Amen. Poopy Butt.

Eddie is at that age where his learning is just exploding everywhere.

I think he says something new to me every single day.

Some of these quips so cute and delightful. Some are…well…cute and funny and totally inappropriate.

When I made homemade applesauce the other night and he pointed at it and exclaimed, “yike ganny ouse!  member?”  (Like, Granny’s house!  Remember?), that was delightful.

When he asks me to play “Jingle Bells” ad nauseum during the car ride home from daycare every single day so he can sing along,  that is cute (although sort of annoying too because he will NOT allow me to sing along).

And then there is our new tradition we have started.  A prayer at dinner time.

Eddie is very good about wanting to learn the prayer.  He mouths each word with me: “God is Great. God is Good. Let us thank him for our food.”  It is both cute and delightful.

And he knows how to say “Amen”.  Adorable.

So the other night after our prayer he very seriously says, “Amen.  Poopy butt.”

Wait.  What?

Cort and I stare hard at each other across the table willing the other not to be the one who bursts out laughing.

Maybe he is just trying to get a reaction.

So after composing ourselves we ignore and continue to eat and chat.

Cort and I start discussing our day or the news or something, and as usual Eddie plays with his food and makes his meat talk to the fruit and so on.

Then we notice he is singing “Jesus Loves Me”.  Aw.  Such a sweet boy.


What was that lyric?

No.  Oh goodness.

“Eddie,” said with tight lips and laughter tears threatening to squeeze out of the sides of our eyes, “we do not say ‘poopy butt’ when we talk about Jesus.”

“yup,” he quips.

And laughs his curly little head off.

And Cort and I lose it behind our napkins.  Because we are clearly children.

Amen.  Poopy butt.


Please tell me your kids say inappropriate things that you KNOW they will eventually repeat (or have repeated) in public.  Make me feel better that my son thinks it’s hilarious to say “poopy butt” whenever we talk about the baby Jesus.

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  1. I TOLD you to be careful what you wish for!

    People should seriously listen to me more.

  2. Katie, My parents had their churches christmas program this past sunday, and they had a child (preschool age) after singing “Away in the Manger” say LOUDLY “WHOA! I think I dropped baby Jesus!”. The parents were mortified, but the rest of the church loved it. I can’t wait for Eddie to say “Amen. Poopy Butt” in front of our church 🙂 .

  3. I’m more worried about the meat talking to the fruit…

    (But not really.)

  4. Hee hee. “We do not say poopy butt when we talk about Jesus.” File under rules you never thought you’d need before you had kids. 🙂

  5. Bwhaaaaa! Landon says the same thing but not when we talk about Jesus. Too funny 🙂

  6. you KNOW my kids say crazy things. This is why I got the quote book!!

  7. Picturing him saying “Amen. Poopy butt.” at the end of a dinner prayer is making me literally laugh aloud. My co-workers think I’m crazy. But I can’t even say it in my head without giggling.

    We’re all children. It’s okay.

    Poopy butt.

  8. heh. . . poopy butt. I love it.

  9. This is hilarious. I wouldn’t have been able to hold in the laughter.

    I have a friend whose toddler screams “Amen” when she’s hungry. She associates it with eating because they always say the blessing before meals.

  10. We’re all children here. (All of your commenters are laughing, as am I.) My daughter has been inserting the word “poop” or “poopy” into about everything. And she calls bras “boobies” so every time we walk by a Victoria’s Secret she yells, “Look Mommy! Boobies!”

  11. recent conversation at the dinner table at my mother’s house. she had made a cous cous with quinoa and other grains.

    me: try a bite of the cous cous, then you can get down.
    G: I don’t like cous cous.
    me: you didn’t even try it.
    G: yes I did try it.
    me: then what did it taste like? (fatal error alert!)
    G: poo poo. (said just as serious as could be.)

    My mom, thank goodness, hid her face in her napkin before dissolving into quiet hysterics. I scooped up my two year old and put him in a brief time out (we’ve been working on not saying poo poo at the table) mostly so that I could compose myself and wipe my eyes before having to talk to him about WHY we don’t say grandma’s food tastes like poo poo.

    You’re definitely not the only one!!

  12. Bwahahahaha! “Amen. Poopy Butt.” So funny!

    At night before bed, Darling Girl and I have a conversation about her day then we talk about bad things (to get them out) and good things (to have sweet dreams). The other night I asked her what her “happy for the day” was.

    She looked at me and super seriously says, “Toots.”
    I said, “Toots? What? How are they happy?”
    She said, “Becaws! It SO high-larious to say!” and then she cracked up!!
    So farts were her happy thought for the day… 🙂

  13. Well, when you think about it, Baby Jesus WAS a baby, so he probably HAD a poopy butt, you know?

    My kids embarass me EVERY DAY.

  14. Oh. My. Gosh! That is the single funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Thanks for the laugh, Eddie.


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