On My Feet

I used to wear heels all the time.

As a high school teacher who is 5’7″ (not short, but not tall either) who had her classroom in senior hallway, I frequently found myself getting lost in the crowd of varsity athletes and Dutch giants that grow in West Michigan.  When speaking to a junior about his disruption in class, I found myself looking up to him.

So I wore heels.

Not only did it give me a little bit more height, but it gave me more of a grown up, professional look too.

Six years ago I ditched the heels for flat, practical shoes because I was pregnant and my mother was afraid I would kill myself on such tall shoes. In fact, she took me shopping for a nice comfy pair of both black and brown shoes, and then bought me a couple more pairs for Christmas that year.

She claimed to she didn’t want to see me fall and get hurt. I know she was only concerned for her grandson. It’s Ok. I get it.

I claimed I would go back to all my cute heels after having the baby.

Everyone told me that my fit might get bigger with pregnancy. They swelled up like bricks, but I didn’t think my actual shoe size would go up.

Eddie was born in June, and I went back to work in September. On my first day back I put on a cute, strappy pair of wedges.  By the end of the day, those cute wedges had been kicked off because they were leaving indents all over my feet. I wrote it off as not being used to be on my feet for so many hours.

I tried again a couple days later with a cute pair of kitten heels, and again they were discarded in favor of walking around barefoot on the gross school carpeting.

The rest of that first week back, I broke teacher dress code and wore flip flops. I didn’t have any other shoes that wouldn’t eat my feet by the end of the day.

When cooler weather showed up, it was the same story.  All the heels I comfortably wore before pinched and blistered my feet.  I had enough and invested in somewhere near a million pairs of ballet flats.

Five years and another pregnancy later, and my feet have gone from a size 7 to a size 8.

All the cute wedges and heels from pre-kid days have long been packed up and sent to Goodwill. I own very few non-flat shoes–only a couple pairs to go with extra fancy dresses for things like weddings and funerals.  Everything else is a flat.

For the past five years I have been teaching in flats, which means I have been living in flats, and I am here to tell you not all flats are created equal.

If it’s not tall boot weather, my flat of choice is a ballet flat.  They are cute with a wide-leg pant, skirts, and skinny jeans. Plus even in a size 8 they make my feet look small and dainty.

Yes, I have foot vanity. What?

I’ve found that you get what you pay for when it comes to comfort and durability.  While it’s easy to rake in five pairs for under $50 at some local stores, usually it’s just like walking on concrete with no support.  And if you’re going to stand all day, that is not really going to cut it.

I usually go through a million pairs of cheap ballet flats, I won’t lie.

Recently though I tried Juil’s new ballet flats (I really want the sandals too, but it would be a dance with insanity to wear anything without a tube sock out of the house right now).

Juil shoes giveaway with Sluiter Nation

Juil’s sandals and shoes have little copper dots that “ground” you. That’s right…they work to help you connect with the earth–which acts as a giant toxin magnet–to help balance you.

I know, it sounds crazy, but so far, it feels like it works.

I have dubbed them my “happy feet shoes”.

Plus they are cute and comfy and I love them.

Here is the fun part of this post…I get to give a pair of Juil shoes away to one of YOU!  All you have to do is click over to the Sluiter Nation Juil Giveaway and enter your information.

You must have a valid email address to win.

Winners will be chosen randomly by Juil, but I will be contacting the winner.

If chosen, you must respond within 3 days of the winner announcement or a new winner will be chosen.

Contest will run for ONE week (ending Tuesday, February 11).

Now go enter!  And tell me…if you win…what pair will you chose?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I was sent a pair of Juil shoes, but all opinions are my own.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. I wore heels (4 to 5 inch ones) all the time when I was working. I loved them.
    Once the kids came, off came the heels, on came the practical flats. One time I wore wedges to a lunch at a fancy hotel, I fell down, while holding the baby (we were fine, but it was humiliating!). So no more.
    I am really loving my flats now! And those Juil ballet flats are super cute.

  2. I want The Flats! They are perfect and I love the little copper dots. Let me win! Let me win! 🙂

  3. Sarah Coenen says

    Awesome shoes! I want! I want! I need! I need! We’re an Air Force family; moving to our new base in Louisiana next week. For a northern girl like me this is like moving to a foreign country. I’d LOVE some copper dots to make me feel more grounded once I arrive! Seriously, these are adorable, I love them and appreciate the chance to enter.


    • oh they would be perfect! I can’t imagine moving to Louisiana! Warm weather year-round? What is that! Good luck with your move!

  4. These little ballet flats are adorable! I just love them. And I also love how ballet flats make my canoe feet seem dainty.

  5. I am loving all the sandals!!!

  6. LOVE these shoes! I’ve been lusting after them for a while now!

  7. I don’t wear flats very often – but those are cute!

  8. OMG these are awesomesauce. I love flats but wear cheapo ones. These look like they could change my life.

  9. ooooh. I love how they ground you. Plus they’re just cute.

    • right? I was all “what? Grounding?” when I first heard of them…but also CUTE! Usually practical = ugly in my mind.

  10. Those brown suede wingtips? LOVE.

  11. I remember when you posted about getting these in the mail and I said they looked soooo comfy! I just entered!

    ps I rarely wear heels, either. my feet also grew after each pregnancy. So I hope Juli comes in large sizes and maybe even in widths?? Or do you think they will stretch?

  12. Those flats are so stinking cute! I still wear heels (and by heels I mean boots with a chunky heel). I’ve been meaning to get some cute flats for the office!!

  13. between the skinny jeans and now the flats, you’re changing my fashion every year…however, I can’t do flats..my back hurts when I wear them, I actually do better in heels (even though my feet grew with my pregnancies)
    but someone is going to get an adorable pair of shoes!!!!!! 🙂

  14. I own one pair of flats and they have a small hole in the bottom now so I can’t wear them if it rains. I FEEL SO OFF CENTER IN A FLAT SHOE. I suffer arch disappointment. But. But! These are cute (I can never find ones that are narrow and don’t just flop off the back of my foot. These look like they’re cut differently and maybe the grouding would help too. The light tan with patent like toe.

  15. Omg! Love these shoes. I’d go for the neutral, beige pair. And I’ve had exactly the same issue win my feet and the same size to boot. Now that I’m working at my kids school I get to dress a bit more professional and need some nice flats – no heels for me. I just bought two new pairs and spend a few dollars extra.

  16. Love! I’m getting tired of boots as well! The cap toed shoes are adorable!

  17. I work in tradeshows and I am always looking for a comfy new pair of ballet flats!

  18. I used to wear flats all the time. And then I got pregnant. Now it is a GOOD day when I wear flats instead of sneakers.

  19. Same story here. I had always wore heels because I worked in the Government and it was part of the “professional ensemble.” Plus, I loved them too. There was a Holt Renfrew in my office building – need I say more?
    Then 3 kids – and my feet went from size 7 to an 8 as well.
    Good bye gorgeous shoes? I MOURNED!!!

    And since I didn’t go back to work, I don’t have the money now to replace the fancy strappy sexy look at my fantastic butt in these – shoes! MOURN (that one was more for the butt)
    I do have 2 pair for date nights – but these flats are super cute!!
    I’d definitely wear them.

  20. nicole kammeraad says

    I would get the cap toe in nude! They’re super cute!

  21. I wear shoes like this all the time. I cannot wear heals very often because of my ankle issue on my right foot and well, I LOVE cute flats!! I love the coral colored ones!

  22. My feet not only went up a size with pregnancy, they also got WIDER. Now I have to wear wide width shoes. It kind of sucks.

  23. OMG! I want those shoes. I giggled when I read about your mom only caring about her grandson. Last week I tripped on a step and rolled my ankle. The next morning it hurt so bad, I couldn’t walk on it. I had to go to urgent care to make sure it wasn’t broken. When I was telling my mom about it, her response was, “were you carrying William when you fell?” I was like, I’m fine mom. Thanks for asking.

  24. Those are cute! I need new black flats. Well and brown ones. I need new shoes in every category. I have such narrow feet and it just blows. I guess I should jump on the summer footwear train first and worry about next fall later ha. But I suppose I need some for spring. My feet have been killing me at the end of a day of teaching in the last month or so.

  25. I love these! I rarely wear heels anymore, and if I do they are very low. I wore a pair of boots to a conference that i used to wear to work all the time…6 years ago…and they KILLED my feet.

  26. Monique S. says

    I would order the cap toe in snake. I am currently on the hunt for go to ballet flats. ::crossing my fingers:: I live in Arizona and totally need a cute but classy pair that I can wear and chase a toddler. Thank you for the reccomendation.

  27. Love and want {so much!}!

    I would choose the flats because omg no heels for me! #clumsy

  28. Lisa (@LisainLouKY) says

    Oh my goodness!! I want every.single.pair!!! I live in flats – it’s very rare that I wear anything but flats. I have a bad knee and sciatica and heels can aggravate both. But, like you said, not all flats are created equal, most that I have, have zero support which also hurts my knee, back and hips. I’m very curious about how these would help!

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  29. Love the flats! Especially in Poppy! I’m a home visitor working with at risk teens and babies birth to 3 so comfortable shoes are a must!

  30. very cute shoes! i love the brown ones!

  31. My husband made me by flats when I was pregnant! Isn’t it funny how our bodies change during pregnancy? Maybe they will shrink back with baby #3 😉


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