mom + dad = eddie

Shell over at Things I Can’t Say did a Rock the Baby Bump last month.  Remember?

This month she is doing a Rock the Baby link-up.

Since I only have one baby to rock, I had to get creative here.

Not that I have anything against putting up a million baby pictures of just Eddie, but I thought I would treat you to something different.

So I have for you…

Mom+Dad = Eddie

You will love it…I just know.


my first picture in the hospital

+ Dad

Cort's first picture in the hospital

= Eddie

one of Eddie's first pictures in the hospital


me at 6 months


Cort probably around 3 months


Eddie at 4 months


me in a swing


Cort in a swing (why did our moms take such off-center pics in the 70's?)

= Eddie

Eddie in the swing (oh what a change in swings!)

can you stand more?  Ok…a one more…


me two years old

+ Dad

Cort two years old

= Eddie

Eddie almost two years old

So what do you think?  Is Eddie a pretty good mix of me and Cort?


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  1. Great post idea! 🙂 it’s hard to tell if he’s a good mix on my phone…but he sure is cute!

  2. Great idea for this post! Such cute pictures!

    But those swings that we had back then?? What were our parents thinking??

  3. Love this! Yes, I think he looks like a perfect mix of the both of you. I don’t have nearly as many pictures of me as a baby, sad right?

    And you were adorable!

  4. Eddie looks just like you! With Cort’s hair!


    (I almost just typed I need another baby. I need another baby right now like I need a hole in my face. Which is to say, I don’t.)

  5. That was so cute! I love the comparisons through time.

  6. Man… the early 80’s were a bad time for children’s clothes. 🙂

  7. LOL! Love the early 80s photos ~ they look like so many of mine! & yes, Eddie is definitely a good mix of the two of y’all.

  8. yes, he is the perfect mix of both of you…that first set of the hospital pictures is like looking at a mirror 3 times. 🙂

    2 Big Cuties, make one LITTLE CUTIE pie!!! loved this Katie.

  9. I think it’s the generation that takes off center photos…oh and now it’s the “head cut off” shots. Oy. Old people.
    This made me smile. Thanks friend xoxo

  10. I love the comparison pictures. I can’t figure out who Eddie resembles more, so I’d say yes, he’s a good mix of both of you.

  11. I hate math. HATE.

    But this equation I love.

    Even with only one cup of coffee…

    Such a clever post.

    You guys bake up a great recipe there in Sluiter Nation.

  12. ohmahgoodness at the yummy babies!!! eddie has cort’s lower half of face & your upper half. and all you have the toocuteitis.

  13. I think Eddie is a perfect mix of the two of you. You can really see it in these photos. I love your take on the link up!

  14. Great idea!! I love and yes, Eddie is the perfect combo of you both.

  15. So cute! I love seeing the family pics- very creative!

  16. Katie, that’s adorable!! What an awesome idea to bring in the mommy and daddy pictures!

  17. Okay, this is my favorite of all the baby picture posts.

    SO clever!

  18. Love this and the amount of work you put into it! Eddie is super cute and a perfect mix of you both.
    And the swings from back then look like torture devices!

  19. I LOVE how you did it with each of your pics and then Eddie’s! Yes, those swings were all metal and scary and stuff!

  20. Love what you did with this, and wish I’d thought to do some comparisons!

    Eddie is a doll. And I know soon enough you’ll be able to tell him he’s going to be a big brother!