Netflix is just so much darn fun, I have a special treat…I get to giveaway a free 3-month subscription to Netflix!  Free Netflix for three months!  Woot!

Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

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Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and will be sharing monthly tips and stories about how my family uses Netflix on a regular basis. As a member of the Stream Team I was provided with a Roku and a voucher to apply towards my Netflix account. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. It is SO awesome being to enjoy our own favorite classics with the kids!
    Darn, I wish I could win me some Netflix.

  2. I was kind of a strange kid. I liked the 80s sitcoms, but I preferred classics like “Bewitched.” I also started watching a yoga show (the lady is STILL on!), newsmagazines, and true crime shows as a kid and still do 🙂

  3. We’ve had Netflix for a while and I admit to upgrading to the package that is a little more expensive, so all four of us can watch our favourite shows separately at the same time… (I know, I know – but I don’t want to watch Vampire Diaries with my daughter, Horror movies with my husband or cartoons with my son. Ahem.)

  4. Netflix, we love ours. We have a Roku and Netflix for House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

    my favorite TV show from my childhood? I think the Love Boat (although I was a little older , my teens, when I watched it.) I still like it and all it’s scripted silly love scenes.

  5. I love all of the classic stuff on Netflix. It is a great way to relive all of your favorites.

  6. I gripe all the time about today’s cartoons, and pop in classics to introduce my boys to… And then I’m like, “Wait? We thought this was awesome back in the day. What happened?” HA. 😉
    I don’t remember having a favorite, thought Little House on the Prairie marathons were pretty sweet- especially on rainy days or sick days.

  7. I love the selection on Netflix. There is always something to watch. My boys have all of their favourite shows and David and I have been enjoying re-watching old favourites and discovering new series too.

  8. That Super Mario show is SO bad! It is on in our house too! 🙂 It is funny how those old shows are the classic ones. Cameron often chooses the older version of Pokémon and Sonic over the newer ones because they are less scary. They totally don’t notice the quality difference! 🙂

  9. I heart Netflix! I haven’t introduced it to Lucas yet, but I do love it when we come across some of my favorite old shows on TV and tell him that I used to watch them when I was his age.

    Everything old is new again, right?

  10. Canada’s selections leave a bit to be desired: we don’t seem to have as much as in the USA, but even still: it is definitely awesome to have. We do Friday Movie Pizza here each week and we no longer have to rent movies – which saves us a ton of money! We can easily find something for everyone to watch.

    And I also love that I can have it on several devices and when we travel.
    I have seriously watched Downton Abbey on my phone while in the tub! LOL

  11. I hear you on the pre-Abby Cadabby days. Super Grover all the way!

  12. Part of the beauty of Netflix is introducing our kids to the history of bad TV, isn’t it?

  13. oh lord that show WAS bad. Can I be kinda happy my kids haven’t discovered it….yet?

  14. Tabathia B says

    As a person of color, it was the Cosby show for me

  15. I think my favorite show was Punky Brewster. She wasn’t perfect… and yet her Henry still loved her. 🙂

  16. Full House was definitely my favorite!!

  17. My kids LOVE the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Though it’s not currently in high rotation (Justin Time, Batman Brave & Bold, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, and the …Buddies movies are the preferred items to watch).

  18. Snorks!