You Wrote it…I Read it…I Liked it…I Recommend it

You know what I love?  When bloggers use their weekend post to tell me some good stuff to read.

Because let’s face it, we can’t get everywhere during the busy week, and when I am hunkered down to read on Saturday or Sunday mornings with my cup of coffee, few bloggers are posting on weekends.

So I look forward to people like Natalie who give me something to read.

And with her blessing I am stealing sharing her idea and giving YOU some lovely things to go read.

One of the first things I read this week was on a blog I rarely read. I don’t usually read many of the “big” blogs, but when I saw this post by The Bloggess facebooked, I had to go read:  The fight goes on.  I rarely read, and I never comment because I feel like one in a faceless mob, but I actually commented on this since I have been dealing with both anxiety and depression and that night one of her readers contacted me to let me know my words spoke to her and that she is praying for me.  While a HUGE blogger, there is no doubt Jenny does amazing things.

On the flip side, I almost never miss a post by Natalie of Mommy of a Monster and Twins, and this week she wrote a really honest, open, and important post, Talking Taboo:  How Much Do You Make with Your Blog. I truly believe she is not just smart, but brave for starting this conversation.  Why does it all have to be so hush hush?  Go take a read and weigh in with your opinion!

I don’t really share my political views here at Sluiter Nation, but I have some pretty strong ones.  I also don’t read a lot of opinion pieces about politics because Cort says i get crazy.  Whatever.  So I choose a happy medium by following Alex from Late Enough and reading posts that I could have written if I was as smart and wordsmithy as she is.  Her post this week, My 2012 Presidential Election Motto Is No We Can’t (Have a Republican), hit home hard.  With the current mess Michigan is in because we kicked out a Democrat for a supposedly capable and smart Republican and the Loony Tunes they have fighting over the Republican Candidacy, I have become cynical.  And Alex put words to that.

I like to laugh once in a while too.  And Jen from Buried with Children makes my giggle so hard I might pee a little.  This week?  Not only did I get to chuckle, but I was blown away with an excellent idea:  Learning to Balance Video Games and Reading.  I just hope Hayden doesn’t follow through on the 10 hour marathon.

Lastly, I need you to meet Jennifer, The Kvetch Mom.  This week she wrote a post that touched my heart and made it both smile and cry at the same time:  Everything Possible.  I cannot tell you how many times I have sat with students who wish they had a mom like Jennifer.  Someone who would have sat with them and told them that they are awesome the way they are, and to go ahead and enjoy life as themselves. I can only hope I am being this parent to my boys.

So there you go.

Five posts this week that get the Nation’s Stamp of Approval!

(and I just realized THREE are by a Jennifer…so it is the week of Jennifers)

Now hop on over to Natalie’s, read her post about making money with your blog and then read the posts she recommends with her Monster Likes post.

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Great post! The Bloggess’ words really spoke to me as well.

  2. Thank you for this!
    I can’t keep up, so I appreciate it when people who’s opinions I value, like you, share links to posts I Must Read.
    Also, the Bloggess? She has a special spot in my heart for her bravery. Considering that one of her triggers is talking about her ‘secret’, that she did this post at all is a gift. We should all be so brave.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for including me. Off to read the other posts. What a great addition to your blog!

  4. Katie I already love that you are doing this because now I have cool stuff to read too! Off to read your suggestions…and thanks for including me here my friend! xoxox

  5. I am not allowed to read political opinion pieces either. I may go this ‘crazy’ you speak of. My husband just smiles and nods. 😉

  6. Well, Jennifers are super awesome. 😉

    And thank you, for sharing my post. Parenting is hard so when good ideas come to us, we must share.

  7. I love lists like these because I find it impossible to keep up with my Google Reader. I try to post each week stuff I read and found interesting too. I have The Bloggess’ post on my list to recommend this week too 🙂 Thanks for the great blog pointers!

  8. I read Natalie’s Monster Likes ever week and am now excited to read yours. Thanks!

  9. I love Natalie’s Monster Likes and look forward to seeing your best of picks too!

  10. I, also, tend to avoid the “big” blogs – and, when I do visit them, I seldom comment, because I’m one in a billion (I much prefer the intimate back & forth from the “medium-sized” blogs) . . . but the Bloggess really strikes home, often (and usually leaves me gasping for breath from laughing too much).