zoom, zoom

37 weeks...just two to go!

Aw man!  My little helper has his eyes closed!

I just noticed!  Oh well…he is doing a GREAT job helping me!

Here we are…2 weeks from THE BIG DAY!


  1. I am measuring pretty darn close to the same as I was with Eddie at this time…about a week and a half ahead.
  2. By my calculations I have gained fewer than 10 pounds. The doc is not concerned, so neither am I.
  3. I’ve had my Group B Strep Test “in case” Charlie does something rebellious.
  4. I am all “pre-admitted” to the hospital for March 13.
  5. I am not dilated at all.  No shock there either.
  6. Two more belly measures/heart beat listens.
  7. eight more days of work (if we don’t have any snow days)
  8. I might be spoiling Eddie a little with my attention.
  9. The nursery is ready for a baby.

I will say I can tell I was super spoiled when I was in my 9th month pregnant with Eddie.  By the time I was four weeks out from my due date, school was done for the summer (Eddie is a June baby).  I spent my days putting my hugely swollen feet up, watching movies, and sleeping my days away.

I remember Cort asking when the nesting was going to start because I just kept getting lazier.

I never had to wear “real” pants in my last month.  It was sweats and jammies…with the exception of the weekend right before he was born when I wore a bridesmaid dress and almost got swallowed up by flooding from a monster storm.

This time I am working, wearing “real” clothes every day (that I secretly fear are going to just rip off my body if I bend to far), chasing a toddler, and going up and down our stairs a million times because his bedroom is down there now.

Perhaps this is why I have not gained much weight this time around.  Huh.

Last time all I had was time to sit around and think about Eddie being born.  The days and weeks dragged.

This time ZOOM!  Suddenly we are another week closer to Charlie.

I like it.

I like the zooming.

I am ready.


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  1. WooHoo! You’re almost there! Enjoy the last two weeks!!!

  2. So excited for you!

  3. Squeeeee! So excited for you! Zoom on, momma. PS: I gained 65 pounds with Tech Support and now I’m under my pre-pregnancy weight.

  4. “I like the zooming.”

    Oh my.

    You are ready.


  5. Enjoy these last few weeks & time alone with Eddie soon he will be a big brother! Boys are so fun! 😉

  6. So this means that I will never get to rub that belly of yours in time? Damn it and my Canadian location.
    I’m so excited for all of you.
    And you are so cute.

  7. You can do it! You can do it!

  8. You look great!

  9. I like zooming (like Aretha Franklin singing “who’s zooming who?” LOL)

    And I know you’re ready, look at that smile..and that baby belly..and sweet little Eddie,everything is in place and my glee about Charlie’s arrival is bubbling over with yours!

  10. Oh look at that beautiful, round belly!! So excited for you & can’t wait to see Charlie’s gorgeous face!

  11. So close! Holy cow. I can’t believe it’s almost time. You’re gorgeous!

  12. You look great! I can’t believe how close you are! So excited for you!
    (And I’m totally going to have to steal the idea of having Punkin hold up a sign of how many weeks pregnant I am for pictures!!)

  13. You look beautiful!

  14. OMG, I know I hated hearing this the last couple of weeks before I delivered Lucas, but lady, you look like you are going to pop!

    I hope you enjoy the next two weeks. You certainly sound ready.

    Thinking of you!


  15. What an exciting time — but, yeah, I don’t envy everything you’re going through right now.

    I was talking with someone who really wanted to be a mother of two, and is just about just as far along in her second pregnancy as you are. The first time through, pregnancy wasn’t so bad . . . but, when she wanted to take a break or a nap, she did. Now that she has a toddler that she’s chasing around, and can only nap if he’s napping, and there isn’t other stuff that needs to be done.

    She liked being pregnant the first time — no so much the second time.

    But, with all of that said, you really look great. Really.

  16. You are going to do great Katie! We’re all hugging you from afar. 10 pounds!? 40 with child 1, 50 with child two. My face was as big as my belly. Massive Missy.

    Can’t wait til the big day!