same but different

This evening we find out if this little jumping bean in my tummy is a boy or a girl.

To say we are excited is a giant understatement.

Of course this means everyone has been asking me, “what do YOU think it is?”

I really don’t know.

I mean, I guess I am assuming it’s a boy because I’ve grown a boy before.

So then people ask, “well is the pregnancy the same or different than with Eddie.”

I really don’t know how to answer that either.



This time around I barfed a LOT the first trimester.  I did that with Eddie too, but this time it was all day, every day.  I was even on medication for it.

This time around I was so exhausted I could hardly function.  I was wiped out with Eddie too, but back then I didn’t have a toddler to take care of during my “free time”.  I could just nap.

This time around I fell into a very bad depression.  That didn’t happen with Eddie.

This time the barfs cleared up around the second trimester with just a few incidents of gagging every now and then.  That happened with Eddie too, minus the gagging.

This time my face busted out into zits-ville.  That didn’t happen with Eddie.  In face, I had the best skin of my life with Eddie.

This time I want to eat everything, all the time.  With Eddie most stuff sounded gross.  I only ate fruit and sometimes some sweets, but most everything else had it’s phase of “yuck” with me.  Except Mexican food which was permanently on the Do Not Eat List.  This time I think I could live on Jelly Bellys and burritos.

This time my pregnant brain is at a whole new level of dumb.  I mean, I forgot stuff and repeated myself when I was pregnant with Eddie, but this time it’s so bad.  I don’t notice LARGE changes people make to their houses, I ask Cort the same thing over and over, I forget to do things, I forget what I was doing mid-doing.  It’s so bad, people.

This time I was in maternity clothes about 2 months after getting knocked up.  With Eddie, I held out buying anything and wearing it until I was almost 20 weeks (where I am now).

This time I am not reaching for the tums in the middle of the night and all day long (yet).  With Eddie the reflux and heartburn started already in the first trimester.

This time, at almost 19 weeks, I feel that little guy or gal kicking up a storm.  With Eddie, I wasn’t feeling him (or at least I didn’t notice) until well after 20 weeks.

I feel pregnant, yes.  But it’s a different feeling because it’s a different pregnancy.

Everything is the same…but just sort of…different.

Oh, there is one more thing.  This time I had a HORRIBLY stuffed up nose up until recently.  With Eddie I had some nasal constriction, but nothing that prevented me from sleeping like this time around.  So the doctor did an allergy test.

I am suddenly allergic to cats this time around.  CATS.

What the heck?

If cats can have a maniacal laugh?  Louis is crying from laughter in cat heaven right now.

So boy or girl?

I have no idea either way, but we will find out this evening.

And you will find out tomorrow.

Get excited.

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Sarah Partain says

    So I’m gonna guess girl! I read recently an article that gave these old wives tales/myths as ways to know what gender it is. So yours: weight gain, acne, craving sweets, fuzzy brain, were signs they gave that it’s a girl. I’m curious to know if they were right! Either way, I hope they’re healthy!

  2. I never had any idea what I was growing although my pregnancies were very different so it should’ve been obvious. I’ve decided you’re having a girl. the end

  3. Niamh Stenson says

    How exciting! I loved finding out the sex of our babies…we have 2 girls, 16 months apart and guess what?… Completely different pregnancies!!!

    I remember my eldest was so active, never stopped moving, youngest hardly moved; to the point of becoming worried on several occasions! Today, aged 4 & 5 still have one active one & one not as much, just think it’s all down to personality!

    Good luck x

  4. I don’t even want to guess (because I’m usually wrong) but I’m SO EXCITED for you to find out today!!!!

  5. I am guess boy for no particular reason and it doesn’t matter as long as your jumping bean is healthy!

    Good luck!

    PS Your Maya wrap will be going out in the mail later this week!

  6. My pregnancies were complete opposites of each other. And both boys!! You can never really tell!

  7. I am SO VERY EXCITED for you to find out!! Squeee!

  8. I couldn’t be MORE excited and since I’ve only been PG once with two babies, I have no idea why this one is different but the same. But I don’t care,….just want a healthy giggling baby for you sweet friend.

    (I am guessing another boy…mostly because I want us to have a lot in common. 😉


  9. I’m thinking boy too but who knows. The sickest I ever was while pregnant was with my son – I swear it was all the testosterone I was growing which my body was not accustomed to. I threw up at least 3 times/day from week 6 to week 36 (when he was born).

    Can’t wait to hear your news!


  10. I forgot about the craving sweets thing… hmmm… maybe it is a girl. I’m totally on the fence and am just going to wait until your post tomorrow.

  11. I gave birth to Chinese food this morning…don’t worry it wasn’t as exciting as you finding out what the bean is.
    Can’t wait to know

  12. My two pregnancies were as different as they come. Ended up with two boys.

    I feel like whatever God gives us is what we are supposed to have, ya know?

    Good luck, Katie. Hope all is well with baby #2 and you fall even more in love with this boy or girl 🙂

  13. It’s maybe sad that I’m so excited to find out what you are having, but I am! Good luck!! Hope he/she is a total show-off! 😉

  14. I think you are having a girl because of the zits…I had sooo many zits with my daughter but they were not that noticiable. I started wearing maternity clothes around 8 weeks too with my second. Good luck

  15. Super excited for you . . . I remember, with CJ at 6 months old, going on a few ultrasounds to figure out what the sex was (well, to make sure the baby was healthy, but we wanted to know the sex). And the damn kid would always have his/her legs crossed, with the umbilical cord between her/his legs. Little brat.

    Fortunately, during the last ultrasound (there were potential issues which all ended up being nothing, but it did mean that we had a few ultrasounds more than most), when my very short and very pregnant wife was truly miserable, and the kid was so big inside of her that you probably wouldn’t be able to see anything, Leila decided to say “hi” to us by gabbing her toes and giving us a show.

    She still does that move every time I change her diaper.

  16. My pregnancies were disgustingly different (I won’t go into details) but 2 boys. So meant to be a boy momma 😉

  17. So exciting!! Enjoy the show. Boy or girl, what a wonderful time in your family’s life. Can’t wait to find out tomorrow.

  18. I’m excited! So cool!

  19. I’m unbelievably excited for you! I can’t WAIT to find out!

    When I was pregnant w/ DG (who I SWORE was a boy, but yeah, she wasn’t), I had the clearest, nicest skin I’ve ever had. I only broke out on my belly (attractive). And I hear you “pop” sooner w/ the second pregnancies b/c you’re already a little stretched out.

    I’m still voting girl. Only because I think it would be The Awesomeness if your girl married Miranda’s Joshua. Right???? 😉

  20. How exciting. Good luck with the ultrasound. It’s good to know I’m not alone in the pregnancy dumb. I wish putting the grapes in the freezer was the worst of my issues at this point.

  21. I fall in line with all old wives tales – and this is a rough pregnancy. I like you, rationalized a lot in the beginning to say that it might’ve been more similar, but overall, I’m just exhausted all of the time. I’m carrying a girl.

  22. I waited until now to comment because…
    I know that you know now!

    I don’t know WHAT you know.
    But I’m so excited that you are probably right now writing your post to share the news.

    Either way?
    So much love.

    So much goodness.
    Either way.


  23. I’m dying of curiosity… I am so excited for you and your family.. and I can’t wait to find out what you’re having! 🙂

  24. Oooooh, congrats! I’m so excited for you! Isn’t it amazing how one post can make us feel so completely connected to a stranger? Good on you for drawing us in. 🙂 I eagerly await more stories about pregnancy number 2 (I hope to have one of those myself, maybe next year!).