welcome to vlog talk

I hate vlogging.

No, I really do.  I know you guys think it’s funny or cute, but I feel like a monster doofus when I do it.

But I have fallen victim to vlogging once again.

Some blogging buddies of mine have started a weekly meme called Vlog Talk.  They give out some prompts and you can vlog one of them and link up.

So I have given in and participated this week.

Please ignore the fact that I look completely bummy.  I had just had a relaxing mani/pedi appointment and I wasn’t about to fix myself.  Plus?  It was super hot that day.

People?  Noisy phones suck.  I don’t care if you are an adult or a child.  Just…ew.

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What is your child’s most annoying toy?  What do you do about it?  What should I do about these damn phones that he loves?

And the big question…should I do more vlogs?


If you have a second, could you hop on over to By Word of Mouth?  She has an important post called Paws 4 Thor today as her Monday Muse.  Thor could really use your support.

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  1. Oh Katie, you ADORABLE!! I love the faces you made when you talked about the toys. And OMG if Monkey had that Elmo phone, he would go nuts for it.

    So you are doing another vlog next week right? 🙂

    Love the flower in your hair! xoxo

  2. OMG…that IS the loudest toy on the planet! I’d love to know why they thought a volume control would be just too much too add?!

    And, I loved the vlog.

    You should totally do more of them!

  3. Confession: We had that Elmo phone. Keyword = HAD. It was accidentally misplaced during naptime one day. I have no idea how it happened either. But I’m sure you know WHY it happened!

    Like Alison said, I love the flower in your hair too!

  4. Hah! Your facial expressions are priceless! Love your vlogs Katie! 🙂

  5. OK… that had me ROLLING. I also hate my children’s fake phones. They’re HORRIBLE! At one point in time, every grandparent thought “Oh! Cute toy cell phones! The kids will love those!” and we must’ve had 9 or 10 different ones. I took the batteries out of ALL of them because I was losing my mind. One actually sounded like MY actual phone and I kept thinking it was ringing! ARGH!
    Death to all ringing kid phones… Double death to the ones without volume controls!

  6. Ahhh, annoying toys. They frequently “take naps” in our house. Or the batteries die. Or they die a horrible death of being pitched into the garage in the middle of the night because they WILL.NOT.SHUT.UP.

    Just using ALL CAPS makes me less stabby about annoying toys.

    P.S. You’re lovely on the vlog, as usual.

  7. I have a solution to the Elmo phone…take the batteries out! 🙂 Works for us!

  8. I think all toys should have volume control and an Off switch. Like, it should be a law.

  9. I want to put some maple syrup on you and eat you…you’re so cute.
    Also we have the Parents Mag phone. Got it at target. When you record your voice on it it sounds demonic. Creepy toy.
    And yes, birds? WTF?

  10. You are brave… and cute. I’m not up for vlogging. Maybe someday. After plastic surgery. 😉

    The second toy was AWFUL! And I thought our dog squeaky toys were bad.

  11. Those Sesame Street voices don’t even sound like the voices I remember, and that my dear, I find to be the greatest offense!

  12. My husband breaks all toy cell phones that enter our house.

    That Elmo phone is terrible. Take the batteries out and tell him it doesn’t work anymore.

  13. UGH! This reminds me of two things:

    (1) Putting together my little brother’s wrestling ring on Christmas Eve. Evidently my dad put the batteries in to make sure it worked…but then as we were all putting it together we kept hitting certain spots on and around the ring that set off sound effects, ie the sounds of wrestlers crying out in pain and anguish, or their theme songs. And we couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so we were falling all over each other trying to drown the sound out so he wouldn’t hear it and wake up, thus ruining Christmas for the rest of his young life.

    (2) My sister had a toy called “Chicken Limbo” (I think). You’d turn it on and it would play a song which consisted of a chicken making obnoxious “bawk bawk bawk” noises, and if you hit it while limboing the song would stop…and the chicken would scream with laughter at you. Horrifying. I think the batteries lasted til right around dessert time on Christmas night.

    Anyway, you’re adorable and should vlog all the time. The end.

  14. Ha! I laughed when the cell phone rang and you made your annoyed face. You’re really good at vlogging! I’ll never do it because I would never be as funny or cute or natural as you. Plus? I hate my voice. But you? You rock it.

    Also, I learned something new today – I always that Sluiter was pronounced “Slooter.” So, there you go.

  15. What is it about those g-damn Sesame Street toys?! We have a couple and they have no volume control! SO not fair!!

    PS You are darling. Loved “seeing” you.

  16. That Vlog was adorable, it’s nice to you you in person.

    Look on the bright side he’ll be a teenager before you know it and then you’ll pay an arm and a leg for a real cell phone that gonna be just as annoying 🙂

  17. Definitely vlog again! You are a natural performer, I enjoyed watching! And i would cut the string off that little cell phone (weapon) and hide that frickin Elmo phone. Good God that’s annoying. ALMOST worse than my annoying toy vlog!!

  18. The phones! So annoying. That’s why I hid them all and now I just let the kids wreck my iPhone. Awesome strategy. Glad you’re linking up. And, yes, you should do more vlogs!

  19. I absolutely loved this – and I might embarrass myself this weekend when we meet, I’m afraid I have a blog-crush on you now 😉 definitely more vlogs – and yes, the phones are extremely annoying. Thankfully Goose has two – both with volume control, and I keep one in the bottom of the diaper bag, and the other in the car 🙂

  20. Loved this!! First of all, I almost spit out yummy piece of pie that I was eating when you said that your little guy was possibly the most annoying toy. he he. but yes, I feel as if friends and family should have to sign an agreement to never ever buy fake cell phones as toys. Except that now adays, they come as accessories to just about everything!

  21. we put a piece of tape over the speaker to quiet it down… and we just give them our old cell phones to play with… no toy cell phones here!!

  22. So fun to see you. I hate all noise making toys. Those phones are awful!

  23. Definitely do more vlogs! You did awesome. I have made a mental note to not ever buy a phone for my baby, but I know she would just love that Elmo one…

  24. Sesame Street toys are the devil.

  25. Last night Lboy grabbed his phone right before he was going to bed & the darn thing made him so hyper! It was so frustrating!

  26. I LOATHE the toy phones that actually sound like REAL phones! DRIVES ME NUTS!?!? Can u tell? lol. You’re too cute. More vlogs please!! 😀

  27. Very annoying! We have a fake cell phone that randomly goes off if you walk in the general area. It drives me insane!

  28. I don’t like the rope handle thingys on the toys either because the kids I know all use them as slingshots.

    A ringing fake phone? I know what I would’ve answered Ernie if that went off and he asked, “how are you doing?”

    You should blog more often!! It was great.

  29. That Elmo phone is out of control! I couldn’t live with that in the house, it would be either me or the phone!

  30. OMG. I think my son has the same fake cell phone toy. I hate the ringing sound it makes. That Elmo toy though would drive me insane.


    That Elmo toy…..Words cannot describe the pain I feel on your behalf.

  32. Okay that phone tops my loud toy!!

    Love the new pic you have up there!!

  33. Great job on the vlog.

  34. Cute! So, so very cute! Your faces are priceless and um, Katie? Noisy toys are bad. Very, very bad!

  35. This is awesome! Not the phones, but the vlog. so, what genius thought, “hey, it’s a phone, so it’s GOTTA have birds chirping”? that’s dumb.

    Also, I laughed out loud when you said, “BYE, cookie monster!”

  36. This vlog made me so sad that I won’t meet you in August. Do you ever think about my feelings before you record all your cute hilariousness?

  37. Want an Elmo chair to go with your phone? Squeeze his hand you “let’s play Elmo says! let’s play Elmo says!”

  38. Lila Bro says

    lols. i love when you do vlogs. they make me laugh. good laugh though. :]

  39. Oh my god, you vlogged! Yes, I am out of the loop.

    So. That is sort of not how I pictured you talking. But by the end it sort of was. That makes no sense.

    You are cute and expressive and I totally love the faces you make. That was great, but yeah, I’d be hiding that Elmo phone. (I hide my kid’s annoying toys and sometimes he doesn’t notice…shh.)