Project 365 {week 43}

I didn’t go to the ER this…WIN!

I did have horrible pain again on Friday.

You win some, you lose some, I guess.

But I would say this week was mostly a win.

October 21: We bust out the nubby and introduce Charlie to melon. Apparently once you go melon, you don’t go back.

October 22: Charlie wears different clothes home from daycare than what he wore to daycare. This is quite typical, actually.

October 23: new car seat for Eddie! Woot!

October 24: A little outside play before the weather turns brrrrr!

October 25: Turkey with the leaves he picked up yesterday (also? no pants because he decided he was done with diapers. YAY!)

October 26: My kidney tries to cripple me again, but I push through my day AND still do errands.

October 27a: Pumpkin patch day. Eddie didn’t want to be in a picture and Charlie seems mad about it.

October 27b: Pumpkin Patch Day. Eddie wants his own picture, by himself. Also? Home Slice is VERY pokey and slow about picking his pumpkin.

Like I said, the week was so full of win, it was hard to dwell on my Evil Kidney.

Which is what I call it now. Evil Kidney.

It’s screwed with me four times now.


Weekly this whole month.

Stupid Evil Kidney.

But awesome family stuff.  aw yeah. Take that, Evil Kidney.

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  1. Can Charlie get any cuter? Like, week by week?
    Answer: yes.
    Can Eddie get any more awesome?
    Answer: yes.

    Pumpkin picking is serious business, yo.

    And evil kidneys are evil. Bah.

    • KT: I’ve been reading for a while now about your kidney woes. I’m so sorry! I’m happy about the new SITs gig for Costco and I love that E is out of diapers! And I love that you guys got to the pumpkin patch. Good job, momma!

      I hope you are drinking lots of water.

      No more evil kidneys!

  2. I just assumed no-pants-Friday came around a little early.

  3. Hope Evil Kidney will go away and eave you alone. Charlie is such a cutie and so funny how Eddie wants his own picture. And yay, for no more diapers!!! 🙂