a very happy birthday

Maybe you heard?

two year old birthday

We had a special birthday yesterday.


two year old birthday

Someone in Sluiter Nation turned two.


two year old birthday


And there was much celebrating.


And a whole bunch of spoiling.

cozy coupe


And maybe a surprise.


cozy coupe

Birthdays in Sluiter Nation are kind of a big deal.

cozy coupe

I think Eddie’s birthday was pretty special.

Mission accomplished.

Thank you to Miss Amy for making his day so special for him at daycare.  He loved all the singing and the candles and the cards. But mostly he loves you.  Thank you.


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  1. Yay! Looks like Eddie had an awesome time.

    Monkey loved that little red car when we went to someone’s party, we’re thinking of getting that for his 2nd birthday too!

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Eddie! Good things are coming this year.

    Two rocks!

  3. Yay for happy birthdays! Yay!

    I love the look on the face of the woman in the background of the second picture. She’s all “Awwww…..CUTE!” And I love that Eddie is licking the ice cream bowl. He’s a kid after my own ice-cream-loving heart.

  4. Outstanding!

  5. I think I make that same kind of face when I’m plowing through some serious ice cream…and I’m 30.

  6. Happy Birthday Eddie!

  7. Even that young, he knows the proper way to eat a good bowl of ice cream!

    Happy birthday Eddie!!

  8. So glad he had a great birthday, now I want a sundae!!

  9. Delicious in every way.

    Just yum.

  10. So awesome. And I can never get enough of his cute. Or his curls.

    Happy birthday, little man. Glad you all had a good day.

  11. Looks like an awesome day & hopefully his party is just as fun!

  12. Happy birthday! I love the photo with the birthday candle — his face is priceless. Birthdays are big deals for us too

  13. Happy birthday! I would love a car like that for my birthday too.

  14. My daughter turns 4 next month. Please come to my home and throw the birthday party for us. We like monkeys, too. The end.