a “pee” update

The potty training continues here in Sluiter Nation.

You know that stuff that you think you understand when other parents tell you, and then you go through it and realize you absolutely did NOT get what they were saying, but OH MY GAWD they were RIGHT?

That is potty training.

People said it sucked worse than a vortex.

I thought, “meh, Eddie is really quite ready and he is independent.  This won’t be that bad.  Maybe just vacuum-level suck.”

I would be wrong.

I hate potty training.

And we don’t say “hate” in Sluiter Nation.

Ok so 3 weeks ago (wait. what?  THREE WEEKS ALREADY?) we started for real potty training.

He got the poop right away. In the past three weeks I think we have had a poop accident twice.  Once was so bad it resulted in trashed undies.

Sorry about mentioning that again in this post.

The pee? Oh my Lord.

My child is stubborn.  Have I mentioned this before?

For awhile? We thought he had it.

We provided an array of different, um, methods for him to use to get said pee into said potty.

I did not pose this picture. Our bathroom is always a hot mess of potty training paraphernalia.

He has a froggy potty (which he favored for a while much to our chagrin.  It’s not fun to clean up).

He has a potty seat that fits on the big potty which he thought he liked, but ditched it recently when he figured out he could climb on the toilet backwards on his own.

a less used, much cleaner downstairs can.

Of course he prefers the downstairs toilet.  I think it’s because hardly anyone uses it and it’s next to his bedroom.  It’s like it’s his personal toilet.  Also it’s a little shorter than the upstairs toilet, so he can get on there a little easier on his own.

And “on his own” is pretty much key in this endeavor.

So he was doing pretty well for a few days.  He even stayed dry all day at home, dry over night (with a pull up on), and the dry all day at daycare.  We were pretty ready to start high fiving ourselves for our stellar parenting.

You know what happens when you start to prematurely high five about your own parenting?

Your kid does something to make you look like a fool.

In Eddie’s case? He started peeing on ALL THE THINGS.

Seriously.  We went through 5 pairs of undies/shorts before lunch one day.  The boy has 12 pairs of undies.  In less than a week he went through 11 pairs.  And that is an improvement.

And then he asked for a Pull Up.  And only wanted Pull Ups.  To the point where they turned into expensive diapers.

Um. No.

So this weekend we put a stop to it.  Undies during wake time.  Butt on potty every hour.  Pull Up (or undies if he requests) at nap. For SURE Pull Up at night.

Yesterday we cautiously stepped into the new plan.

We tried to play it off like we so didn’t have a plan.

After Ed got up, Cort told him to pee on the potty and then put undies on him.  About an hour later, Ed wanted to play trains, so Cort said, “you go pee, and then we can play trains. deal?”

And Eddie was up for it.

So that has been our thing yesterday and today.


He even kept his undies dry at nap today, getting up at one point to use the potty downstairs.

And so our journey toward pee control moves forward.

He covered the word “pee” with a “I stayed dry all day!” sticker. But he liked the word “poop”. of course he did.

One sticker and m&m reward at a time.


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  1. OMG, you are so lucky. My kids (all four who have trained so far) have had the complete opposite. Trust me, pee is way easier to clean up than poop. Also, they generally do just have the accident with pee, which is not great, but which is way better than dealing with constipation and the fear that, I’m not quite sure, maybe the toilet monsters are going to swallow them whole if they sit on it? So yeah, just hang in there. As my one sister says, it’s not something to stress over. By the time they leave for college they’ll definitely be potty trained. 🙂

  2. I remember the whole potty training debacle.

    My kid had it the other way around. When it came to peeing? She totally got it.

    Tell her she had to poo on the potty? She would not.

    There may have even been one instance where I lost my cool and told her she would sit on the potty til she pooped and I didn’t care how long it took. I had all day.

    Not one of my brighter mothering moments.

    Just hang in there. It will get better AND easier.


  3. I’m scared. That is all.

  4. Potty training was the worst, most demoralizing, make-me-feel-like-a-failure thing I went through as a mother (of course, the oldest is only 10 so that could change). I was crossing my fingers when I sent my son to preschool at 4. The only good thing I can say about it was that by the time he was really trained his little brother was almost 2 and did everything big brother did. So it took forever, but I got a 2 for 1 deal out of it.

    I have only one piece of advice. The thing that finally turned the tides for us was letting him pee outside. I don’t know if you’re comfortable with that, but I tried EVERYTHING and it was the only thing that worked for us. Of course, I had to teach discretion after that. 🙂

    Good luck. I know it sucks but he will eventually get it.

  5. Yup. Same as L. We have had 2 poop accidents the whole time. Pee became an inconvenience. We still hold the “we can’t do X until you pee”. Totally works. There are screams sometimes of NO POTTY but we stick to our guns. Heck just this morning “if you want to go with mommy to get donuts, you have to pee pee”. “OK MOMMY” ::scamper scamper….pee:: Keep it up.

  6. OMG Chunky loves the bathroom in the basement too! That is so weird.
    Once my husband took a poop in there and it was smelly. Chunky ran in a few minutes after Shawn had pinched a loaf and he yelled “WHO TOOK A DUMP ON MY TOILET”
    He was so angry.
    Note to visitors: Don’t poo in the green bathroom.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I’d rather birth a child than have to potty train him or her. I hate potty training! 😛

  8. eddie is three right? louise is two and a half and we haven’t started seriously potty training yet because i am terrified of it. i feel like a slacker because it seems like we should have started by now, but as i said, it totally terrifies me! we’ve had a few pees on the potty here and there but definitely no poops. i hope i’m not stunting my child’s potty experience.

  9. We’ve been dabbling in potty training (that seems punny), but daycare is urging us to do it, so I think next week we’re going to commit. He’s ready. We’re not. On the weekends I keep forgetting to put him in underwear instead of a diaper. He screams when we ask if he needs to pee. I think I need a sticker chart for us so we remember to do it!

  10. You are doing everything right! So just might have to play trains for a few years. 😉

  11. *You* just might have to play trains for a few years.

    Wow. What a way to blow a #bazinga.

  12. I think I blocked all my potty-training days from memory. Seriously, I hardly remember it. I wonder if it was really bad?

  13. I hope the new plan keeps working….potty training is the worst…
    and really? what is it with boys and the poop word?

  14. Potty training is the pits. I found it was harder with my boy than the girls… he was also the first. I’m so glad to be done with it. I had no issues with my third… she just started going on the toilet one day and we haven’t looked back. Hang in there, he’ll get it.

  15. My oldest was a breeze, my youngest (also three) not so much for potty training. For her it is all about control. She wants it. All of it. Stubborn much? Oh yeah. We have been in the throes of p.t. since April and still today I had her in tears because I wanted her to sit on the potty and she didn’t want to. It is so much on the temperament of the child. Patience is good and so is alcohol (for you, not the kid).

  16. I hate potty training. HATE. I don’t like the word hate either, but I always make an exception for potty training. As I have said often before, I was SURE Darling Girl was going to be carrying diapers in her purse to prom. 😛

    Also? Totally jealous that he got the poop down first. That’s still a constant struggle at our house. She’s had peeing down for about two months now. Poop is still pretty hit and miss. At least she asks me for a pullup before pooping. So that’s something, right? RIGHT?!?

  17. I’m not home for much of the potty training that’s going on at casa de batzer, but I seem to be the key to breaking whatever progress is being made. It’s not uncommon for me to come home to a dangling penis on a naked boy, because, well, it’s a whole lot easier to let the kid freeball than to take off the diaper, or the pull up, or the undies on a schedule. And, alas, I guess the undies feel just enough like a diaper that he will NOT ask to go to the potty.

    When I come home to a naked boy in the house, it’s usually just a matter of minutes before we have poop in a corner or a pile of pee somewhere. And the girl still steadfastly refuses to pee in the potty.

    But, I’m actually encouraged by CJ — he seems to be asking to go more often (though that might just be to get more candy — we still give out tic tacs for successful potty ventures), but overnight is still a complete mess, even with an overnight diaper, we commonly end up with something very, very wet.


    Ain’t parenthood grand?

  18. I have said it before and I will say it again (I’m sure!!), potty training just sucks.

    That is all.