Posts that Made Me Go BOOM! {13}

Ah, lucky 13.

Oh, and Happy Cinco De Mayo.

This week has been an emotional one for me in terms of the blogging world.  My bloggy friend, Diana (who I got to meet in person at BlogHer last year),  started the week by having her water break while only 19 weeks pregnant with her twin sons.  Thursday, she gave birth to them, and they went home to Jesus.

Her hospital stay started off rocky to put it mildly.  Katherine‘s post on Babble, Hospital Trying to Bully Mom To Into Giving Up on Unborn Twins, called the hospital and medical staff out, and showed he true power of social media (not to mention what happens when you piss off a bunch of Momma Bears).

While I would love to tell you that because of this happy turn around, Diana is happily pregnant and having all her needs met, but the truth is, as I mentioned, she ended up losing the boys.  Her faith and perspective are amazing, as she writes the account of her boys’ lives in the post Fearfully and Wonderfully Made–although I can’t imagine how badly she must be hurting right now.

Speaking of Momma Bears, my sister-in-law, MacKenzie, is one of the fiercest I know. While she has only been a mom since December, she already has the killer instinct to know that she needs to stick with what is best for her boys…no matter WHAT anyone things.  Read her post Why I’m Such a Crazy Mom.

The lovely Julie must have felt that the blogging world needed a laugh because her post, Today Call Me Well-Examined, had me rolling. Ever since reading Faulkner I’ve been a fan of stream of conscious writing, but Julie brings it to a whole new level…an hilarious one (did you see that, Julie?  I used “an” with an “h” word. Trust me people, she appreciates this).

I admit that I am not good at reading/commenting on the blogs of my online friends who post a lot of fiction, but I do get to the blogs.  The thing is, if I am reading, I am not usually commenting.  And sometimes, I am not reading.  Mostly because online fiction isn’t my thing.  But I support them.  The problem is, they might not know it.  Terri wrote a ballsy post this week about feeling ignored: Mega Bloggers Forget Us Small Fries. The comment section brought up a great conversation about ways to show support other than commenting. It also begs the question that has been hanging in the blogosphere lately:  Why am I here on this blog?  What do I want from it?


Stuff I wrote this week that wasn’t here…

Over on Borderless News and Views, I started my series on eduction, Getting Schooled.

I reviewed Confessions of a Scary Mommy on Katie’s Bookcase.

And I was interviewed about what I would REALLY like for Mother’s Day on


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  1. I’m the same with fiction. I read some, not all, but I never know how to comment. One of the blogs I DO read regularly for his flash fiction (once a week) is Ben over at Dad of the Decade. Katie, he is AWESOMELY good. Go read him when you have time. Start with this one:

    Heading off to read Terri’s post!

    • Good grief, Alison. You were not kidding! Ben is amazing! And now to follow his blog so I don’t miss any!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!
    I love having my girlie parts shared across the interwebs…

    And “an” with an H. Oh yes.


  3. Thanks for the rundown. I read Julie’s now I’ll check out the others.

  4. I like reading Kir at the Kir Corner’s fiction. Her Gathering Buttercups series is great! But like you it’s not always easy to comment. I have days were I’m a “good” commenter and others were I just read!
    I was so sad following Diane’s story. I had never heard of her before and then there was one tweet followed by many… I followed her story. I cried. I’m still sad over it.

  5. I suck at commenting. Everywhere. Sometimes I just want to say YESSS.. or I agree. And, I do, but that is no fun. But working/mommyhood/brain function makes thoughts hard and I skim a lot.

  6. So many blogs, so little time. Thank you for sharing each one of these posts. I have no doubt they are all BOOM worthy. 🙂