the daily shower

Let’s talk about showering.

Oh my word, before children, I took so much advantage of this simple part of my day.  There were weekend days that I would skip a shower just because I didn’tfeel like it.

What?  I know.

When I started this blog post about four hours ago, I was on Day 3 hair (you know…the third day without washing it), Day 2 without a shower, had been sweating all morning trying to do laundry/keep a clingy potty training 3 year old busyhappyfedalive/hold the 4 month old baby who for whatever reason screamed whenever set down, AND had spit up stains from who knows when on my jammies.

Was that as confusing to read as it was to type?  Meh…that is how the morning was too.  Just a jumble of ick.

During all that I was also cursing pre-child me for ever taking advantage of the ease and comfort of showering whenever I wanted.

I’m not afraid to admit that when nap time finally rolls around circa 1:30pm in Sluiter Nation, I sometimes choose to veg out in front of the TV or work in lieu of taking a shower because I never know when someone is going to randomly be screaming and/or standing in the bathroom without pants on and in need of a butt wipe.

I want to enjoy my shower, damnit.

So I wait until Cort is home.  Sometimes that means I get up at the butt crack of dawn and shower before he leaves for work, or I do it on his lunch (like today), or I jump in after he gets home from work.  However it happens, I shower EVERY DAY.

Because if nothing else…if the morning is horrible (like today) or the boys won’t nap at the same time (like today)…I need some QUIET alone time just for me.

And that is what the shower is for me.

I lock the bathroom door and turn on the overhead fan in order to assure the rest of the world is completely outta sight, outta mind.

I crank the water to HOT and stand there for a good minute (truth: today it was more like 3 minutes).  I have to let the stress and the that feeling of my entire body needing to be in motion…to GET ALL THE THINGS DONE…wash off of me.

Once I feel calm, I can start my routine: wash hair, condition hair (confession #1: I don’t wash/condition my hair every day), wash face, rinse hair, shave (confession #2: this is not in my routine as much as it should be), wash/exfoliate.

Then comes more standing while I will myself to shut off the water and face the rest of my day with grace and calm.

Because my shower time is so important to me, I no longer scrimp on the products I use.  (also?  Truth: I am getting older and I need to actually use products that will work on all my old lady issues).

I buy my shampoo and conditioner from a salon (ok, it’s salon stuff that I get at a department store).

I use stupid expensive face wash because I have wrinkles and sun damage.

I use body wash the moisturizes while cleaning.

So many people underestimate the importance of a good body wash.   You can’t just scrub yourself with any old yummy smelling stuff in a bottle and get the same effect.

And this is where I sound like a commercial to you…but I LOVE the New Dove® VisibleCare™ Renewing Creme Body Wash.

First of all, it smells good.  Let’s be honest.  You know when you are choosing a new body wash, you flip it open and give it a sniff.  That sniff?  Could make or break whether you buy the product.

According to Dove, The Renewing Creme Body Wash smells like “a modern combination of pink mimosa and pomegranate”.  I think it smells like clean.   I don’t like too much perfumey stuff in my body wash, but I do like to feel like I smell fresh since, you know, I did just shower.

So the smell sold me.

The word “renewing” also hooked me.

I have mentioned that I am aging.  Yes friends, I am 34.  I have dry sensitive skin, stretch marks, and spider veins.

My skin is tired and is starting to protest the lack of love I have given it in the past.

Most body washes that claim to help any of these issues are big fat liars.

I won’t tell you that Dove is a miracle worker, but I did notice that after using the VisibleCare™ Renewing Creme Body Wash, my skin is so much less dry that I only need lotion on my legs after my shower and my new stretch marks (post-Charlie) are fading after just a week of using the product.

This makes me happy.

I don’t expect them to fully go away, but it’s nice that they are so much lighter.

Plus?  My skin gets oily when I use lotion, so I LOVE that I only need it on my dry as sand legs now.

The Renewing Body Wash really DOES nourish and replenish skin!  you really DO get visibly more beautiful skin from a body wash.

Dove has two other new products in its Visible Care line: A Toning wash and a Softening wash.  Check out Dove’s website for more info.

The one thing Dove Renewing Body Wash can’t do?  Scrub better attitudes onto my family while I am in the shower.

So like I said, once I am all fresh and clean, I have to stand there awhile and remind myself that someday I will be able to shower whenever I want again…and I will miss these days when a shower was the most relaxing part of my day.

 Are your showers your “me time” or hit and miss?  What little things do you treasure as “me time”?

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  1. Dove may have had me at pomegranate. I too need more shower days and usually only get one during quiet time. I used to take luxurious baths and now…well 5 minutes in the shower is as good as it gets!

    • seriously, sponsored post aside, I always loved Dove anyway. This post wrote itself. And a BATH?? Oh I want a long, warm bubble bath!!!

  2. I take TWO showers a day – one hot one in the morning and one cold one in the evening. Because this is a hot country I live in and handling two children gives me the sweats, literally.

    This Dove wash? Sounds fab. Now it needs to be available here in Malaysia. 🙂

    • Lately I have been needing 2 showers a day too. Hot one to wake up and a cool one before bed. Stupid 100 degree weather.

      And yes! you need the Dove! It’s so lovely!

  3. I love Dove body wash too. Showers can definitely be hit or miss for me as far as really getting away from everyone for a few minutes. I’m usually in such a rush it’s hard to relax and enjoy it for a moment. But when I’m lucky enough to take a bath every few days (or weeks)? That feels awesome.

    • oh baths. I miss those. when I do get a chance at a bath, I usually have to put the bath fan on and I want to dunk my head under to block out the kid yelling. Sigh.

  4. Girl! I hear you. Showering is awesome. Since the birth of children, I usually shower at night so that I can do it at my leisure and not feel rushed.

    • I have grown to LOVE the evening showers! Relaxes me before bed so I can cuddle with a book (or my phone) before falling asleep.

  5. I just switched to Dove Moisturizing Bodywash… sand paper legs here, too. It does make a big difference. I might try this one next. But don’t talk to me about showering right now. We are in the process of having our shower ripped out and redone due to a pesky leaky shower pan… ugh. Taking showers in the kids’ bathroom does not have the same relaxing qualities!!! 🙂

    • oh man. If I had to shower downstairs I might cry. Even if it is a new tub/shower. It’s the DOWNSTAIRS bathroom that Eddie goes poop in, ya know? But once you get that new shower? Ahhhhhhh! 🙂

  6. Reading how important this is to you gives me a new respect for single parents. How the hell do they do it?

    • I HAVE NO IDEA! Seriously! At least 39854095203 times a day I wonder how in the hell single parents make it through a day without stabbing all the things.

  7. My favorite part of working from home is I get to shower when no one else is home. Bliss.

  8. I love a good long hot shower. It kind of like running, my meditative time.

  9. “old lady issues” You’re funny.

    There is truly nothing like a good cleansing shower! I have been using Dove products for years… their shampoos and body washes are terrific.

    Nice post.