some endings

Today is the last day I will be home with Eddie.

Ok, technically we get Friday too.  But after today my school year has officially started.

Part of me is ready for this.

Eddie has been sort of whiny and in a “daddy” phase.  This means when I get him up in the morning or after nap, he is DEEPLY disappointed I am not his daddy.

And then he proceeds to ask where daddy is 459723489523 times before noon.

Plus the meltdowns have increased in number and loudness.

We need some time apart.

But you know what?  I am sad about it too.

Even though when he woke up this morning he was calling for his daddy…

and he had flung his jammy bottoms to the floor and was almost nude…

and he has a giant, pussing welt of a bug bite on his leg that he keeps complaining about…

and my favorite jammy pants ripped when I sat down by him on the floor to apply cortizon cream that he yelled about…

I still will miss his little face.

He is funny.

He is such a goof ball and it makes me chuckle daily.


But you know what?  This home with the boy thing is not the only thing ending.

Today is also my last day that I have to take my progesterone supplements for this pregnancy.

That means this first trimester is about a week and a half from being over.

And this means that I am hoping beyond hope that all this exhaustion and puking GO AWAY.

Just in time for me to be surrounded with teenagers and their drama five days a week.

And just in time for this to be my new normal:

It’s funny because it’s true.


I really think all this change and ending and new starts are a good thing.  Really.

It’s what we need to get our stagnant booties in gear around here.

I hope.


Oh, and speaking of back to school, I wrote more about it over here. (psst.  there is a GIVEAWAY involved with that post!  Go!)

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  1. My husband is a teacher and he just went back this morning too. He was SO not ready…then again, he never is. Summers always seem too short. Le sigh…

  2. This is a hard time of year for exactly why you say. Lots of changes, most of them happy/sad at the same time.

    Congrats on being almost finished with the first trimester. 2nd trimester was always when I felt my best. Good memories.

  3. Yay for you almost being through the first trimester!

    Good luck on your return to school. Getting a little time away from Eddie will make your time together that much sweeter.

  4. i’ve never been pregnant, or taught teenagers, but i’m pretty sure both of those things would make me puke!

    happy days ahead, & even if there are bad ones, at least you can laugh! good luck to you, 2nd trimester baby, & little guy.

  5. Ya to no more hearing about you puking!!! I kid I kid. I love you and hope that your transition back to school is smooth as peanut butter…I can make references to food now right?

  6. “I also got a D on that one…But am I passing your class?”
    Ha! Oh out of the mouths of cartoon characters.

    As funny as this is (and it is SO funny) it’s also so true.
    Pretty much every question in that clip has been asked of me at some point in my teaching career.

    I once had a kid turn in a desperate extra-credit essay while WEARING his graduation gown.
    For real.

    Anyway, I have to make a phone call (ha!) So I really don’t have time to write anything of value about your first trimester almost being over or something like “Hooray no more hormone supplements!” or that I’ll be thinking of you today while you’re back to school hoping you and Eddie ease seamlessly back into your new/old routines.

    Nope. No time for that.

    Instead, let me just say I hope you’re hanging in there and that you have a chance to eat lunch.

    And pee.

    Good luck, fabulous mama.
    Good luck, fabulous teacher.

    One day down…

  7. Good luck back at school!!

  8. Oh my goodness, Landon constantly asks where daddy is and why didn’t daddy wake him up instead. Gotta tell ya, that’s great for my parenting self-esteem.

    p.s. I hope you start feeling better ASAP =)

  9. Awww. If it makes you feel any better, both of my older boys went through a HUGE Daddy phase. But then they went right back to their Mommy phase. They go back and forth.

    Have a great first day back! And HOORAY for almost being done with the First Trimester!

  10. That video is hysterical! At least your students are young and stupid. Imagine hearing that from their parents: grown, educated people. Not only is it funny because its true. Its sad because its true. All that and I’m still excited to go back. Its a sickness.