Project 365 {week 26}

Did I just type “Week 26”?

Dang.  That is halfway through the year.


I mean really.  Wasn’t I just starting this little weekly post?


Time moves too fast.  As cliche as it is, it is so true.

So. The week that was…

June 24: Eddie’s Birthday Party Day

June 25: This kid is working on his rolling. Soon. SOON.

June 26: a 3 month old and a 3 year old

June 27: See? SO CLOSE!

June 28: According to Eddie?  These are our Train Hats

June 29: Mini Beach Day turns into Mini Pool Day.

June 30: at the annual Pig Roast in memory of Cort’s dad with a bestie.

And that takes us to the end of June…

and into the second half of 2012.



Hey.  Guess what.

This blog turns FIVE on Saturday, July 7.

And guess what I am doing to celebrate?


Just hop over to the Sponsor Page starting at 9am est today when I will be running FIFTEEN giveaways over three days!


That’s right.

Help me celebrate.

You know you want to.

Get ready for…


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  1. Love these! So fun!! Looks like a great week.

  2. Love the hats!!

    Happy second half of the year! (OMG)

  3. oooh, rolling over… next is running around crazy!! 😀

  4. Hard to believe the year is half-way over. Great pics. Charlie getting ready to roll over… they grow up way too fast. 5 year anniversary… I can’t even imagine. I haven’t made it to one, yet! Hope I’ll still be going strong in 5 years.

  5. Great pictures, but I’m stuck on the fact that half the year is over. How did that happen?