Secret Mommyhood Confession

I love my birthday.

I know some women like their birthday, but they are not really all that excited about turning another year older.

I am seriously like a child about my birthday.

As soon as the calendar says March, I start thinking about that day at the end of the month that is MINE!


Yes, I turn 33 on my birthday, and no I am not ashamed to say that.  Some people don’t like to admit their age, but I have no problem telling it to you, my students, or a random person on the street.

So what?  I am 33…or almost 33.

No, I don’t LIKE that I am getting older, but as my dad says, “it’s better than the alternative.”

So true, dad.  So true.

And that is why my birthday is so awesome.

Not only is it my very own special day when I entered this world, but it means I am still here.  I made it another year.

I have made it through another year of crap and celebration.  Of mountains and valleys.  Of anxiety and joys.

I know I spend a LOT of time hating on myself and seeing my downfalls…but for some reason?  Every year, my birthday is the day I have no problem celebrating me.  Of finding the happy in who I am.

I think it’s because for people to celebrate you on your birthday is natural.  It’s easy to take people for granted throughout the year, but birthdays are days we think about the special people in our lives.

And that works for me as well.  I mean, it works for me to think about ME that way too.

It’s funny because birthdays were really overemphasized in my family.  Yes, my mom and dad made a point of making us the “special kid” on that day because it was our day, but we never had extravagant parties or got out of chores or were allowed to stay home from school or any of that.

We were celebrated simply.

But somehow, out of that simple love, grew a HUGE love of my birthday.

In high school and college I used to remind everyone in my life of how many days there were until my birthday starting at LEAST a month ahead of time.

I don’t go to those extremes anymore, but I do love the people who take the time to really remember that I love my birthday.

Cort is really great at that.  He is not that overly attached to his birthday, but he knows it’s a big deal for me and always works extra special hard to make me feel special. As do my parents and some super awesome friends.

(by the way?  I LOVE that facebook advertises your birthday…getting a trillion birthday wishes from people who probably don’t even talk to you the rest of the year?  I’ll take it!)

So.  I love my birthday.  March 27, 1978…the day I arrived here from my momma’s tummy.

This whole week coming up is full of birthday wonder and excitement (yes, I even have some pretty awesome giveaways for YOU!!).

As if this whole blog thing isn’t about me enough already?  It’s about to get a whole LOT more all about me!

So get ready!

Thus begins…The Week of Kate!!!  ::insert me doing my tappity tappity birthday dance…or perhaps shaking what my momma gave me::

Get ready to party, people. And yes, this is me with blond hair again.

Do you love your birthday?  Are you a fellow March birthday?  Tell me some birthday stuff about YOU!

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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. March Birthdays are super fun! Allie’s birthday is coming up this week too! There’s just something I like about you March girls 🙂

  2. My birthday is in October, and I LOVE it, too! I love it to the point that I want everyone to celebrate me and get disappointed when they don’t go over the top. Ha! Happy (early) birthday to you!

  3. March birthdays rock! I love my birthday too. March 14th. Pisces. We rule!
    Anyways, happy birthday to you! ♪♪♪

  4. I think it’s great how excited you get about your birthday! And why not, like you say, it’s the day to celebrate making it through another year. I tend to let mine pass by quietly but other peoples are different. I’m looking forward to when Miss P is older and knows what her birthday is all about 🙂 Oh, and my birthday? The day after yours!!

  5. Tracy (@metta1313) says

    First…Happy Almost Birthday! And me…my birthday is New Year’s Eve. I’ve learned to not expect too much that way I am pleasantly surprised for some fun times. There are so many high expectations for NYE that couple that with a birthday, and let’s just say that disappointment has happened for me. I was even the sober driver on my 21st! Lately, I’ve learned to appreciate the small things…like my first birthday with my baby, and my second birthday with a simple night out to dinner with the hubs while his mom was in town and could babysit. Now it’s the little things that I so appreciate. Can’t wait for next year’s birthday when Abby can actually say “Happy Birthday Momma.”

  6. I also love my birthday! I’m an Aries, too. 🙂 April 15, 1978. I think 33 is going to be a good year.

  7. As we’ve discussed on the Twitter, not a March birthday, but an Aries birthday.

    Rams FTW!!!

    4/13, and I will be 34. Proudly.

    And, like Cort, Mark’s not super into his birthday, but he knows I love mine. Good men to have around when you’re maybe just a teensy bit into celebrating yourself 🙂

  8. I love my birthday as well. 😉 I also have birthday month’s and weeks. I’ve gotten a tad better about it haha. But I completely understand. I will be attention whoring my bday the day before your’s haha.

  9. I loooove my birthday. Mine is in July, so we always had pool parties and such when I was growing up, but never anything overly extravagant. We celebrate birthday’s in small ways here…cards, a few gifts & always a cake. Always, always, always do we have cake & candles. I am really not bummed out about getting older either. I never have been and don’t think I will be. Like you said, it’s a great way to remember that we are STILL here. 😉

  10. I know exactly how you feel! I LOVE my birthday. It is the one day of the year that I can really celebrate ME. Mine is in May and I love that it is always starting to get warm and winter is definitely over and did I mention it is my BIRTHDAY? I used to do the same as you and advertise my birthday at least a month in advance. I don’t do that so much anymore, but I love when people remember and when Joe knows how I feel about my birthday.

    Happy birthday to you! I hope it’s everything you hope for!

  11. I seriously love my birthday. It is at the end of January, and I spend all month waiting for it to come. And I’m 28….and don’t have a problem saying my age, either.

  12. My bday is March 14, so I’ve recently blogged about it. I thought you might like to see the posts (one’s sort of fun & “princess for a day”-ish and the other is much more profound).

    Happy birthday to you this week! Stretch that celebration out as long as you want to 🙂

  13. Not only do I love my birthday, but if you ask, I will give you a list of reasons why it’s the best birth date of the entire year.

    Hope it was a good one!

  14. I’m a HUGE fan of birthdays too! My husband, not so much, but he really tries to get excited for mine. I’ll be 30 this year, and even though its 9 months away, I’m already getting excited for it! Happy early birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday!

    I love my birthday, my kids make me love it.

  16. My birthday is March 31st! Yay for us March babies, and more importantly Aries babies!

  17. yeow lady!
    happy soon birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday to you soon! All I know is I believe in the birthday week, or at least birthday weekend. Enjoy!