Don’t You…Forget About Me.

retireIf you follow me on facebook or twitter, you may have seen my meltdown slight panic attack last week when I read about Google retiring Google Reader on July 1st.

I have been faithfully using Google Reader since I started reading blogs in 2008.  I really truly almost started crying at the thought of having to find another way to read my favorite blogs.  If the people who were tweeting to me trying to calm me down could have actually seen me?  They would have been all O_o Even the ones who joined me in my freak out.

It’s been a few days and I’ve calmed down.  In fact, I may have found an option I love even more than Google Reader, but I will get to that in a minute.

For those of you who follow blogs via Google Reader, there are other options!!!

You can “like” all your faves on the Facebook and choose “get notifications” to make sure you see everything they post. Of course getting notifications means you will also see when they post about how their kid just pooped on the couch, so choose this option wisely.

You can join twitter (if you’re not there already) and follow your faves that way. Twitter lets you make lists of certain people so you don’t miss their tweets. I have lists of my fave mom bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, funny bloggers, new sites, etc.

You can always take the dive into the world of Google+ and add and/or follow  people there to see what they post.

Of course with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, stuff moves fast.  If you aren’t always on to see the newsfeed fly by, and you don’t have time to sift through the rest of the conversations, you may miss stuff.  Although you’ll get to read a lot of pointless awesomeness, so there’s that.

You could always sign up to receive blog posts in your email.  I have a handy dandy widget over there in the side bar that you can enter your email address into and BAM the Nation right in your inbox!  Because of my OCD I only do this for a few blogs that don’t post daily.  I’m a reader girl through and through.

There are other readers out there too.  If you go to my RSS feed thingy, you get other options of readers besides Google to choose from (you can also do the email sign up from there as well).

I recently signed up for (and added a little follow button) Blog Lovin‘. It’s right there in my sidebar.  Blog Lovin’ is a nice little reader that is pretty to look at and has a nice mobile app for those of you who like to read from your phones.

My favorite new reader app is Feedly. I use the Chrome app and it is AMAZING. First of all, it pulls what you follow in Google Reader (if you currently use that), and they claim that once Google Reader is gone, it will keep all the blogs you follow and work seamlessly.

Plus it’s all magazine-looking and pretty.  See?


Things I like about Feedly:

  • It’s nice and neat and not a hot mess.
  • on the right-hand side it lists ONLY the blogs I follow that have posts that are unread.  It’s not a list of ALL of the blogs.  For someone OCD like me, this is less overwhelming that Google was.
  • It’s visual.
  • When I click to a blog that I want to read, I don’t have to scroll through (and thus mark things “read” even if I haven’t read them yet like in Google Reader). I can click on the ones I want to read.  See:
I can click whichever one of Angela's posts I want to read without other ones getting marked "read" before I get to read them.

I can click whichever one of Angela’s posts I want to read without other ones getting marked “read” before I get to read them.

  • I also like that if the blog offers full feeds, I can read it in full feed.  And it’s MUCH prettier than it was in Google Reader. See?
full feed AND it looks like I'm reading it on the blog.

full feed AND it looks like I’m reading it on the blog.

  • I have to click through to leave comments, but I can share posts via facebook, twitter, google+, and email straight from Feedly.
  • I can bookmark posts that I want to keep and they stay in their own folder.
  • I can organize the blogs by folders (Mommy, Fiction, Food, Fashion, Funny, Etc).
  • It’s got a kick ass mobile app.  I have never read blogs on my phone before but that just changed this weekend.  I put the app on my SG3 and went to town reading posts.  From what my tweeps tell me, it is also quite awesome on the iphone.
  • Did I mention Feedly is pretty?  And soothing?  And perfect for my OCD?  Ok, just making sure.

I’m clearly an advocate for Feedly.  In fact it was this post by Kludgy Mom that made me go and try it out, so if you don’t trust my opinion, go check out hers.  And Late Enough gave me the idea to remind you guys that there are ways to keep Sluiter Nation in your life even when Google Reader goes away.

I’ll still be reading all your words even when Google Reader goes away.  I’ve made sure of it.  So now…don’t forget about me, Ok?

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. TheNextMartha says

    I might actually try that. Looks lovely!

  2. I’m using Feedly and I love it! In fact, I read this entire post there, then came over to comment.
    What I love most about it (aside from how pretty and intuitive to use it is), is that I can share posts from there. Awesomesauce.
    See, haven’t forgotten about you at all.

  3. Oh really? Geez I just started using Google Reader again.

  4. I’m using Feedly on my iPhone right now! I have read more with Feedly in the last few days than I did with Google Reader in months. I like it so much more.

  5. Love Feedly on Chrome and iOs. it also works on Safari and Firefox, I’m told. And nice screenshot of Tread Softly 😉

  6. I’m actually a huge new fan of Bloglovin. I love the fact that when I want to comment, I don’t have to click through to something else.

    And no… I won’t forget about you. My google reader might have tried to distract me with it’s 1000’s of unread posts for a while, but this? works for me. 🙂

    • That is a fun aspect of BlogLovin’. And that following a blog in bloglovin’ gives the blogger the pageviews. That is nice too.

  7. Slooooooooooooooooowly I’ll come around. Definitely before July.

  8. Yeah I tried Feedly and they were unable to pull the feeds from nearly half the blogs I follow. Switched to Bloglovin and poof it got all of yall. Blog lovin is the one I am going to use .

  9. Thank you for this post… I am thinking of changing to Feedly too or use email. I haven’t decided.

    Also, I’ll never forget your words.

  10. I’ve been switching back and forth between BlogLovin and Feedly. I like Feedly’s app but since they don’t support IE and that’s what I’m restricted to at work, I may have to stick with Bloglovin.

  11. I just downloaded Feedly! I think I’m in love already!
    Thank you, Katie, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle this. Now all is well, and then some.

  12. Feedly is too exciting for me although i already imported everything.
    I like getting new blog post summaries emailed to me, but I couldn’t do that for all the RSS feeds I follow so I’m going to needto snuggle up to Feedly again.
    Thanks for the shoutout, too.

  13. I was liking Bloglovin’ but the app doesn’t look so great on the ipad. Might have to check out Feedly!

    • My iOs friends say Feedly is the shiz on those, so if you read the majority of blogs on your ipad, that might be the way to go 🙂

  14. I just installed it! I can’t wait to use it 🙂

  15. Just downloaded Feedly for my new Chromebook. Thanks for the tips!

    Ps. Could never forget about you. Are you kidding me?

  16. Oh, I like this. I have never used Google Reader, I just get e-mail updates of new blog postings that I follow and let them pile up, but something like this would be awesome and way prettier than what I’m used to.

    Glad you found an alternative you like.

  17. AmoebaMike says

    But what do you NOT like about it?