Celebrate Kate Giveaway:Hugs & Kisses

It’s my birthday week, so I am celebrating stuff I love…and I love YOU guys!

So for my birthday?  I am giving YOU presents with GIVEAWAYS and DISCOUNTS!

So let’s get started, shall we?  There are FOUR and they will be posting EVERY hour starting NOW!

We are starting with some Hugs and Kisses because that is the BEST way to start a birthday!

Hugs and Kisses is the result of the lovely Becca!  And here she is to tell you about her shop:

True story: Sewing machines used to scare me.

Once my son was born, I realized that I should pull out the sewing machine that had been buried in a closet for several years. I started with making a bib. And then a burp cloth. And a blanket. And a paci clip. And all of a sudden, hugs & kisses was born!

I became fascinated with sewing and fabric and all things baby. I mean, there’s some really gorgeous fabric out there and inspiration to be found anywhere. Sewing soon became a therapeutic hobby for me. I’m a creative person by nature, so having that outlet to focus my creative energy on has been wonderful!

Since the shop’s opening, it’s matured and progressed into what it is today. I customize in diaper clutches, bibs and burp cloths. Most recently I’ve added some fun totes and clutches. Also you’ll  find some really great custom art pieces listed in the shop. Please take a look around hugs & kisses. I think you might like what you see.

You will totally LOVE what you see!  Check out a peek…

I am in LOVE with the silhouettes.  I REALLY want to get Eddie’s chubby profile immortalized by her one of these days.

You want some of her goods?  Yeah, you do.

You COULD go shopping right now!  Becca is generously offering ALL of us 25% off until Monday!  That is amazing!  All you have to do is enter the code HAPPYKATIE at checkout to get your discount!

Wait!  There’s more!

Becca is giving one of you $25 shop credit to Hugs and Kisses toward anything your heart desires!

You have TWO ways to enter:

1) Tell me when your birthday is and what you love about it!


2) Tweet about the giveaway and then come here and leave a comment that you tweeted.  You can make something up, but if you are all lazy like I am, you can just copy and paste this:

Say happy birthday to @ksluiter and enter to win Hugs and Kisses shop credit from @becca7903 Enter now: http://wp.me/p1qChn-vl

That’s it!

Of course you should go browse (and then buy!) in her shop.

You should follow her sweetness on twitter.

You should like LOVE her on facebook

and of COURSE you should follow her blog!

This giveaway ends on my BIRTHDAY: Sunday, March 27 at noon est.  Winners will be chosen by Random.org and posted that same day.


The fine print: Hugs and Kisses is providing the spoils for this giveaway.  I have gotten nothing in return other than the joy of giving you something on my birthday.
About Katie

Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.


  1. Yippee! I love Becca!

    My birthday is August 12. I love, everything! lunches with friends, feeling the need to dress up and be special. All of it.

  2. Yay! My birthday is March 13th. I love that every so often it falls on a Friday. And it’s a day all about me, of course.

  3. annnnd, I tweeted!

  4. Happy (almost) Birthday Katie! I was born on January 26, 1978. Kinda cool (not that I remember) b/c I was born during the blizzard of ’78 and the dr arrived to the hospital by snowmobile 😉

  5. My birthday is January 19 and I like how family will get together again shortly after the Christmas holidy to celebrate 🙂

  6. Tweeted!

    & Happy Birthday Week!!

  7. My bday is August 17th. I love that it is in the summertime which means outside dinning and drinks!

  8. and of course, I twitterpated you.

  9. mrshiggison says

    My birthday is July 22nd & I love that I’m one of the only people in my family with a summer birthday. A great excuse to get together!

    Happy special-birthday-week to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  10. mrshiggison says

    I tweeted:)

  11. My birthday is June 1st which always signals summer is near and the school year is over.

  12. Well, you know my birthday is this weekend too! March 26th! 😀 I love the fact that I know there will be cake. I ADORE cake. 🙂 Happy early birthday to you my friend!

  13. My birthday is August 1st…and I love everything about it. I love that I get to share it with a great friend and cousin, Nicole. And I love that it is just 5 days away from our wedding anniversary!

  14. My birthday is August 13. I love that as a kid I always had no school and parties outside. Summer birthdays are the best!

  15. My birthday is March 14. I love the fact my parents always come to visit me on my birthday. I used to find it annoying, but now that I have a son of my own, I understand why they want to spend my birthday with me! Birthdays truly are special! 🙂

  16. My birthday is May 25th. This year I’m turning 30!! I’m really psyched to turn 30, is that weird?!

  17. Jackie Mask says

    My Birthday is September 2 and I love soo many things about my birthday. First I love my zodiac sign: Virgo (before it changed to something different). I also love my chinese zodiac sign which is the year of the dog. I love that I share my birthday with 3 of my friends and lastly I love that, more often than not, my birthday falls on labor day weekend.

  18. Oh I love her stuff! My birthday is 12/11. I like that people are in the holiday spirit & I have gotten a lot of Christmas decoarations so I rarely have to buy any!

  19. I tweeted! @suzstreats

  20. My birthday is September 12!

  21. I tweeted!

  22. My birthday is May 25th. It’s always been a reminder that school is almost finished and summer is right around the corner!

  23. i LOVE Becca & her adorable shop! My bday is Feb. 29 – leap day. I love that i have such a unique bday. That’s always my one thing when I have to go through the “Name, where you’re from, one cool thing about yourself” interview

  24. Jackie Mask says

    I tweeted!!!


  25. My Birthday is November 24th! What I love? Sometimes it falls on Thanksgiving, coincidentally that’s also what I hate about it.

  26. My Birthday is July 24. I love having a day all about me! From picking where I want to eat to what I want to do that day nobody ever questions you on your birthday!

  27. I tweeted 🙂

  28. My birthday is November 16 – and I love it because it is MY day. Having 14 brothers and sisters means you can slip through the cracks easily – but I love having a day just for me!

    Also tweeted – @fluteiutup

  29. My birthday is July 4 and I love that I never have to ask for a day off on my birthday!

  30. My birthday is June 23 and I love that my son and I share the same birthday! Plus it’s a summer birthday.

  31. tweeted @tonilb16

  32. My birthday is January 11. I love it because it is my day. It is a day that I can do something for myself and (try) not be guilty about it.

  33. My birthday is October 25 and I love that my husband has the same birthday! He is exactly 2 hours older than me. We always have a blast going out and sharing “our” day together!

  34. I tweeted!

  35. My birthday is this Saturday and I love having a day that is about me and what I want to do! 😉

  36. I tweeted @pinkflipflops44

  37. My birthday is June 18th and I love how excited my 5 yr old gets…her excitement makes my day even better.

  38. My b-day is Sept. 30 and I love it because it’s a day about me!

  39. Trisha V. says

    My birthday is May 12 (you know this!) and I love that it is usually sunny and is on the cusp of summer!!

  40. Happy Birthday Week to you! Woohoo!
    My birthday is Friday, the 25th, so Happy Birthday Week to me too! Woohoo!

  41. July 30th! I love my birthday, I have a birthday month! It makes me feel special – well, I am special 🙂

  42. I’m actually not a huge fan of my birthday – it’s Dec. 21 and that’s a crap time to have a birthday. What I like about it is that it’s around Christmas so it seems festive anyway 🙂

  43. Tweeted too!

  44. My birthday is 18 July and honestly, there’s usually not too much I like about. This year, I am looking forward to spending the day with my husband and baby doing nothing.

  45. Also tweeted.

  46. My birthday is Nov. 9th. And I love it because I share it with my firstborn.

  47. april 11th. i love that my birthday is in the spring. rain or sunshine, it’s a beautiful time of the year. but if it’s snowing, stay away. i won’t be in a good mood.

  48. My birthday is July 28th. I love that it’s in the summer!

  49. Happy Birthday Katie! Your day is the day before my husband’s birthday! Yay for March bdays! My birthday is June 10th. What I love about my birthday is that it is in the summer but not too hot outside and that all my family comes over to celebrate.
    Yay! Birthdays!

  50. My birthday is next month – 10 days before my due date with baby boy #2! My favorite part about my birthday is that I can talk my husband into a lovely sushi dinner out (which we’ll do post-baby this year!)

  51. My birthday is Mach 30th, and I love almost everything about it. (Almost because I’m not crazy happy about getting closer and closer to the big 40 yet, but I’m working on it.)
    My family is great though and they really make my day special.

  52. my birthday is November 16 and i love presents! whoohoo!

  53. my birhtday is october 11… i love that it’s in october. i don’t know why, perhaps b/c it’s near halloween and i love halloween and fall!!

  54. i tweeted!!

  55. My birthday is 2/22 and I love eating out, getting chocolate as gifts, and celebrating with family and friends.

  56. My birthday is November 30th. I love that it is close to Thanksgiving so that I can celebrate it with my family (and my sister’s is just 2 days later!) P.S. I followed her sweetness and will tweet it out.

  57. missy widener says

    my birthday is september 30 and I love that it falls between audrey and ethan’s birthday so it sort of goes unnoticed…I like hiding in the shadows. ahlot.

  58. October 3rd! It’s in the same month as my favorite holiday, Halloween. So I always have a Halloween themed party!