music makes the people come together

Music is important in our family.

Before any vows were exchanged or eggs fertilized, Cort and I had music.

Even before any kisses were shared or hands were held, we had music.

All the way back in high school we went to our first concerts.  Mine was Aerosmith.  Cort can’t remember his.

Many, MANY of our concert experiences overlapped.

Back before mp3’s and concert downloads, he and I and our friends would kill a whole Saturday afternoon in pursuit of that elusive Pearl Jam concert that we KNEW was on bootleg somewhere, but hadn’t seen it yet.  And yes, we were fully prepared to drop $50 or more on that burned disc with the crappy album “art”…because we didn’t know what burned discs were yet.

I remember lying on the floor at my friends house with all of us on couches and chairs and the floor with the newest album, concert, rarities album that someone found pumping through the speakers.  No one saying a word.  Just listening and absorbing.

I’ve often joked that I could turn this blog into one where I write every post based on lyrics or rhythms from songs.

When I first found out I was pregnant in 2007, I was scared and nervous and unprepared.

But as it sunk in, I had a feeling it was a girl (I have no idea why) and I slowly began to plan how she would be my little Punk Rocker.

As I blasted my music in my car, I wondered if she, even so very small, could feel or hear it.

And when that pregnancy ended, I turned to music to express my feelings.  To feel my feelings.

When I was pregnant with Eddie, I knew that his whole first year would be rock star themed.

Rockin’ in the free world.

rock n roll ain’t noise pollution

I wear my stunna glasses at night

And much to mine and Cort’s delight, this kid has loved music since day one.

I’m not just bragging or exaggerating when I say he had rhythm far before most kids have a sense of a beat.  He was very small when Cort noticed that when he was bumping rap in his truck, Eddie was nodding along on the beat.

The kid danced to commercials and kid shows alike, moving up and down to the rhythm and clapping his hands along with the music.

He could do the hot dog dance the same time he learned to stand on his  own.

And now?  He hears a song twice and he has the words (that he can understand) memorized and a head bop to go with it.

We have to be seriously aware of what we play in the car these days because Eddie picks up on all of it.

I mentioned last week that I cannot stand to listen to kid music. Even though we have satellite radio complete with kid-friendly stations, I won’t do it.  I just can’t.

And besides, Eddie loves “Brass Monkey” and “Poker Face”.


A couple weeks ago at daycare they were doing a song activity.  Renae had all the kids sitting on the floor for Circle Time talking about favorite songs.  Songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “The ABC’s”, “Jesus Loves Me.” When she came to Eddie, she didn’t even finish the question, “Eddie what is your favor–” And he sat straight up and announced, “PEARL JAM!”

That’s my boy, yo.  THAT’S MY BOY!

Recently I made a “Eddie Friendly Rock Mix” for the car since it’s hard for me to find appropriate stuff in the car since none of the channels I listen to bleep the bad words.

One of the songs I put on the mix that Eddie has fallen right in love with is “Clint Eastwood” by Gorilaz.  He calls it his sunshine song.

If you know this song, you know it’s super catchy.

It also says the “f” word 3 times.

Oops.  I forgot about that when I put it on there.  But I like to think we sing other words loudly enough over the f words to make up for it.

I hope.

Today he discovered “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne.

As he was falling asleep tonight he was singing, “Stacy mom got going on,” on repeat.

I think my job is done here.

A side note…did you all ever see that movie Almost Famous?

I’m convinced I will be the mom dropping Eddie off at a concert someday yelling, “DON’T DO DRUGS!” out of the car window.

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  1. You’ll be that cool mom. Awesome!

  2. He’s got swag, alright!

  3. That is amazing-he’s got good taste! My dad and I still go to concerts together-I have a feeling you won’t just be dropping him off, but accompanying him a few times 🙂

  4. Hee! I love this! And those pictures? SWOON!

  5. I love “Clint Eastwood” – the song and the actor.

    Oh yes, and Eddie.

    He’s got going on, too.

  6. Check out some Casper Babypants. He (Chris Ballew) is the former lead singer for Presidents of the United States of America. He and Dan Zanes are my go-to for kid’s music that won’t cause you to put a hot poker into your eye. Seriously.

  7. Love it. We are very music oriented here too and are not big fans of the “kiddie” songs. All three of my kids love the Beatles, we have a few Beatles paintings on our wall and instead of artwork, hubby’s guitars are hung up in the “Music” room.

  8. Music is HUGE in my life too. Always has been. I try to expose Lucas to as much of it as I can. At the moment he is loving “Call Me, Maybe” and anything by Katy Perry. Don’t laugh. He also listens to Aerosmith, RadioHead and of course a lot of DMB.

    Awesome photos… such a rock star in the making.