The Sluiter Nation Booze Cruise

I couldn’t pass up this week’s VlogTalk topic.

While the idea of a blooper real was appealing, I realized the only bloopers I would have to share were so NOT vlogtalk-related and people in my life might get made.

So, I went with my favorite summer drink.

However, I realized that it really doesn’t take much time to make my fave drink, so I am going to show you around the boozey nation first.


For the record?  We also have a total of one beer in the fridge.

Coors Lite.

In case you were worried.

And while we are on the record?  Many of these bottles of liquor had a thick layer of dust.  Does Kahlua go bad?

Anyway, I really mostly drink diet coke in the summer, but that just wasn’t as fun as a booze cruise.

What is your favorite summer drink?  Tell me I am not the only one half-crocked on sipping wine on hot days.


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  1. That was pretty dang cute Ms Katie. Loved it.
    My favorite non-alcoholic beverage in summer is lemonade. I’m southern. Don’t judge. If someone was to slip some rum into my glass along with the lemonade, I wouldn’t put up too much of a fuss.
    As for alcohol, I still like my wine, only I tend to switch to white wines in summer. They don’t seem as heavy.

  2. You are so cute in your headband.

    I like super duper cold white wine in the summer. Although I am dying to try sweet tea vodka & lemonade.

  3. I would be moving all those boxes so I could get to the wine rack. Those were some fancy tops on all the bottles. Your summer drink is very easy to make.

  4. For some, that would be a year round favorite drink 🙂

    It’s tropical where I am so we have year round favorite thirst quenchers. I love me some watermelon juice!

    • I LOVE tropical, froo froo drinks.

      but at home? It’s just easiest to pour a glass of wine!

      And I have never had watermelon juice! Sounds yum!

  5. Have I told you lately just how much I love you? Swoon.

  6. There is nothing wrong with wine year round! Just chilled for the summer.

  7. Girl after my own heart! YAY WINE. Only I don’t take the time to put in the fancy pour thing.

  8. I love it! When can I come hang out with you and your “friends”?

    I must say, you had my attention at Captain. Him and I are quite close. I might have to go out and get some of him should my mom choose to ignore my request regarding drinks for our concert tomorrow night.

  9. “Vast array of liquers” sounds SO exotic! You Sluiters ARE fancy!

  10. Kahlua does not go bad.

    (I’m assuming. because we never have booze around long enough to know for sure.)

    But I am a wine drinker, too.

    (and by that I mean low-maintenance. of course.)

    Cheers to summer!

  11. Canadian Whiskey…Holla

  12. This just made me thirsty. Hmm, I’ll take one of those please! 🙂

  13. I regularly alternate between wine and beer during the summer. Usually white wine, not red – I drink a lot of red in the winter.

    But seeing the contents of your liquor cabinet reminded me that I’ve been really craving a margarita lately.

  14. Great post! I only drink white wine when it’s hot out. I usually love deep, spicy reds. Love that pour thingy you used, too.

  15. I used to be a red wine only gal but suddenly prefer white! Especially in the summer. So yum!

  16. I really need to get on the wine train. It looks so good, but I don’t like the taste 🙁

  17. Yum. I love cold white wine in the summer. Seriously, that wine rack is too hidden. I’d be running through those boxes like a linebacker after the kids bedtime to get to it.

  18. I’m with Elena on this one! I would be going straight through the boxes to get at the wine rack! 😀

  19. Hehe, very cute. We too have a liquor cabinet full of stuff we never touch, yet for some reason we keep adding to it. Do we really think we’ll one day become martini people?
    I’m a red wine girl like Christine. In the summer, I like it chilled. Or for a special treat, with a splash of coke- red wine and coke totally mix, dont knock it ’till you try it!