Project 365 {week 46}

I feel like a broken record.

The week was long.

We did too much.

We didn’t get enough done.

At least when we got to the end of this week, Cort was/is on break from class for a week,
and I only have 2 work weeks coming up before Thanksgiving.


November 11: I get to see my sweet niece again. Hey, she’s got my nose!

November 12: I have a case of the Mondays.

November 13: This flirt is 8 months old today.

November 14: Charlie mauls…I mean hugs…Eddie for like 15 minutes. Until Eddie declares, “I am done with hugs right now.”

November 15: Long day with Parent/Teacher Conferences…don’t get to eat until after the boys are in bed. So…nachos.

November 16: View out of my classroom window {at the high school}. Also known as The Reason I Bought a SAD Lamp this Weekend.

November 17: Despite the adamant-looking attitude, he really did love his first try at picking up and eating various melons.

In case you missed it this week…

I wrote this letter to President Obama.

I also wrote this about using social media in the classroom.

I’ve also joined BabyHuddle, a new to the US social online shop. It’s awesome.

And lastly, I have a giveaway that is open until midnight tonight for $50 to Tiny Prints.


Happy Sunday.

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  1. I love the hugging!!! Also, that Eddie declared no more hugs, too cute.

  2. That pic of Charlie with his arms crossed is too cute. Love his expression. And oh my, I cannot believe how big he’s getting. Your boys are just too much!!! 🙂

  3. I love your little flirt! And your letter to Obama. Equally, I think. 🙂