Spring Showed Up for Spring Break

After all the cold and the sick…Spring showed up on Monday, four days into spring break.

These guys were closed when we played outside in the chilly morning, but after Charlie’s nap they had opened right up.

2014-04-07 16.12.33

As soon as I opened the door Monday morning, the boys BUSTED out at full speed.

2014-04-07 10.04.33

It was pretty overcast and chilly (still in the 40’s) and we only lasted about 45 minutes that first time out, but  man. It was so needed.

2014-04-07 10.06.29

After Charlie’s nap, we went out again because it was almost 20 degrees warmer. That meant coats and hats could be ditched for hoodies!

2014-04-07 16.19.15

Charlie finally got to try out his scooter that Grandpa and Grandma gave him for Christmas.

He didn’t really understand that he had to push with one of his feet. He kept saying, “Push? Mama push?”

2014-04-07 16.13.56

So he went back to his coupe.

I tried to take Eddie’s picture too, but he giggled as he zoomed by and all I got was blur.

Then he got a hole in his bike tire and he was a bit pouty.

2014-04-09 10.55.33

Wednesday was another beautiful day. Warm AND sunny!

That clearly meant that every outdoor toy we own needed to come out of storage.

2014-04-09 15.32.12

During Charlie’s nap I tried to get some work done. I had stuff for school and some homework things I wanted to do. Eddie watched TV for a little bit, but the sunny, warm day was too much.

He begged me to play with him.

I put him off twice and then realized I was insane.

We spent an hour chalking up the driveway.  The first thing we did?

Trace each other holding hands.

I have tightness on my face from the sun shining on it.

It feels great.

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  1. I am SO happy Spring finally showed up for you guys!

  2. YAY for spring! So glad it has come to you.
    I don’t want to scare it away by saying so, but I think it just might have arrived here, too. 🙂

  3. I love when Spring finally breaks through the cold, misery of winter.

  4. I think it may have arrived for us today! It was 14 degrees C and no coats were needed. Although, I can still feel a bit of a chill in the air. But it was warm enough to open up the windows after a long cold hard winter and air out the house!
    And some chalk drawings happened too! LOVE the holding hands one!! awesome.

  5. It’s so important to get outside like that isn’t it? It just…does wonders physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. In a single day I can so tell a difference in my whole family depending upon the weather and how much time we’ve played and enjoyed being out. Oh spring. Love.

  6. Ah, Spring!

    I’m still thawing. 🙂