An Ode to Twitter

Yay!  It’s Wednesday!  That means it’s Sluiter Nation Recruit Day…wait…what?  WHAT?  You don’t know what a Recruit is?  REALLY?  Well ok, I’ll throw you a bone.  Read this.  We’ll wait.

Yay!  You’re back!

Ok, this week I have a super awesome friend…er blogger…er tweep…er…she just ROCKS!

It’s Amy from One Foot Stuck to the Floor…or on twitter, The BMG.

Amy admittedly is a bit of a blogging slacker lately, although I have to say, when she decides to write?  It is AWESOME.

Plus she is probably one of the best friends I have never met.  She has given me unwavering support in everything from my struggles with depression to my current situation with my cat, Louis.

She is the perfect person for random chatting or deep conversation.

She is witty, snarky, and quick and compassionate, loving, and generous.

And I owe twitter for bringing us together.

So it’s only fitting that she has written an ode to twitter here today.


Dear Twitter,

I love you.

Well not exactly you (although your blue birdy-ness is pretty cute).  It’s more like I love (most of) the people who use you.

I love that any time of the day or night, there is someone around to talk.

If I’m seeking advice on toddler sleep problems or weird baby poop, you’re there with an answer.  When I’m having a breakdown over anything and everything you’re there to remind me that it’s going to be ok.

When I’ve fallen down, you’re there holding out your hand to help me up.

I have found good recipes, shared a love of crock pots, and learned about new foods.  I’ve discovered the best ways to trim a toddler’s toenails, brush a toddler’s hair, and discipline.  You help with information about fevers, dehydration, and vomiting.  I’ve learned about postpartum depression, congenital heart defects, and Marfan’s Syndrome.  I’ve shared laughter, tears, and pain.  You name it and I’ve probably talked to someone on Twitter about it.

In turn, I have tried to help with advice, a prayer, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear.

Honestly Twitter, I don’t make friends “in real life” very easily.  I feel like an awkward teenager.  I’m really pretty introverted and content to be a homebody.  It’s hard for me to put myself out there and meet new people.  I constantly worry about how to fit in.  Do I say the right things?  Do I dress the right way?  Will they like me?  What if they don’t like me?  What if they ignore me?  But on Twitter, I fit.  I belong.  It doesn’t matter how I dress or if I say the right things.  We may not always agree or have quite the same ideas, but that’s ok.  We can like each other anyway.

My computer friends are always there whenever and wherever.

And that?  Is awesome.

On a quick side note, yes, I know there are trolls and spambots on Twitter, but for the most part the good outweighs the bad. When it doesn’t? There are always your Twitter friends or the “block and report as spam” button…

Thank you for everything Twitter. Thank you for letting me be me.




If you aren’t on twitter, you SO want to be on twitter now, don’t you?

And if you aren’t following Amy, you need to.  @the_BMG.  Just do it.

You  need to go read her writing though.  So here is a sampling of her awesome….

Probably my most favorite post she has written (and hers too!)…In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

And you all know I am a sucker for the “letter to the child” posts…Thirty Months

An awesome piece she did for a Red Dress Club prompt…Blizzards of Shadows

You will never look at the flu so lightly again after this post…Five Years

Yes, you are welcome for Amy.  She is a lovely treat to have in your day.


Don’t forget…if you ARE on twitter…tonight at 9pm est is the wine and fundraising tweet-a-thon/twitter party!  just follow the hashtags #ppnb and #winebuzz.  See you there!  Drinking for a great cause!

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  1. Twitter is FAB (and I still can’t believe it took me so long to get going with it).

  2. I’m so glad I gave Twitter another try. It is awesome!

  3. Oh, Amy you just described how I feel about twitter.

  4. I love how questions are asked and answered, support is always there when you need it, and above all else… general time-wasting hooliganism. Yay, twitter!

  5. Twitter is fabulous. Now I feel an overwhelming desire to go tweet. And have a snack. But that’s probably a separate issue.

  6. I am fairly new to twitter, but I already find myself loving it!

  7. Thanks for the love, all!

    For those who are new to twitter, be prepared to be addicted! I spend WAY too much time there!! 🙂

  8. Twitter is da bomb!!