I am Thankful That I Can Cook

Growing up, both Cort and I had moms who were mostly stay at home and able to put a home-cooked meal on the table during the week.

I say “mostly at home” because they both worked part time jobs here and there, but for the most part, they were home through our young growing up years.

By the time my mom was working full-time, I was old enough to read a note that said, “put ham in the oven at 350 at 4:30” and actually do it.

So even through high school, my mom always made sure that the five of us had a hot meal Mon-Fri.

The meals she made us were familiar.  There was a rotation of meals that regularly graced the kitchen table and very seldom was it that a new recipe was tried.  Meatloaf (ick), chicken (yum), ham (ick), lasagna (yum), some sort of meat my mom referred to as “cube steak” (super ick), steak on the grill (yum), the list goes on.

Some of those meals I could have lived without ever eating again (boiled hot dogs? Blech), but some felt like home (homemade veggie beef soup with homemade giant cinnamon rolls).

I remember thinking we were so weird to be sitting down as a family five nights a week at five o’clock on the dot.  None of my friends did this. In fact, some of their mothers didn’t even cook much.

Now, though, I realize why those family dinners are so great.

And it makes me even more happy that I can put together meals for our family a few nights a week.

I don’t have time to make anything that takes more than 45-30 minutes to do after work, which means that lately I have become a giant fan of make ahead meals and my crock pot.

Because my life is so different than my mom’s was when she was a newish mom, I haven’t found my “rotation” of meals yet.  There are somethings that I know will get a YAY from both Cort and Eddie (pretty much anything with noodles and sauce), and of course there are things that Eddie will only eat the required “one taste” of just to be able to be excused from the table before bedtime.

I’ve tried lots of new recipes, gotten lots of feedback ranging from “Yum, babe! You can make that again!” to “I done yike spinch, mom.”

I love that I enjoy being in the kitchen and making nutritious meals for my family.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids will come home from college or come over with their families for dinner and request certain dishes from their youth.

I know sometimes the meals I make are an attempt to grasp something from my kidhood.  I make my mom’s veggie or chicken soup when I need comfort.  I make her lasagna when I want to see happy, full family members.  I make cheesy potatoes when I want to remember Sundays at my grandma’s house.

Sometimes I wonder if, since this blog is a record for my children, I should include some of those recipes here.

I’ve listed a few things on occasion that we have enjoyed.  And of course I shared the Veggie Soup recipe and my YUM meatloaf recipe (it is truly yummy…it actually converted me to a zero tolerance meatloaf snob into a lover of meat in loaf form).

I am not a food blogger. Not even close.

I don’t know how to take awesome pictures of food or make my posts “pinnable”.

In fact, that doesn’t matter to me.  But keeping certain foods we love on record seems like a good idea.  I mean, the veggie soup recipe is not even really a recipe.  I wrote it down, but usually it’s just throwing stuff in a pot.

But without writing it down, it would be lost with my mom and me.

One of my motherly talents is feeding my people.

And I am thankful for that.

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. I love recipe posts. Do them.
    I too, am thankful I can cook and that I’m relatively easygoing with what I like to eat. Because I usually cook what my husband likes. At least I always get a yay.
    Well, not always, but I try. 🙂

  2. Funny you should talk about this. My mom passed and I gained the family cookbooks. While going through them I noticed several recipes that had the ingredients, how to mix them and nothing else. No oven temp, no time to cook. Nothing. It has been interesting to have to track it down through my only remaining aunt on all the details and add them to those recipe books to ensure they go beyond me and my lifetime.

  3. No one is more thankful for your ability to cook and your willingness to try new recipes than I am. Although, I do look forward to trying my hand at making dinner a night or two once the semester is over. 🙂

    Love you Sweets!

  4. ummmm even though they might not be pinnable or pretty pictures – can you please post some recipes!? Or at least email to me? I need new ideas!


  5. love homemade family dinners, my mom was a full time professor at gvsu for my whole life but always made dinner, don’t ask me how because i have no idea. unfortunately, she didn’t pass on the good cook gene to me, good thing i married a former chef.

  6. And I have found yet another reason to love you. I could have written this post. I try to do the exact some thing. I will fight like hell as the kids get older to have family dinners. We need that time to connect.

  7. I can’t cook, but I’m learning slowly surely and this year, I have made a lot of meals, thanks to Pinterest.