Posts That Made me Go BOOM! {11}

Whew!  We made it to the weekend!  It’s about time, right?

If you have some time to grab a cup (or two) of coffee and need some quality reading, you are in the right spot!

Here are my can’t miss picks from this week:

My girl, Dawana (from A Bittersweet Existence) is a gorgeous black woman married to a handsome white dude and they have the most beautiful little girl in the world.  This week, Dawna’s daughter asked her a question that threw her off:  Mommy, What Color Am I?

My blogging bestie, Miranda (from Not Super…Just Mom), posted her daughter, Emma’s, birth story this week.  I’m a sucker for birth stories, but Emma’s is super special because Miranda had her heart set on a VBAC and girlfriend did it…with NO MEDS!  Go read Emma’s VBAC Birth Story.

Missy (from Wonder, Friend) wrote a post I thought was a lovely explanation for those phases we all go through that are…what?  crabby?  unsettling, just…unpleasant.  Where we lose our shiz over small things and people look at us as if we are insane.  Go read Accidentally Sharing My Feelings.

This post by Jen (from Buried with Children) is probably my favorite of the week. All I can say is that it is absolute beautiful and I could not have written these feelings better if I tried.  Go now and read I Promise…

And I will leave you with one of the most interesting posts from my week by Jen (from The Martha Project).  I have to say that my mind would have been blown by what this woman said to her too.  Go read It’s All About The Money!


In case you missed my post yesterday, starting Tuesday on BNV I will be doing a series about different schooling choices people make for their children and discussing America’s Public School system.  While I work through my survey results and get some interview questions gathered, I am going to start the series with a post about common misconceptions of Public Schools.  I hope you will come on over and read along.

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  1. Thanks for listing me among such awesome company, Katie! And you know I can’t wait to read what you have to say on BNV about schools!

  2. TheNextMartha says

    Can’t wait to read all of these. Thanks for including me.

  3. Pretty awesome list.. Off to go read the ones I’ve missed this week.

  4. Thank you for including my post… now off to go check out some of the posts. 🙂