Posts That Make Me Go BOOM! {4}

Yay the weekend!

Hopefully you are getting what you need from the weekend be it relaxation or productivity or quiet and laughter.

And in there somewhere, it would be lovely if you have time to visit these awesome posts, because, well, they made me go BOOM at some point in my week.

I’ll start you with one about blogging.  Fadra of Social Dialect, wrote all about making conversations and engagement easy for your readers in her post Starting a Conversation on Your Blog.  These things are written about over and over, but with the influx of new bloggers and the seemingly less engagement going on, it’s a good reminder for us vets and a good lesson for the newbs.

Speaking of advice, Alex of Late Enough wrote about some of the most indispensable advice that no gave me when I was a new mom in her post If I Could Tell A New Mom One Thing.  It was an unexpected whoosh of recognition that came at the exact right time for me as I prepare to go through this new baby thing all over again.

I’ve written here before about our struggle with finding the right church and how we are finally going semi-regularly to a church now.  This week my heart broke and recognized Meredith’s struggle with the church in her post Churchless on her blog, Life’s Crazy Joke. While my experience was not nearly as harsh as hers, I know the “turn off’s” she speaks of and how it can definitely harden a heart against the church.

Remember when I struggled about cutting Eddie’s hair because I was so in love with his soft baby curls?  Angela at Tiaras and Trucks cut her little guy’s hair for the first time this week and wrote beautifully about it in her post Tucked in an Envelope.  I, too, remember being surprised that I cared about hair, but I do still have a couple curls tucked away.

And I will leave you with my favorite find of last weekend.  She is hilarious.  She is anonymous.  She is not on twitter and has no RSS feed on her blog (whine in her comments about that, will you?).  But oh my dear Lord can she bring the funny on her blog My Toddler is a Supervillain. Last week, I found her too late for the weekly BOOM posts, but this week you need to go read Box Tops for Education…or as I call them, tiny rectangles of evil. I dare you not to go the long way and just copy and paste her URL in your reader.  Yes, she is that awesome.

There you go…five amazing posts.

Wait…you want MORE?  Check out Natalie’s recs over at Mommy of a Monster…and Twins.

And let me know if I missed anything awesome…because I want to read it!

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  1. I too struggle with finding a church! As a matter of fact we are “church shopping” tomorrow. It has been a struggle.

  2. Thanks for including me. I can’t wait to read the others. hugs

  3. Woah. Thanks so much for including me! I don’t thinking I am as good a the others, but I sure appreciate it!

  4. I haven’t read any of these… I am so behind! Sigh.