Word Up

An important part of having a new little someone is making a personal space for that new little someone.

When I was pregnant with Eddie, Cort and I spent hours working on the nursery.  We chose a theme (jungle) and color scheme.  I picked out and placed items that would be personal and meaningful to our new son.

I was in love with the nursery.

When we found out we were having another boy, part of me was thrilled that I didn’t have to change the nursery.

But as we moved Eddie to his new Big Boy room, I realized I did want to change it in small ways.  I wanted it to be Charlie’s room now.  Not Eddie’s.

So away went anything with Eddie’s name on it or with his picture in it.

Off the walls came the white letters that I painted, hot glued ribbon too, and had hung on the wall with care.

For some reason, those were the most difficult thing for me to take down and put away.  And suddenly it was very important to me…almost irrationally so…that I get new letters for Charlie.

And as much as I loved the big white letters, Charlie’s had to be different.  Because he is a different person.

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