Frecklebox Freakout

A couple weeks ago, I pounced on happened upon a giveaway post by my lovely friend (and BlogHer roomie!  Squee!), Natalie.  It was for Frecklebox.

Have you heard of Frecklebox?  It’s the cutest kid stuff all personalized for YOUR kid.

You know how hard it can be to find the name of your little Sacajawea or Moses?  Or how about Cortney (yeah, he never had ANYTHING store-bought with his name on it.  Yes, he may still be bitter)?

This is no longer a problem!

Frecklebox has everything from personalized growth charts to books!

So of course I entered Natalie’s giveaway.  Having your name plastered all over things?  That is a no-brainer to me.  It is AWESOME.

I tweeted about it.

I crossed my fingers.

I may have done some lucky rituals (flush ice down the toilet?)  that may or may not have brought snow instead of Frecklebox winnings.

I was not the big winner.

I almost cried.

And then?  The Frecklebox Gods Mark from Frecklebox caught wind of my sadness.

And all of a sudden?


Cutest. Place mat. EVER.

People?  This place mat rocks my face off.

First, it’s got a DJ monkey on it that reminds all of us of Captain Huggy Face on WordGirl.  But not in a creepy way, of course.

Second, it says, “Eddie” and that?  Is awesome.

Besides being all aesthetically pleasing it is way easy to wipe up also.

It’s been time to move Eddie from the high chair to the table for some time now.  The high chair has become a platform for throwing things.  Plus it has WAY too many cracks and crevices to clean out.

This is much better…

He loves it.  Plus he loves pointing out the letters in his name and making monkey noises before his plate is put in front of him.  It is AWESOME.

But wait!  We have more!

oh yes we did!


I know, I know, my child is way too young to need a lunch box…even if it DOES have his name on it.

But you guys?  He LOVES this thing.

First he loves to “count” the monsters by either going “un, un, un, UN!” or “rawr!  rawr!  rawr!”  It doesn’t get much cuter than that.


oh look! the letters stick to it!

Eddie is also into putting things in other things, closing said things, and saying, “ba ba!” to us, waving, and walking around the island.


perfect for traveling toys

And lately?  He acts as if snacks are fleeting things.  We may take them away at any minute.  So he stock-piles.


no one will find my teddy grahams in here!

oops. missed a few!


Eddie and his sneaky side LOVE his new things.

And maybe, because of the whole personalized thing, his narcissistic side is happy too.

Ok, maybe that’s just me.

Where did THIS come from?

Why yes, I think we will be shopping at Frecklebox again in the future.  They DO have personalized books, and I DO love a book with my boy’s name in it!

The fine print: The Frecklebox Gods Mark from Frecklebox provided Sluiter Nation with the place mat and the lunch box, but the opinions are totally mine.  You can buy my happiness, but you can’t buy my opinion.
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  1. Eddie is just too cute for words! And that last picture! Priceless. Lovely family Katie. Love your Sluiter Nation blog. It’s a happy place to visit!

  2. Shut up.

    When did Eddie get so big?!?!?!

    He’s too cute.

  3. I love stuff with names on it. Being Tracie with an “ie” I never found my name when I was growing up either.

    That placemat is super cute!

    • i know! I had my name on everything. Katie is a totally common name…but my hubs did not (clearly). Names on stuff? Totally awesome!

      • My husband lucked out, being a Thomas.
        My daughter is Katarina…but we call her Katie sometimes too (with the “ie”!!) so she does have some Katie stuff.

  4. Omg I love these!! I’m getting me some frecklebox!

  5. I had the same issue as a child with not finding Molly on anything, so no personalized Molly mini-license plate hanging off the back of my bike. 🙁

    What a great Easter gift! I’ll be checking out the site for some gifts for Jack. Such great stuff! And Eddie? Too cute for words!

    • I was totally going to keep the lunch box as his easter “basket”, but I couldn’t wait! I won’t lie, it was REALLY hard to pick from all the cute stuff on the website!

  6. Cute stuff & super cute little boy! Love that last photo.

  7. Eddie is so cute! I love the first picture. He’s eating like food is going out of style!

    See me name up there? Good luck finding that on any product out there. It stinks! I might have to get myself a monster lunchbox!

    • do it! monster lunch boxes RULE!

      and yes…he eats pineapple as if he is being paid per bite! ha!

  8. um, are you kidding me?! lucky you! Those are adorable…and brilliant.

  9. I love the look on his face in the last picture. Totally reminds me of a face you’d make about being excited about something! 😉