What the Kids Eat

Usually on Saturdays I try to share a recipe we loved during the week.  Well, this week Cort was pretty much in charge and so we had BLTs and Grilled Cheese and a new recipe he tried (it was good!), so I don’t have pictures or a recipe to share.

But I thought it would be fun to share what my kids eat lately.

For the most part, they eat what we do for dinner.

But there are things that Charlie can’t have yet and things Eddie will try, but won’t eat to being “full”, so we add extras with their dinners to ensure that they get a complete, healthy meal.

This is a typical dinner for four on any given week night…

2012-11-19 17.17.21

I made loaded potato soup and bread.  Eddie is not a soup fan, and he has issues with the texture of potatoes (he’s that one kid who hates mashed potatoes.), so he had nuggets that night along with strawberries, carrots, and a mixed fruit cup.  Pretty sure he ate it all.  That’s his favorite meal.  Charlie had cereal mixed with some sort of pureed food.

2012-12-26 12.24.29

I have been blessed with “good eaters”.  When Eddie was Charlie’s age, he ate everything we gave him.  And lots of it.  Our friends and family who were not blessed with “good eaters” would sit in amazement.

Eddie is still a pretty good eater.  He says he doesn’t like things, but generally it’s not true.

Above is a typical weekend lunch: mac n cheese, organic yogurt, a muffin with organic butter, and peaches.  He probably ate it all.

Charlie has recently decided that at 10 months he is clearly too old and cool for baby food and pureed mush, so he eats what we eat now too.

2013-01-20 17.40.48

Here he has turkey, apple, peas, and carrots.  I distinctly remember he ate it all and then was mad that there wasn’t more.

2013-01-17 18.08.08

Lately we’ve been giving him some of what we have as long as it doesn’t include things (like dairy or nuts) that he is not supposed to have.  This particular night I made a chicken casserole with stuffing and green beans in it.  You can see Eddie had the casserole supplemented with watermelon, peaches, and a cheese stick.  Charlie had the chicken, green beans, and stuffing too, but I put it on his plate before mixing it with the heavy cream stuff.  And I gave him some peas and carrots and peaches too.

2013-01-15 19.27.55

Most of Charlie’s intake is still bottles, though.  He drinks four bottles a day that are anywhere between 6 and 8 ozs.  Although he is so independent that he doesn’t want to be held and fed anymore…other than his last bottle before bed.

2013-01-23 18.39.26

Oh…and we do dessert in this house!  Charlie’s dessert is usually a graham cracker, but if he is lucky, Mommy or Daddy will give him a bite of our treat.  He is particularly partial to apple pie.  Eddie is having a Lemon Cheese cake bar with some ice cream.  That must mean he ate all of the required “bites” for dinner that night.

We strive to have healthy meals together.  Now that Cort is done with school, we sit down as a family almost every single night.  It used to be about 3 out of 7 nights, now it’s closer to 7 out of 7.

My favorite part of all of this is when Eddie, with a mouthful of food, looks at Cort or me and asks, “So. Did you have a great day?”

That is what family dinners are all about.

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  1. We try to eat dinner together every night too. Some times the childand I need to start before my husband is home because when it is time for food for the toddler it is TIME. 😉 SHe also is a fabulous eater and she has always eaten what we’ve eaten. I didn’t do baby food. She went through a phase where she didn’t care for mashed potatoes/baked potatoes and she isn’t a huge fan of green beans but everything else she eats.

  2. We’ve been blessed with a good eater too. She eats pretty much everything we give her. The only weird thing she absolutely REFUSES to eat is bread! I figure if she eats everything else that it doesn’t matter!

  3. Bravo, mama!

  4. We do meals kinda the same way. My older daughter doesn’t like casserole, but I can serve her everything in the casserole without the liquid and topping and she’ll eat it all. The older one will only eat potatoes as french fries. The younger daughter (15mos) hates rice, but so far has eaten anything else she’s been given. The younger can eat our dinner, baby food (she has a few texture issues), or microwave shells n cheese. The older’s only option other than what we eat is microwave shells n cheese. The older would live on fruit and bread if we’d let her, so those are always around too. We don’t do much dessert, but there is always whipped cream in the fridge, and small apple pies in the freezer for special occasions.

  5. This is so awesome!
    We sit down to dinner together every night too, which means we eat super early as the baby goes to bed around 7pm.
    Alas, my 3 year old is SUPER picky, still.
    The baby, fortunately, eats like a champ. He pretty much eats what we do too. For that, I’, grateful.

  6. We always sit down to dinner as a a family too. It is one of my favorite times of day, too. My kids are all super picky eaters so getting meals together is frustrating. I’m hoping that once the baby gets some teeth and can eat real food, he will be my one good eater. I can hope, right?

  7. I refuse to be a short order cook, too. Yeah, sometimes I make things that I know the kids will like, but duh! We all like them so I don’t see anything wrong with it. 🙂 How is Eddie looking so grown up lately?! It’s like he lost his baby chub and is starting to look like a big kid.

  8. I LOVE it when we have a family dinner. There is just something so settling and calming about all being together around the dinner table.

  9. Question: how do you get Charlie’s veggies cut up so perfectly sized without tearing your hair out? Are they pre-cut? Frozen? Canned? I am incredibly curious, because my little guy would LOVE some steamed (somewhat mushy) veggies to feed himself, and I am NOT patient enough to cut everything up so neatly!

    • the peas/carrots are frozen and I just heat them up. The apples in the picture are cut by me. I slice the apple then dice it quick with a knife. Usually whoever is on dinner duty (me or Cort) is only in charge of portioning out what he/she cooked. The “extras” (like fruit, cheese, whatever) is done by the other parent.

  10. Growing up, we ate dinner every night as a family at the table. Very rarely, I was allowed to eat in the living room.
    Now as a parent, we do the same thing. If it’s possible, we sit down and eat together. My favorite part? Is going around the table and sharing our “High Low” for the day. Each person says what their favorite part and not so favorite part. I’ve found it’s a great way to get the kids talking about their days and get answers other than “fine” when prompted about school.

  11. I love how much the boys look like one or the other of you, but then I still see the other in there too. Z pretty much has always eaten whatever we were having since he was 6-9 mos so yeah, I understand why Charlie said he ain’t got time for the mush no mo’. Our thing now, though, is getting him to eat more than the fruits/veg/starch. He’s a good eater but like all kids (and me sometimes) he has his days where he says no thanks.