And Now One for the Ladies…

According to my blog stats from last week, you all love the posts about this guy:

It's the dimple and the close shave, isn't it?

It’s the dimple and the close shave, isn’t it?

Ok, so the shave isn’t quite so close anymore since he shaved in the morning and this picture was taken in the evening, but that just makes you like this guy more, right? Burly.

I wish you could smell him after a shave. It’s…yummy.

Too much information? (Sorry, mom!)

Anyway, he is a die-hard Gillette user.

2012-12-16 20.52.46

He says he likes it because “it’s the best a man can get.”

I kid.

Really he picked it because he was sent one in the mail back when he turned like 16 or something and he has been using it ever since.  In his words, “I never had a reason to change.”

 I asked him why he picked the shave cream too…I mean, he appears to be a living ad for Gillette.

“I have used the creamy kinds before, but the gel kind protects better. It’s smoother with less nicks.”

I asked him if he picked the smell for any reason and he said, “that’s the smell it comes in. I picked the sensitive skin gel and that is the smell I get.”

Hear that ladies…sensitive skin.  Sensitive skin on a sensitive guy.

Just step back with your drooling.  He is taken remember? By ME!

I must also interject here that in a pinch, I have used his shave gel on my legs.  And while I ended up smelling quite manly, I also had super smooth legs with…you guessed it…no nicks.


I realize this probably sounds like an advertisement for Gillette. And to be honest? It is.

But let me tell you why.

Because P&G eStores have some super fantastic deals going on right now like…

  • 15% off on a first-time order from a new customer, using promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA
  • Free Shipping on orders over $25.
  • Free Samples with every order.

They also have this thing where you can buy bundles and save BIG TIME.

For instance they have one called For Daddy’s Kissable Face Cruisers Bundle where you get a big huge box of diapers and Gillette products for under $60.

They also have a bundle with Pampers and various sizes of Duracell batteries called Power Xmas Day Fun Swaddlers Bundle for under $40. Um. This is PERFECT for our house!

You can tell I am a fan of any bundle that has “Pampers” with it…ahem, Charlie.

Want something for yourself?  Get the Simply Beautiful bundle…mmmm. Olay products. LOVE.

More deals for you on products I know are great (because I have bought and used them myself)…

  • Oral B products (we have the power toothbrushes and love them. I tend to brush too hard and brush the enamel right off my teeth if I don’t use my power brush)
  • Olay products (I am partial to the body wash, but really I have not ever bought anything I did love with the Olay name on it)
  • Cover Girl products (I use Cover Girl lash blast mascara…even though I have tried all the pricey make up counter brands, I always come back to this.  I have long lashes and have a hard time finding some that won’t clump…and this doesn’t.)
  • Downy Unstopables (I got this free from P&G at Blogher11 and LOVED the way it made our laundry smell.  When it’s on sale or I find a deal like this one, I splurge and get it)
  • Gillette (duh)
  • Duracell (this has always been our battery of choice.)

Happy shopping!


Legal stuff: This post was sponsored by P&G and BlogHer. I was compensated for this post, but all my opinions are my own. I chose to ONLY share the brands they carry/have deals on that I have really tried and love. I wouldn’t lead you guys astray…promise.


I have a post up today at the US BabyHuddle site about how we are attempting to avoid the Holiday Gimmees with Eddie this year.

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  1. Um, I’ve used the husband’s shaving gel on my legs too. Ahem.

  2. Hubby is a die hard Gillette shaver user. And I have used Olay products for ages. I only use their moisturizer with SPF 15 and Night of Olay. I’ve tried other face creams and this is the only thing my skin likes.

  3. I’ve not only used my husband’s shaving cream but his razor too!

    Oh, and your blog stats don’t lie. 🙂