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I would love to give you guys a Christmas re-cap, but we aren’t quite done with Christmas yet.  Not ready to put it away in the form of a recap, anyway.  We still have a party or two and we are still playing with our new things.

And while that is all going on, this blog is going on hiatus for about a week.

For one, I have a new blog design that will be rolling out sometime after the beginning of the year thanks to GCS Design.

I am also about to start moving my feeds from feedburner to feedblitz.  From what I understand, this should be smooth and there shouldn’t be too much issue on your end of things, but I will tell you when it’s complete so you can know if the bloggy blog is still be delivered to your inbox and/or reader like usual.

Between now and then, however, I am going to bust out my big camera and capture Charlie’s first Christmas fun and open my new Fiestaware and gaze at my new Willow Tree nativity and do one million loads of new clothes laundry.

Happy post holiday fun hangover, friends.

Pardon our Dust

Pardon our Dust

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  1. Those trucks. We got Z one, a small one. My dad got Z three. Three big ones. He is in love with all of them and I must admit I kinda am too. Can’t wait to take them outside, get them dirty. Excited for you about the new design. Happy new year!

  2. TRUCKS! We have a big one. Now we need the little ones so the boys won’t fight over them.

    Can’t wait to see your new look!

  3. Can’t wait to see what the new design will look like. Always so exciting!!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. It does feel like a post holiday hang over, doesn’t it?

    By the way, love the redesign. 🙂