taking it to the fence

The first time I stood up to a bully I was in the fifth grade.

I don’t remember what I was doing, but I do remember someone I didn’t know approaching me.

“Are you Chris R’s sister?”

“Yeah, why?”

“He needs you.  Someone is bullying him.”

That was all I needed to hear.  I turned to head straight for The Little Kid Playground.  I went over the invisible line between playgrounds risking…well…I have no idea what I was risking.  It was just understood that you didn’t cross into the other playground.

The bully had my brother backed up against a chain link fence and was taunting him with fat jokes.

My brother was a hefty little guy.

With adorable freckles.

With perfectly straight hair.

With the best smile in the world.

And this jerk was making him scared and attempting to make him feel bad about himself.

With his words.

I didn’t even stop to think.

I grabbed the bully, flung him against the fence, and with me face in his hissed, “NO BODY CALLS MY BROTHER FAT BUT ME!”

I gave him a couple good shoves and told him to never come near my brother again.

I don’t like violence, but I do feel compelled to stick up for the little guy.

Bullying is abhorrent to me.

Roughly 20 years later I was again standing up to bullies for the little guy, but this time the little guy was my nephew.  Chris’ son.

He was innocently playing in the McDonald’s play thing when a couple kids (who were way too big to be in the tunnels) blocked his way and started calling him a baby.

Again I stepped in and told those kids to grow up.  Then I marched over to their oblivious mothers and clued them in to what they were too busy to see.

Bullying is NOT ok.

And now I find myself in this world called Mommy Bloggers where we are all supposed to be adults.  We know the difference between right and wrong.

Or we should.

But there are still people out there…ADULTS…who feel the need to bully other adults.  Or try to.

And why?  To try to reinforce their own shaky beliefs?  To make themselves feel right because they lack the self-esteem to just believe in themselves?

It doesn’t matter.

I don’t tolerate it.  Not here.  Not in my space.

Yes, I am a Mommy Blogger.

Yes, I make choices that are not popular with everyone.

Yes, I make choices that are totally mainstream.

Because it’s my right to do so.

And it’s your right to disagree with me.  But not in a condensing, bullying manner.

Sluiter Nation is not a place for jerk-holes.

Bullying is NOT ok with me, and in real life, I will stand up to bullies against me or anyone else all day long.

Here?  I will not give platform to someone who is nothing but a troll.

Differing opinion is welcome.  Douche-baggery is not.

The blog world–specifically the MOMMY Blog world–is a community.  And a community needs each other for support…not to tear each other down.

Sluiter Nation will never be part of tearing anyone down…only lifting people up.

And being a support and voice when needed.  Just run over the line and come get me and I’ll be there for you.

Just ask my brother and my nephew.
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About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Love it when you’re feisty! and AMEN, sister.

    Also? More posts in general should include the words “jerkholes” and “douchebaggery.”

  2. Katie? You are my kind of woman! I stood up to a group of bullies who were beating up my “little” brother (he is now 6’7″ tall). And the mentally disabled girl in my 6th grade class. Nobody messed w/me or those I cared about. Nobody. I guess I started young, too.

    I am so proud to have you be part of our Mom Pledge Community!

  3. Awesome. The things parents say to other parents is mind-boggling to me. How have we not evolved further than this by now. Discussion of differing views shouldn’t lead to name-calling and insulting generalizations. That turns me off the discussion AND any valid arguments that the other side has are lost on me. Bullying, guilt-tripping aren’t ever going to convince me.

    I’m so glad mom bloggers have this movement to join and support.

  4. Oooh. I can’t stand bullying! It has gotten especially bad with the popularization of the internet/social media. People can hide behind their computer and the distance really minimizes the accountability. People say awful douche-baggish things that they would never dare say to someone’s face, but because they can hide behind the internet? The trash flows.

    And I agree with the comment above…how is bullying going to convince anyone? Calling me stupid or condescending to me is not going to change my mind. And if name-calling is the best argument someone has? Then that is really rather weak. I’m not going to be compelled to change my thinking because I’ve been called a dumbass, ya know?

  5. I’ve never understood why people feel it’s okay to put others down, to taunt them, to bully them. Kids obviously have to learn it from somewhere – from the adults I would guess.. I just don’t get it. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, then just walk away.. what’s the point of being mean and rude and a bully.

    Love this! Awesome pledge to make! And good for you for standing up for your brother and your nephew! Hopefully those kids think twice next time about bullying others.

  6. Boom. And Amen

  7. Awesome post. Your brother is lucky to have you. 🙂 And you’re so right. Mommy Blogger bully’s are not near as cool as they THINK they are.

  8. I love this. My older sister was being bullied once and I told the older girl I would punch her in her nose if she didn’t leave her alone. Sometimes, you’ve gotta stand up for what’s right… even if YOU ARE the little guy!

  9. Douchebaggery, indeed. Great word, by the way.

    I find bullying disgusting. Just the vague idea that a kid I was passing at the bus stop was being bullied sent my blood pressure through the roof. Seriously. He might not even have been, but the thought that he was enraged me.

  10. Nicely done, Katie! I may not be a Mommy Blogger, but I like your blog a lot. Just point me in the douche direction, and I’ll change their “bag”.

  11. well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ahhh the mom pledge. I love it. Great post. Good for you for standing up for your brother!!

  13. that’s pretty much why i don’t like when people refer to me as a mommy blogger. not because i don’t love being a mom, because i do almost all the time, but because the term sounds so derogatory due to all the bullying that goes on. i think a lot of moms do a lot of weird things, but whatever. they’re ruining their own kids, not mine, so i can live with that. i don’t need to call them weirdos to make myself feel better.

    all that being said, howdeedoo? it’s been forever. 🙂

    • well there you are!

      yeah…and really? I am not a Mommy Blogger. I have been doing this since 2007…a full two years before becoming a mommy. I am just a blogger who doesn’t like people to fling shit at other people.

      i miss your face. glad to see you here!

  14. Anyone who says they don’t have a problem with bully’s either was or still is a bully. It’s not ok and it makes me sad to think people feel it completely okay to “state their opinion” in a mean and spiteful way. Adults need to rise above it but also be able to do what you did- help out the little guy in a non bullying way. Yay Katie! I love you even more:)

  15. Go Katie get your non-bullying groove on! I love this “no one calls my brother fat but me” HEE HEE!


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