Project 365 {week 41}

This will forever be known as the week our bodies forced us to slow down.

And for once we listened.

October 7: I have no words for how cute this child is.

October 8: Project day in my English class

October 9: My body is already telling me it’s going to get sick. But this kid doesn’t care. at all.

October 10: I try to make myself feel better about being tired and stressed and getting sick by making {and eating} apple crisp.

October 11: I have no voice. Charlie doesn’t understand this weird phenomenon. Also he does not find this hat as funny as I do.

October 12: Flying children…and a very sick mommy and daddy (with bad colds)

October 13: We opt to stay home & cancel our trip to Chicago due to lack of sleep and horrible colds. We stayed home all day in jammies and took it easy.

Most of today {Saturday} was spend doing absolutely nothing.

Cort and I actually crawled into our bed during the boys’ nap to watch a movie and doze.

I don’t think we have done that since before having children.

Next weekend is the last of our busy weekends until Thanksgiving.

And we aim to keep it that way.

We need some family time..

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Sorry you guys are sick but I’m glad you got to be together at least.

    Charlie is SO awesomely cute.

  2. sorry to hear you’re sick, glad you’re taking it easy.

  3. Hope you both feel better soon and that the boys don’t get it. There’s nothing worse that both parents sick with bad colds and the kids all ready to go, go, go. We had that happen a while back… ugh. That first picture of Charlie is just to to cute. I cannot believe how big he is getting. And the one of the boys flying… love that, too! 🙂

  4. Your kids are so cute. I love the flying one. (my kid can also fly!) hope you get better soon.

  5. I am glad that you got some time to slow down… you totally deserve it.

  6. Sometimes slowing down is totally meant to be! Great shots, as usual.