Project 365 {week 27}

This week starts with the first of July.



The temps have soared around the 100 degrees mark all week.

And the humidity was so thick you could have punched it.

But then you would have sweated and melted and just cried.

So instead? We played inside most of the time.

July 1: working on reaching those feet.

July 2: Too hot all week to play outside, so we get creative.

July 3: Eddie has been avoiding the camera, but not avoiding sharing with his brother.

July 4: It was so hot, the baby melted.

July 5: Charlie goes to the mall and sees something he likes.

July 6: Look! I DO have another kid!

July 7: Our Eddie went from absolutely refusing the pool to swimming all over it. SO PROUD!

So July is underway.

It’s going to be a fun month!

Cottage, camping, and pool party!

Summer is so awesome!


For you weekend warrior fans, you have today yet to win a Sluiter Nation coffee mug.

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  1. Yay summer! Gosh that pool looks swimmingly delish.

  2. Pool time is my favorite time. Love it and so do my fishies, I mean kids! There’s really nothing else anybody wants to do in this heat. Great pics as always.

  3. Yay! (Also, Eddie gives me hope. Dylan has yet to take to the idea of submerging himself in water except a bathtub.)

  4. Fortunately, my kids want to spend time in the water . . . keeping them out is the hard part.