I fought skinny jeans…and lost

Skinny jeans have been a thing now for a few years.  A thing I have been pretty much terrified of.

I noticed them first on the uber tall and very slender, and I liked the look.  Then I saw them paired with boots and I liked the look even more.

Then I saw them on teenage boys.  And those teenage boys also tried to do the “sag” look.  Um. Sagging skinny jeans? SHOULD NOT BE A THING.

Then I saw this on a not skinny guy.

I thought the trend maybe had died.  But no, it raged on…for the past couple years.

Now skinny jeans are on all sizes in all styles–I saw a pair yesterday on a high school girl that I thought might be painted on AND they were acid wash.  The really bad acid wash from 1987.  I may have cried.

Last year, before I was pregnant with Charlie, I wanted to try a skinny jean, but I was afraid I would look like an apple in them.  Or more terrifying, like an upside down ice cream cone.

I could not find one that fit.  Either it fit my waist but was dumpy in the butt, knees, and thighs (not exactly “skinny” fit), or it fit everywhere like a glove but my muffin top was so squeezed I couldn’t digest a tic tac without indigestion.

Then I got pregnant, moved into my panel-elastic pants, and forgot about “real” pants for a good nine months.

{sorry, I got distracted by how awesome it is to not wear pants with buttons, snaps, or zippers…ah. Those were the days. Sorry, what?}

So anyway, this school year started and I was all, “I want to try skinny jeans again!  But ahhhh! I have the scared of looking ridiculous!”

In my mind, there is a fine line with skinny jeans. A VERY FINE LINE.  And I will admit here and before all the internets that 80% of the people I see daily in skinny jeans look ridiculous and will later live to regret the fashion decision.  I will also say that 98% of THOSE people? Are under 18.

Before Christmas I found a pair at The Gap that I thought fit.  But I wasn’t wearing my boots, so I couldn’t be sure there wouldn’t be bunch-ation around my knees. Instead of buying them and trying them at home, I put them back and spent my money on Christmas presents.

Between then and now I polled everyone I know who would tell me the honest truth about the skinny jean on my booty to find out if they think I should try.

100% of them said to go for it.

I still wasn’t sure.

But armed with a GAP giftcard from Christmas (thanks, mom!), I got my first pair.  I wore my first pair last week on a day we had a half day due to exams.  On those days only two classes met, but I wore them on a day I also had my planning period, so only ONE class would see me.  The staff and lunch would see me too, but I would be grading the rest of the day in my room.

And then of course I took a picture of myself so the whole internet could judge my thighs. And my dorky, pointed in toes.

does this nervousness make my thighs look big?

does this nervousness make my thighs look big?

All jokes aside, I actually felt pretty comfortable in them.

And it helped that I got an email from Cortney (unprompted, I might add.  I don’t think he knew how nervous I was to wear them) telling me that I look great in my new jeans.

I got a bit blushy in my empty classroom at 7:15am.

Yes, I will wear them again.  They are a size smaller than I usually wear, which is a bit pinchy in the midsection, but they are also made with some stretchy material, so it’s not too bad once I’ve moved around in them a bit.

It was important to me to find some clothes that made me feel good about myself in this post-Charlie body.After I had Eddie, I gave in to the depression {that I didn’t know I had at the time} and bought frumpy sweaters and ugly pants because that is what my brain told me I was worth.  I was someone’s mom now, and I should look like it.

I know that doesn’t make sense, but at the time it was the most logical thing to me ever.

One of the steps I am taking this time around is to feel better about myself.  I eat healthier, I stay away from the scale, I take “me time”, and I am trying to buy a few pieces that are new (since my last “new” clothes are from two years ago–pre-Charlie).

So skinny jeans, it is.

What should I try next?


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About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Ok first of all skinny jeans run terrified of me from store shelves. I would not even dare try because I am no where near skinny. I think yours look great on you, you call those thighs? My grandbaby has more leg and thigh then that and he is 3 months old..

    • I think the term “skinny” was a bad PR move. They are not so much for “skinny” people as they are just “fitted” jeans. I bet you would look great in the right ones!

      And yeah, my thighs really aren’t that bad, but they are not the toothpicks I always imagine looking best in skinny jeans.

  2. YOU LOOK SO CUTE! Seriously, you look awesome in those. I have a pair of skinny jeans. I too held off as long as possible. I’m still kinda eh in them since I have no butt & saggy butt appears pretty quickly.

    • aw, thanks! I don’t have much of a butt either. I had to find some that were more like leggings so they would not look like dump butt.

  3. I think you rock it, yay! It definitely works with the boots.
    I am scared of the skinny jeans, still am. I have tried on a few pairs and they just don’t work with this body. Actually, I don’t think they would have worked with the old body either. Ah well.

    • I tried some before this pair too and was convinced I did not have the body for the skinny jean. And then I found this pair…so yay! Keep looking!

  4. You look great in them, hold your head high girl! I have a pair from Levi’s and love them (love that Levi’s has various cuts to fit body styles). I will check out Gap’s selection, too!

  5. Skinny jeans!! YES! You look great in them! Hooray skinny jeans!

    • Thanks, you! Just so you know, you’re voice was in my head saying, “BUY THEM, YANKEE!” Ok, maybe you weren’t that aggressive, but I did it because I knew if you were there you would tell me to 🙂

  6. Hawt mama. I think we should give skinny jeans a PR change to “fitted jeans” or something. The word skinny frightens people away. Even my hubs but once I convinced him on the name “slim cut”, it is all he buys. I think everyone can rock skinny jeans. Just got to find the right ones. I love Loft and Express. Express even has just more fitted straight leg that works well for me.

    Next up, jeggings? I fought those too but with the boots and chunky sweater? Awesomesauce.

    • Give in to the Jeggings. I have skinny jeans which I love to pair with heels but for boots? Jeggings are the way to go because they stay so much tighter. My favorite pair are Mossimo ones I got from Target.

      Side note… do you remember when Mossimo was some brand that you had to go to the mall and buy at the surfer/skater stores in the mall? That and Yaga?

      • YES. My jeggings are Mossimo too. And YES! I remember saving up like $75 to get a Mossimo bathing suit in like 10th grade from the mall.

      • Jeggings? EEK! That is something that TERRIFIES ME! But if you say so…Target? HERE I COME!

        And I totally remember buying Mossimo swimwear from a place called Skate n Surf 🙂

  7. You look great. I love the skinny pant/boot look. I gave in last year. And this year, I’m pregnant and the only new clothes I’ve bought (it’s baby #3, so I have plenty of maternity wear) were skinny cords and skinny jeans from Old Navy. Right now I don’t need to worry about the muffin top thing 🙂

  8. TheNextMartha says

    I think you look great! I don’t really like wearing them (hello butt and thighs) but it seems like they’re the only style of jean out right now. I have no idea what else you could try. Fashionista, I am not.

  9. I saw your skinny jean tweet and had to come by to see if you had the same relationship I have towards skinny jeans. You, my girl, rock the skinny jeans. Don’t be afraid to let those clothes cling a little. Be proud of that awesome figure.

    After much trepidation, I bowed to skinny jeans, too. I do love mine, with the right outfit. And that’s the problem, so many people don’t know how to wear skinny jeans. Far too often, they’re painted on with a cropped top and a little muffin sticking out in between. Ew. That’s right up there with leggings as pants in the category of things that should never, ever be considered, much less worn.

    Someone said Express jeans and yes, they make the best jeans. Different fits for different figures.

    As for other ideas, here are two of my favorite looks: A maxi dress with a jean jacket or a shorty short dress that I would never be comfortable in, paired with leggings and a jean jacket. Both of those looks are easy, fun and most of all, comfortable.

    You look great!

    • I’m always scared to go in Express because so often they don’t have my size…which makes me sad because I used to shop there ALL THE TIME as a 20-something.

      I LOVE maxi dresses. They are my most favorite thing in the summer/spring EVER.

  10. You rule. You are an inspiration. That is all my friend.

  11. Oops i forgot ..hugs from Denver!

  12. I am scared of skinny jeans too…in fact I bought a few pairs and took them back. LOL.
    But you…you look so good in them, I loved them on you that day you shared the picture, am a little jealous of how great you look.

    keep up the HOTNESS my friend.

  13. Skinny jeans for the win! You look hawt my friend!

  14. A. Nothing better than an unexpected compliment from the husband prompting a blush at 7:15 AM alone in your classroom.

    B. Okay. Yeah. I guess there are a few things better than that.

    C. This reminds me of you rocking that red bikini. Which makes me love you even more. Because damn, girl. You put yourself out there and take risks, then share your results with the world. Bravely. Completely.

    And that’s beautiful. Every time.

    • Julie, I totally thought of the swimsuit post when I decided to share this. When things scare me the most, I feel like I have to share them…because maybe a size 14/16 girl out there needs the extra push to know she can look…and FEEL cute too. 🙂

      Thank you.

  15. I love them on you! I hate them on boys of any age (they even sell them for Z and nope, not cute for three-year-olds either. AND IN LIME STOP IT.)

  16. Not too long ago, I was playing a show, and two cast members were talking about skinny jeans . . . and I was laughed at by both girls for now knowing what skinny jeans were (it should be noted that these two girls would look good in anything that you might ever think to have someone wear).

    Then, just the other day, CJ, in a potty training accident, needed a new pair of jeans . . . and because I’m a dad, I just grabbed a pair that were long enough, and that fit . . . and it wasn’t until he was in them that I saw that they fit quite well — except that they hugged his legs. Yeah, I put my son in skinny jeans.

  17. I think you look fabulous!

    As for what’s next… brightly color skinny jeans. Call me… we’ll go shopping. 🙂

  18. 1) I live in skinny jeans because I actually think they balance me out really well especially if you wear something on top that works proportionally.

    2) Have you tried the jeggins/skinnies that you wear with boots that have the elastic waistband…instant size shrinker in the belly. I wear Paige or Seven but J.Jill has a pair that I liked a lot!

    3) You look adorable and they are all the rage….

    4) I vote you tried colored skinnies or skinny cords from a place with J.Crew which are a teaching wardrobe must!

    • I have heard jeggings should be my next try. I am nervous! But if they suck in my belly, I will buy them IMMEDIATELY! 🙂

      Also? Thank you!

  19. When I read the title I thought you were saying they didn’t work for you and I was like, Uh, I saw the instagram photo and you totally win in skinny jeans. Glad you “lost” the battle because you look great!

  20. I resisted skinny jeans too but they just look better with certain outfits. Yours look very cute! Especially with the puffy vest-I’ve gotta get one of those.

    • Thank you! And the vest came from the GAP too. I might be addicted. Also, there is an outlet 5 minutes from my house. So hard to resist!

  21. levi’s make an awesome skinny, they are made for people who are more of the adult variety as they don’t have that ridiculously low waste that no one over 25 wants to wear (but also not super high like mom jeans). you can get them at penney’s:

  22. I used to be terrified of skinny jeans too until I tried on a pair at Old Navy and fell in love. I love the look with boots but when do I ever wear boots down here in Florida. So, I usually stick to ballet flats. I’ll have to go to Gap and see what they got because I still love the Gap but haven’t been in a while.

  23. I’m finally having a moment to check out this post…and I’m so glad I did! You look amazing! I had the same type of scenario going on in my head about Skinny Jeans and I bit the bullet last school year. As a curvy short woman (I almost wrote girl) I had trepidations as to whether or not they would flatter me. Turns out, finding the right pair can do wonders for a figure, and I think you’ve found the same thing! I can’t wait to see more skinnies on you and the outfits you post…cough…link up with Working With Style…cough…ahem 😉 Also, my favorite skinnies are Old Navy Sweetheart. They are pure perfection and you can find them in all colors and reasonably priced.

  24. I still haven’t tried skinny jeans. I probably would, if I could find some decent boots to wear them with, but I can’t. On the other hand, my daughter has a bunch of skinny jeans, in bright colors, in sizes that she doesn’t even fit into yet. I love skinny jeans on her.


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