Project 365 {Week 6}

This week had excitement all over it.

This week was CARPET week!

Carpet for Eddie’s Big Boy Room which means PROGRESS on Eddie’s Room.

We may have been counting down to “Carpet Guy” all week.

February 5: Just a lazy Sunday at home...watching the Super Bowl before bed!

January 6: My view of the fridge as I get my lunch packed for work at 6:30am

February 7: more donated books arrive at my house to be given to my school FREE book shelf!

February 8: Eddie puts Baby to Charlie's bouncey seat.

February 9: THE CARPET IS HERE! The view in the closet.

February 10: daddy and eddie putting together furniture for the Big Boy room

February 11: Just hamming it up with a Ham-stache for lunch

Cortney has been putting in a TON of his weekend time (and sacrificing his knees and legs) to make Eddie’s room complete.

No other pictures yet…patience, my grasshoppers.

Lots to be done yet.

In the meantime, tell me…how was your week?

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Your kid is way too old to have a pacifier

    • And your mother obviously didn’t teach you about “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” If this worthless turd of a comment is all you have to offer, you suck at life and deserve a high-five to the face.

    • I agree. Way too old for a pacifier.

      He’s also too old to be laying around… Shouldn’t he have a job by now? Be a “productive” member of society? Geez, quit letting your baby be a baby already. 🙂

      • C’mon.. I had a big day, the Super Bowl was on… I think I earned a little pacifier time… Wait? What? You weren’t talking about me?

        Carry on… yes, more with telling my boy he should get a job and finish the laundry. 🙂

    • You are way to insensitive to be reading blogs.

  2. Wow first commenter. Rude much?


    I love, love, love your kid! Could he BE any cuter?!?!? 🙂

    Yay for new carpet! We have that exact same bouncer seat! I always love a good random toy in the fridge. It’s a fun non-food surprise!

  3. Katie, you do know your sentence starts with “your kid”, right? Her kid. What YOU consider too old is your opinion only. And seriously? Is that all you came away with from the whole post – that a TWO YR OLD has a pacifier?

    He is adorable. Some days I wish we had carpet, at least in the kids’ rooms. The fridge shot made me giggle.

  4. My kid is the same age as Eddie and still uses a paci at bedtime and when he’s sick. Oh and he watches TV. And he has some character Tshirts. And he sometimes eats non-organic fruits and vegetables. I give him un-diluted juice on occasion. I give into his tantrums sometimes just to get him to stop screaming. I still have to sit in his room so he falls asleep. And I give him one of those free cookies from the bakery whenever we go grocery shopping. And he goes to daycare so I’m paying someone else to raise my child. I am the worst.parent.ever. Any random unsolicited advice to give me Katie The Rude Commenter?

    🙂 Gotta love those randomly judgmental types that feel the need to spread their advice even though they know nothing about you.

    Eddie is adorable, with or without the paci.

  5. how RUDE. i wish i could go leave a nasty comment on her blog.

  6. He’s absolutely adorable. I miss the days of pacifiers. And that fridge shot is priceless!

    PS: They’re easier to get rid of than a thumb. Ask my sister whose daughter sucked hers til she was six. People who frown on babies with pacis would surely frown upon cutting ones thumb off to get them to stop sucking it. 😉

  7. So excuse my random but what kind of sippy cups are those!? I am on the hunt for new ones. Also first commenter? Just rude, if you don’t have anything nice to say shut your mouth and hit the red x.

    • they are actually oxo brand! I had no idea they even made sippys until my hubs came home from the store with them. We really like them so far!

  8. Yay for carpet and donated books!

  9. Your photos are so cute! Don’t mind the hater. So rude and probably still sucks her thumb.

  10. On the upside, there is no such thing as too old for a ham-stache.


    Carry on.


  11. Minus the sippy cups, the photo of your fridge looks remarkably like my own fridge looked like, when I was a bachelor.

    • The sad thing is that this was Monday. We had JUST gotten groceries on Saturday. There is a reason I constantly complain about having nothing to eat.

  12. Isn’t it hilarious finding stuff in the fridge 😉
    Happy Day for the carpet.
    Chunky’s room has been painted for 2 years now.
    Has he moved in?
    Wanna talk about my bathroom that’s not completed?
    Almost 1 year and it still isn’t done.
    Shawn is not a fast worker….

  13. Looks like another great week at the Sluiter house.

    I cannot wait to see Charlie’s bedroom. 🙂