I have things to blog about.

To tell you about.

To get your support on.

To lean on you about.

I have things to say that came out in therapy today.

But I am not ready.

I don’t have the energy yet.

So I will distract you and me with some more photographs of my cute kid.

just sitting by the tulips letting the tourists admire what a cute Dutch boy I am.

hello to you, nice lady who told me I was extremly cute. and why yes, these are authentic klompen shoes.

EDDIE! Don't pick that!!! It's a $100 fine!!

that's right...smell the tulips.

Fine. I will sit by daddy for a picture. But you can't make me enjoy it.

ok, it's too dang hot for this noise. let's take this crap off...starting with these totally unbreatheable shoes.


I have NO idea how that got out there!

And this was about the time we took the costume off and headed for some fried pickles and a corn dog.

Yay Tulip Time.

Yay avoidance.

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Eddie’s adorable. I want to pinch his cheeks and hug him. OK, you do it on my behalf.

    I’m impressed he kept those shoes on for so long!

  2. Avoidance happens. Oh wait, that sh*t. I’m terrible at these things.


  3. I know ALLLLL about avoidance and using your child as an adorable distraction. I’m here.

  4. TheNextMartha says

    Those shoes remind me of the time when I had a toe that would crack EVERY time I walked. The Dr. told me to wear wood clogs for 4 weeks. I’m not even kidding.

  5. Well, your son is absolutely adorable, and now I’m more homesick than ever!

    Avoidance is hard. I hope you are Ok. The tulips are perfect.

  6. Katie;
    I look at a lot of blogs and, consequently a lot of blogs with pictures of bloggers’ children, so sometimes I get a little….hmmm….let’s just say, unattentive. HOWEVER, this was so dang cute, there was no chance of that at all. Love the tulips! Eddie is just too cute for words. And Daddy ain’t bad either (ahem).
    My very favorite one? (not that you asked, but just so’s you know) was “Look, Dad! A Flying Llama!” OH gosh. Just love it.

  7. Cute in an understatement.

    Keep your head up 🙂 Thinking about you!

  8. Love the outfit and the curls, so adorable!

    As for the avoidance, been there done that, sent a postcard of my cute kiddo.


  9. I love that your child totally used the art of distraction to chuck his clog. Smart boy!

    My avoidance? Is that I haven’t really blogged at all for a month and been all happy, happy, joy, joy on Twitter and Pinterest instead. Sigh…


  10. Oh my gosh! His little outfit. How cute!!

  11. Oh my eddie is so cute!

  12. Love that costume, but gotta love those fried pickles even more. Yummy yummy yummers!

    I know it’s hard when something heavy is weighing on your heart. Hopefully time will make it easier… 🙂

  13. Sure cute kiddo, and totally normal avoidance. it happens. gotta hold it in until you’re ready. totally get that. xoxo

  14. Those pictures definitely worked for avoidance. He is quite cute in his outfit and those shoes.

  15. He defines cute! Thinking about you. ((Hugs))

  16. Cutness accepted.
    Honey, you don’t have to tell a single soul about anything that makes you uncomfortable. That’s the beauty of blogging. It’s all up to you right?
    Love you and thinking of you and I hope all is well in Sluiter Nation.

  17. Great pictures and you know that we will all be here when you are “ready.” Sometimes avoidance is necessary.

  18. Here if you need us.
    and I’ll take pictures of Cute EDDIE and Tulips anytime….


  19. Beautiful pictures. But we will all be here for us when you’re ready.


  20. Tell your story when you’re ready. We’ll be here.

  21. I’m also in Michigan, so yay for Tulip Time! I won’t be going down there, but the plethora of tulips right now just about everywhere you turn are simply amazing. It almost makes me forget about the longest. winter. ever.


  22. Eddie is too cute! I’m laughing at the flying llama because my son just got a stuffed animal llama that he throws around to make it fly.

    Kids are great distractions. I hope things are ok. Hugs!

  23. When all else fails, photos of our littles save the day!

    Hope everything is okay.

    LOVE the clogs.

  24. Ditto our Kimberly. This is YOUR space and you don’t have to tell anyone anything you don’t want to.

    What you DO have to do, is squish that little Dutch boy of yours. HOW CUTE IS THAT OUTFIT!?!? AND THE SHOES!?


    (I am apparently also going to overuse the ALL CAPS AWESOME in your comments today. Apparently.)

  25. Eddie looks so juicy and adorable, I would like very much to nibble on him!

    I, too, am avoiding, but my kids are way past the young-and-adorable years so I can’t use their pics as a tool. BUT…I will be here for you when your time is right, or if the time is never right.

  26. Oh my gosh!
    Eddie in klompen shoes!