Posts that Make Me Go BOOM {6}

This week sort of got away from me in terms of reading, well, anything.

But there were a few things around the web that totally stuck out to me.

I’m a fairly regular reader of The Curvy Girl Guide (fricking LOVE that site, by the way) and this week the post Why I’m Not a “Dirty Mom” in the “Be Heard” section blew up.  I read it because I wanted to know what a “Dirty Mom” was.  And then I got sucked in by all the comments.  I couldn’t believe how riled it up it made women that someone didn’t believe in going out in public looking like a slob.  Like there were women who threatened to never come back to the site again.  Over wearing yesterday’s sweatpants?  Amazing.  It’s a great read though, and there are some thought-provoking comments.  Throw your opinion into the ring.

My blogging bestie, Miranda of Not Super…Just Mom is all knocked up like I am and went through a C-section for her firstborn just like me, but unlike me, she is choosing a VBAC for her New Girl’s grand entrance.  This week she wrote and AMAZING post about choice and support about women’s choices with birthing options in her post No Man is and Island. People?  Her strong voice and unwavering stance about her beliefs is why she is my bestie, yo.

In case you missed it, this week I was involved in something pretty awesome.  Natalie of Mommy of a Monster and Twins and Gigi of Kludgy Mom organized a round table of sorts that included eight bloggers (I was one of them!) talking about the mysterious business of blogging for dinero.  We give you some honest answers to real questions.  Here was the line up:

Alex at Late Enough: Writers Teach, Why Can’t Bloggers?

Kristin at What She Said: I Want To Get Paid To Blog–Now What?

Gigi at Kludgy Mom: So You Want to be a Freelancer?  What You Need to Know.

Natalie at Mommy of a Monster and Twins: So You Wanna Make Money Blogging?  How to Get Sponsored Posts.

Tina at Life Without Pink: Tips for Building Successful Relationships with Brands and Scoring Paying Opportunities.

Devan at Accustomed Chaos: Monetizing Your Blog:  The Hows & Whys of Making Money.

Debi at The Truth About Motherhood: What to Charge for a Sponsored Post and Why you need a Media Kit

There you have it!

Oh wait!

I almost forgot!

My first post over at Borderless News and Views is up today!  My post is in the Lifestyle section and it’s about people who live without a TV.  Could you do it?  I am pretty sure, even after all the positive stuff I learned, I still couldn’t do it.  I would be honored if you all would come check me out over there today.

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  1. So I know I’m hormonal and pregnant and tired and shit, but I’m crying that you linked me. Thanks, babe. 🙂

  2. i read miranda’s post, if i have another baby i’d like it to be a vbac, but i’m sure you know, the closest place that they are available is gr so it’s kind of a big deal. i’d have to switch doctors and drive to gr for every appt. boo.

  3. I too was sucked in by the comments on the CG post. I loved how one girl said how she was upset that the site was turning into a mom blog (not an exact quote but you get the idea). She was all pissed off that they were talking about mom related stuff. I was speechless.

    I can’t wait to read the whole series by all of you wonderful ladies about making money blogging.

  4. i just wanted to thank-you for your link to not super just mom’s blog, i really like it!

  5. Tina McLarty says

    So I just read the “dirty mom” post while sitting in the sweatshirt and jammy pants that I wore to bed last night…and it’s 9 pm. In my defense, this is the first day in 3 weeks that I didn’t have to leave the house. And wouldn’t you know it, my in-laws made a surprise visit this afternoon. I’m pretty sure they were impressed. 🙂