the job of being a dad

Father’s Day gets a little lost in Sluiter Nation.

It falls between our anniversary and Eddie’s birthday.

It’s not as much running all over the place as Mother’s Day.

And Cort’s dad is in heaven.

This day is sort of…well…mixed for us.  emotionally.

And let’s face it.  Dads tend to be less…outwardly sentimental than moms.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t get a little sappy about our daddy’s here today.

father's day

i am pregnant here, people. not fat. pregnant.

Growing up the only daughter (and the oldest), my dad didn’t call me princess or shower me in pink or spoil me rotten.

He bought me a fishing pole.

He taught me to ice skate.

He explained why days get shorter in the winter and longer in the summer.

He had all the answers.  Even when he didn’t.

He took me with him to the hardware store.

He showed me how to change a flat tire and check my oil.

He picked on me relentlessly.

He taught me to drive a stick shift.

He prayed for me to find the perfect husband.

He was tough and stuck to his convictions.

He showed me what it means to truly love someone no matter what they do.

And he makes me roll my eyes even as a 30-something.

Love you, dad.

father's day

Cort and his dad...a sneak peek at what Eddie's hair will look like some day.

I didn’t get much time with my father-in-law.

The one scene that sticks out in my mind, though, is a hospital room.

Cort and I were engaged and our wedding date was getting very close.

We were visiting one of the many times that he needed to be hospitalized for testing and treatment for his cancer.

He was weak.

He was small.

He was not the man that Cort described to me.  At least not physically.

He was so small in that bed with all the wires and tubes.

We hadn’t been there long…and there were other visitors too.  Like there always was.  We were never alone with him.

When the visitors were leaving, we lagged behind to say goodbye in a rare moment alone.

He was so weak.

“I’m glad we are getting you, Kates,” He said as we left.  “I love you guys.”

Tears welled in my eyes and I went back for a gentle hug.

“I love you too.  And I’m glad too.”

He passed away two months after I joined the family.

Love you, Pops.

fathers day
For the record? Cort doesn’t smoke anymore.

Cort’s stepdad, Ray has been my father-in-law.

He does such a great job.

He never tried to fill Cort’s dad’s shoes or “take over” any roles.

He was just himself.

He is funny.

He is a story-teller.

He is incredibly fun.

He laughs easily.

He has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Love you, Ray.

father's day

nothing sweeter than this in the whole world

And my dear husband.

You are a father now too.

You take the job so seriously.

You stayed home with our boy for 17 months, raising him and loving him.

You can comfort middle of the night sadness.

You can kiss boo boo’s all better.

You are the perfect cartoon watching companion.

You make the best breakfasts.

You run and play and rough house.

You read story after story after story.

You walked miles with the baby bjorn attached to you to soothe a colicky baby.

You are a great role model of achievement and steadfast love.

You show Eddie what it means to respect others and use love when you speak.

You are the best dad-do I have ever met.

father's day

always concentrating on the next task

and I think Eddie likes you a little bit too.

Love you, Cort aka Dad-do.

I am sorry Father’s Day tends to get lost in the chaos of June.  Your jobs as fathers does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Your job is a tough one…and you deserve the love and thanks on this day.

much love to all the father’s out there today.

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  1. Why are these Father’s Day posts making me all WEEPY? Like, tearing up, boo-hooing.

    Happy Father’s Day, Cort.

  2. A touching and beautiful post, Kate! Does not read as rushed or obligatory at all. 🙂

    Happy Father’s Day to the dads in your life!

  3. i am with miranda.. sitting here tearing up..

  4. So sweet. I hope you print this one out for the baby book.

  5. This is a fabulous tribute to some great dads….I’m getting a little weepy here too.

  6. What a great set of tributes to some great dads!

    I feel bad. Ryan always says not to get him anything, and he stresses about money, so I didn’t this year. My best friend got her hubby a shiny new grill, and now I feel bad!!

  7. Such a beautiful post and I can’t help but read and feel so happy for you that you have been, and continue to be, surrounded by such amazing men. What a sweet tribute to them all.

  8. This was very sweet! Love the pictures. Made me smile and gave me the warm fuzzies in my tums. Happy Anniversary/Fathers Day/Birthday!

  9. Wow. Just…Wow.

  10. What a beautiful tribute the the wonderful men in your life. Love.

  11. what a gorgeous family you have, all those wonderful men in your life.

    (my FIL was very ill as we were getting married too, he couldn’t come to our wedding and died 3 months after we wed, it was so sad for him not to see the Grandsons I know he sent to us)

    MY hugs are with you!!!!! xo