the family that yard works together…

The boys are in charge of the lawn

and Mama is in charge of the flowers

What yard work are YOU in charge of?


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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Beautiful lawn and flowers. I have a hard enough time keeping my son alive, let alone a garden.

  2. I’m with Tonya. Where do you find the time!!
    I’m jealous of your beautiful garden!

  3. You have a beautiful lawn & flowers! I’m not in charge of anything. I used to be in charge of flowers, but I figured out I don’t like gardening 🙁

  4. What a nice looking lawn and garden you have.I enjoy gardening too! We split duties at our house pretty much the same. Hubby does the lawn I do the flowers and the pots, at our house and mom’s.

    Then we have two large veg gardens one just potatoes the other mostly tomatoes but with a bunch of other vegies too; we split the work- weeding mostly in those. The benefits of those two gardens far outweigh the work 🙂 The price of food this year is a factor but mostly we love them because they taste so much better then from the store.

  5. Nice yard and flowers! Don’t you just love Spring? Have a great weekend Katie.

  6. I’m loving the gun range headphones! Totally made me giggle!

  7. I’m loving the gun range headphones! Totally made me giggle! Also your flowers are awesome, my friend.

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words on the lawn. It is my pride and joy when it comes to the outside of the house. I grew it from little seeds when we moved in, and now… lush and green. 🙂

    The flowers are all Kate… she does a fantastic job!

  9. Please don’t hate on me when I say this because I hope you know I love the Sluiters madly…but please oh please be so super careful with Eddie on the lawn mower. I work in a Children’s ER and have seen some pretty brutal things happen.
    I’m not judging just telling you I love me Eddie and want him to be safe. Don’t hate me for mentioning this.
    Love you mad.

  10. Oh gosh, your neighborhood looks so pretty. LOVE the flowers. Cute kid too. Dad’s looking cool sporting his headphones. I miss yardwork (well the flowers part) from when I lived in Ohio. Every year since we moved to Vegas, I Say I’m going to make flower boxes for my balcony. Balcony is still empty. Fail…..

  11. So pretty! We had originally planned to do a few flowers, mow the grass, and plant my tomatoes, but then I got some weird burr in my backside and pulled all the nasty ivy off the side of the house. It took all afternoon, but it’s gone (well not gone, gone because it’s piled in the front yard until we can haul it off) and it looks SO much better! Now I have to rest up today!!

  12. The only redeeming quality to my HOA is that they take care of the lawn and shrubs. I do have containers of herbs and tomatoes that I tend myself, but other than that, we have no yard work. Bliss. Seriously.

  13. I can’t get past that cute baby face. My youngest is the same age and can you stand how cute they are right now?? I mean besides the tantrums and all that stuff they are SO adorable at this age.

  14. Love it…your garden looks so pretty!!!!

  15. The lawn is gorgeous; the flowers are extra-lovely.

    But that little Eddie? (those hands fisted and his face serious)

    Your best creation by far.

    So sweet. So so so.