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Here we go again! It’s Friday which means it’s time for #AskAwayFriday hosted by Penny of The Real Housewife Of Caroline Country and Amber from Bold Fab Mom. Typically for Ask Away Friday, bloggers pair up, swap 10 questions,answer them on their blogs, and link up their posts with Penny and Amber. It’s such a great way to get to know someone better.


This week my friend, Greta of Gfunkified, is here with my questions for this Friday, and she came up with some good ones. So pull up your chair and get to know me better. And then, head over to Greta’s place to see what I asked her.

exactly square

1. If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be doing?

This question is HARD!  I have no idea! I guess if money wasn’t an issue, I would stay at home with my kids and work as a writer (or try to) from home. If I was in another out of the house job, I would probably work for a non-profit or do some sort of charity or activism work.

2. What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

My favorite way to unwind is with a warm drink (tea, hot cocoa), my jammies, a soft blanket, and a good book. Oh, and my feet on my husband’s lap because he will rub my feet. He’s good like that.

3. You talk about Common Core a lot. If you had the chance to run your own school and your own curriculum, what would you change (if anything)?

Oh yes! Common Core aside, if we lived in a perfect world where I could help to implement best practice strategies and make our school look how I wanted, it would be incredibly student-centered. It would be inviting and technologically advanced. It would FEEL like learning. All teachers would have ample time to work together to make cross-curricular units and projects. The community would be involved and the students projects would involve them being in the community and learning. In fact, all assessments would be “real world”–they would be real published works, real community programs, real research.

4. When you daydream (like, say, waiting on parents at parent/teacher conferences), what do you find yourself daydreaming about most?

I day dream about writing. I know, I know. Totally cheesy. I daydream of finding words to say what I want to say.

Sometimes I daydream about traveling somewhere warm.

5. You and Cortney seem to make a really good team. Has it always been like that, or has it been trial and error since you got married?

It has always been like this, but that is because we worked on it from Day 1. We said from the minute we started dating that we were in “this” together…not matter what “this” is or will become.

The fact that we have known each other and been friends for so long before we surprised ourselves by falling in love, definitely helps. We knew each other so well–we were 25 when we started dating–that it was like we had a head start. We had already established and deep trust and friendship.

august '09

august ’09

6. You don’t have pets, right? Why?

We don’t have any pets, no. I had a cat for 17.5 years and he died when Eddie was 2.5. Eddie still says he misses Louis. I am pretty sure he can’t remember much about Louis, but I know that those 2.5 years developed a deep love of cats in him. Charlie also loves cats and dogs. I know my boys would love a pet, but we just don’t have the time for one right now. Cortney and I have discussed possibly getting a pet once we are done having babies and when we move. There are lots of times I really, really miss having a cat curled up next to me though.

Louis, 2009 (15 yrs old)

Louis, 2009 (15 yrs old)

7. What’s your favorite form of communication: text, phone calls, or email?

definitely email.

8. I’ve been gluten free for a little over a year. If you found yourself gluten free all of the sudden, what would you miss the most?

I would miss pasta. I am such a carb girl; it is very obviously my weakness. I could live without sweets, but we eat pasta at least once a week.

9. I know that you, like me, have a hard time getting together with friends because of schedules and locations. If it wasn’t so difficult, what would you love to spend your time doing with them?

I really love just having comfortable, casual relaxed time with my friends. I like being able to go out to eat some good food and then shut that restaurant down with all the talking and laughing. That is what I love.

10. What was your biggest fear growing up, and what is it now?

My biggest fear was growing up. Being an adult and losing the ridiculousness of childhood was terrifying to me.  Now my biggest fear is dying. I fear what that would mean to my family, but I also fear the actual happening of it. I get panic attacks when I try to imagine not being. It’s the ultimate loss of control and that terrifies me.

Ok, so we ended that one on a happy note, yes? Weeee!

In all seriousness, you should go see what I asked Greta. I asked her some BIG questions too!

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  1. I like your idea of how a curriculum and best practices should be. Also, your perfect way to unwind.
    I’d also miss pasta – we eat pasta once a week too.

  2. I love my carbs, too. But it is more bread for me. I love sandwiches and toast and biscuits. I have started eating less pasta over the past few months – but I cannot cut the bread.
    We don’t have pets right now, either – but we keep saying maybe one day.

  3. Ha! I did end that on a sober note, didn’t I? I love your answers. I would love to send my kids to your school and have you teach them. I’m a total pet enabler, though. Cats don’t require much, and if you have one while you’re pregnant (as you know, if Louie was like this), the baby and the cat will be bonded together forever. One of my favorite memories of being pregnant with Henry is my kitty Annabelle sitting on my pregnant belly every day. She turned out to be so patient and sweet with all of the kids. 🙂

  4. I think I have set a world record for getting into my jammies and under a blanket after a day of errands…LOL It is so relaxing and just helps take off the stress of the day. You and Greta had a great set of questions…so nice to get to know you a bit better 🙂

  5. First, your questions for Greta were great. If you were a teacher, I would say a career in journalism would be perfect for you 😉

    I love your community oriented idea of school. Honestly, I don’t think that would cost anymore than what we are currently paying and it just makes so much more sense. I’m with you on the pets. We currently have one cat but when her time is over, we will be taking a break. They are wonderful additions to a family but they do take time.

  6. I couldn’t wait to grow up. I think it has something to do with me liking to be in control. I always wanted to be the boss and be able to make the decisions. Now that I have to? I know that was a really dumb thing to want.

  7. My preschooler is headed off to Kinder next year and the Common Core is already bumming me out!

    My son is 4.5 and he also adores cats. Our first one died when he was 3 and he begged for weeks and weeks to get another one.

    I would love to unwind with hot tea and a good book! Most nights, I can’t keep my eyes open past nine pm.

  8. But can you even really imagine NOT being a teacher? 🙂 Great answers.

  9. “I would stay at home with my kids and work as a writer (or try to) from home.”

    Dude. TRY to achieve this goal at some point in your life if you can. It took me 37 years to get there but it is so worth it. I can be a SAHM with my son and be a huge part of his life, while also making money with wordcraft (I’m a copy writer and copy editor) which I love. Yeah, the money’s not great. But the other benefits are amazing. (Pajamas all day.) SHOOT FOR THE STARS! 😉

    Nice to meet you!! S.

  10. If you ever build your dream school, give me a call, and you have your first student. Schools just don’t seem fun anymore, and they weren’t that fun when we went as a kid, but now it seems boring because of all of the teaching to the test. I haven’t had a parent-teacher conference yet sound like “It sounds like my son is learning and enjoying it!”

  11. I’d definitely miss pasta too. We were gluten free for a couple of years due to an allergy with my youngest son and it wasn’t easy. Nor did we ever find a gluten free pasta that we liked. I loved what you had to say about education…I definitely need to go read some of your Common Core posts! Nice to meet you!

  12. I LOVE reading all these questions and responses in AskAwayFriday! fantastic picture of you two!

  13. I am so with ya on the girls time out! It is exactly the kind of thing that I will even do with my daughter or oldest son…maybe even add in a bit of thrift shopping. I have always been a huge daydreamer! If I could just get the novel out of my head and typed out! Hope you have a great week!

  14. Your idea of the best time with friends is exactly what mine is. There’s nothing that beats a casual evening among girlfriends just talking, eating, and being silly.