Project 356 {Week 15}

So I read this post this week by Casey about using your DSLR.

You can tell around when I read it because my pics get, um, creative.

For full disclosure, I will say that I have a Canon Rebel XS  that I got 2 years ago for my birthday.

Usually I shoot in P and don’t mess with adjusting anything.

Because I have the scared.

Lately I have been shooting in AV and messing with the Fstop.

After reading Casey’s post, I busted out my 50mm lens and started playing with the ISO too.

Don’t judge…I still don’t know what I am doing.

Oh, and I don’t edit anything.  Because I don’t have any software and I don’t know how.

So these are straight off the card, yo.

*photos taken with my DSLR

April 8: Easter Sunday

April 9: My cousin's son, Thatcher, and Charlie. Born less than 2 weeks apart.

*April 10: Snow.

*April 11: tummy time is hard, yo.

*April 12: My morning view

*April 13: Busytown Mysteries before bed.

*April 14: Goodnight, Moon.

Monday I am hoping to sign up for a four-evening class on using my DSLR.

It only took me two years to look into doing.

And a kick in the pants by a couple blog posts this week by Casey and Kacia.

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  1. Good for you! I was so scared of my DSLR camera that I traded it in for a point and shoot and my phone.

    Sometimes I regret that.

    Oh and the last picture… LOVE!

  2. So glad you’re getting over the scared . . . because these are some great shots.

    I got Duffy a D-SLR years ago, and then, when it broke, I got her another one . . . because, well, we were saving that much money in film & development. But I fear that the portability of the iPhone means that it’s what we use now.

  3. I recently got a four-thirds camera… kinda a middle man between a point and shoot and a DSLR. I was too scared to upgrade completely. I’m still learning the camera and all its settings… I’m slowly moving away from P, very slowly. 🙂 My little one loves Busytown Mysteries… it’s on Netflix all the time.

  4. lostonthemountains says

    I also suffered the scared for a while…and then boredom. I’m working to fix this but haven’t spotted a class that isn’t when I already have things scheduled or fifty million miles away.

  5. Yay! Good luck learning more about your camera. this is always on my list of things to do someday. Charlie is adorable, obviously. And I love the family photo! Hugs!

  6. um HELLO!! These are GREAT!!!! I especially love the last two. Seriously – i love them!! Let’s keep challenging each other to bust out the DSLR, turn it to Manual + shoot!!

    sometimes these dang iPhones + smartphones are just. too. easy. gah!


  7. I love the perspectives you’re taking. You’ll learn as you go along. I’m trying to too and I don’t get camera talk. It makes me all “I don’t wanna so I’ll just stomp my foot and use the automatic setting and then touch it up in photoshop…which I don’t understand either so I’ll use picnik which is now on google plus…”


    The wonderful thing about having a camera and a little baby is you always have a willing subject and something to work on and keep getting better at without ever having to leave the house or brush your teeth.

    Keep it up sister!

  9. Awww, I love the April 13th picture! I am a total loser when it comes to taking pictures. The auto setting is my BFF. You are doing a great job with these shots!

  10. Those are some gorgeous pictures Katie!!!!! I love the family photo, you all look great (I love the blue/teal on you!)

    I love seeing your pictures.

  11. I pretty much have resorted to taking all my photos with my phone camera, which is just pitiful. Good thing I know Casey really well….

  12. I love those last 2! I should really look into how to actually use my camera.. One day..