the rhythm of our love

A dark pine rocking chair.

back and forth…back and forth…

a wedding gift 38 years ago.

back and forth…back and forth…

you, swaddled anger.  screaming.

back and forth…back and forth…

tears rolling down my cheeks as I whisper “shh shh shh…”

back and forth…back and forth…

singing softly, “you are my sunshine…”

back and forth…back and forth…

helpless to soothe you.

back and forth…back and forth…

you grow and change.

back and forth…back and forth…

your chubby legs fold on themselves as you rest your head on my shoulder.

back and forth…back and forth…

you grow longer.  you wrap your legs around me to rest your head on my shoulder.

back and forth…back and forth…

You sit on my lap with your face on my chest rubbing your Lamby’s ear.

back and forth…back and forth…

We read truck books, talk about how we got groceries, sing the ABC’s.

back and forth…back and forth…

You tell me it’s dark, ask about daddy, wave at your shadow in the glow of the nightlight.

back and forth…back and forth…

It has been our way for twenty-five months without fail.

back and forth…back and forth…

And I have never regretted the decision to help you go to sleep.

This week’s prompt was to write about a rhythm in your life without using the word “rhythm”.

About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. I never regretted rocking mine either. I still rock one, and love every second of it.

  2. How beautiful. I have spent hours in our rocking chair going through those same exact thoughts. I’ve never regretted helping my kids to sleep either.

  3. What an awesome poem! I enjoyed how the rhythm takes us throughout time and growing stages. I especially love the phrase “swaddled anger.” Thank you for sharing. -Xiomara (also a Poet and Mom Blogger)

  4. I am starting to love reading these RemembeRED posts. I definitely have to join!
    back and forth… back and forth!
    Love the poem.

  5. Every time I read something about you rocking Eddie or any mom rocking any baby, I get all sad that I didn’t get a glider.

    Such a beautiful, peaceful moment at the end of the day.

  6. This makes me wish our glider was in Dylan’s (itty bitty) room instead of the living room. There must be days when it’s hard to put him in his crib. (Although, on the flip side, I’m sure there are days when the rocking to sleep is a beacon of light at the end of a long day!)

    I like the way this piece flows. It’s hard for you at the beginning and then settles into a rhythm for the two of you, peaceful and comfortable. It reminds me of actually getting a child/baby to sleep, first they resist and want to stay awake, finally they relax into sleep.


  7. I love this. I can just see you, rocking Eddie in that heirloom chair. Beautiful.

  8. That was beautiful. It’s still hard for me to believe that mine are too big to be rocked. I picked up my six year old yesterday and his legs seemed so long! I miss those days of rocking in the rocking chair.

  9. Beautiful, Katie. I am a big fan of rocking my baby (toddler?) in the rocking chair. One of his first words was “rock” =)

  10. how precious, a beautiful old chair, a beauitul new tradition and routine happening in it.

    *sigh* this was just so rhythmic, so flowing that I almost stared rocking with you….here in my own work chair, lulled by the words.

  11. you said it all…without using the word.

  12. save this and show it to him when he’s being a mouthy teenager….it should put him in his place for a minute or so..

    very touching

  13. So beautifully written.

    I’ve had three rockers. One for each boy. We had to get a new one each time because we’ve literally rocked in them until they wore out.

    I just finished rocking the baby down for his morning nap a little while ago. Rocked him until he feel asleep. I love it!

    Couldn’t live without my gliders!!

  14. aww.. 😉 it’s amazing how many times you can sing you are my sunshine while getting one to sleep. it is actually quite amusing the random songs i DO sing while trying to get her to sleep.

  15. I love this piece. There has always been something about a rocking chair. Mine sits in my living room, and on rare occasion I get to rock the grands in it. And how special is that….because it is the rocking chair I received with my first….29 years ago. (eeek)

  16. Love this… there truly is nothing more beautiful than a mother rocking her child, is there?

  17. crying now. beautiful piece.

  18. Such tender words for a most special time. Mine are WAY past rocking stage but I treasure that memory so much! 🙂

  19. I love this! Brings back memories of rocking my own little one to sleep. He is much too big now, but sometimes he’ll still curl his long lanky body into my lap for a story.