Top Ten Tuesdays: Wears

So this week I was racking my brain for what in tar-nation I was going to count off for my Top Ten this week.  And then I got into a conversation on twitter about how I  never get to link up with Harper’s Happenings for Stepping Out Saturday.

Because I never go out on the weekends.  I spend most of my weekends in yoga pants or jammies–not getting all cute.  I use up all my cute clothes for work.

And then it dawned on me…

I would count down the Top Ten things that are in rotation out of my closet and onto ME!  Be gentle.  These pictures were taken before I went to work in the morning…around 6:30am.

10. cargo pants and a sweater

I wear this look at LEAST once a week.  It’s acceptable to teach in and it’s comfy.

pants and sweater = old navy

cami = gap outlet

headband = New York and Co

Earrings = silpada (I think)

#9 khakis and a sweater

Admittedly, this sweater also goes nicely with a grey pencil skirt and black tights I have, but khakis are more comfy

khakis and sweater = Gap Outlet

necklace and earrings = The Vintage Pearl

#8 More Khakis and a jacket

I may REALLY love khaki pants (and this is the “I didn’t wash my hair, but this headband detracts from that fact” look)

pants = New York and Co

tank = GAP

jacket = Old Navy

headband = Twenty Five Design

#7 Sometimes I wear a skirt

I could have stood up a little taller…and hands in the pockets aren’t helping width, but yes, I like to wear a skirt sometimes

skirt, tank, and cardi = old navy

tights = target

boots = shoe carnival

headband = new york and co

earrings = montana silver

#6 cargo pants…and a different sweater.

I told you these were in heavy rotation.  Seriously.  They are comfy.  I don’t know about style….

pants = old navy

sweater and button down = new york and co

hair = still wet.  no time to dry.  ugg.

#5 khakis…again.

There are my fave khakis again!  woot!

pants = still from Gap Outlet

sweater = Gap

cami = Gap

headband = Twenty Five Design

Necklace = Kay Jewelers…yes, even though they have the WORST commercials ever.

#4 Casual Fridays…the hoodie

Oh Lord, I can’t believe I am showing you this…but yes, this is me on a Friday…for work

jeans = Gap

Hoodie = Champion (bought at WMU bookstore)

T-shirt = i don’t remember…probably just some old, comfy t-shirt

headband = something I found in the bottom of the drawer

hair = not washed, again.

#3 Going out…but also has been seen at school on Fridays

This is what I wore out on Sunday for my date with Cort, but I have also been seen wearing this for casual Friday…when I am not channeling my inner bum.

jeans, sweater, and cami = Gap Outlet

flower in my hair = Tie a Little Ribbon

#2 What you will see me in if you catch me at home…almost ever

I bought this sweat outfit before Eddie was born thinking I would be cute when people came to visit us.  I am still putting this on daily…even though it is a bit too big and it has stains.  HOT.

sweat suit = Gap Body

#1 A glimpse at my shoes

yeah.  just…yeah.

and this isn’t all of them.  just a glimpse.

I might have a problem.

especially since not pictured are the pair of boots I wear almost every day…everywhere.


There…I did it.  I shared the things that are in the most heavy rotation out of my closet.  I have learned from this little post that I love my khakis…maybe too much.

And that I need to wash my hair more.  ugg.

And that I may be keeping Gap Outlet in business just by my shopping alone.

Anyway…what is in YOUR regular rotation?

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  1. I’m not sure which is more entertaining there, the photos of you or the clothes that you showed us… 😉

  2. You are gorgeous. My favorite is the red sweater; it’s a fabulous color for you!

  3. You look great no matter what you wear. I really love your skirt outfit though. So cute!

  4. I have the sweater in #3! But it looks cuter on you. And I so wish I did more with my hair than the same old ponytail or ponytail loop I’ve been doing since high school.

  5. I wear seriously weird stuff. I’ll go in spurts where I’ll wear the death out of something, then get sick of it, and it will never see the light of day again. My standard outfit, lots of jeans, tall boots, tank tops, with layered sweaters/hoodies/tunics on top.

    And I rock the unshowered thing all the time, thanks to the invention of dry shampoo.

  6. I love the red sweater!

  7. can i just say i loooove the thumbs up in the last pic! hehe! Also i love the black with khaki combo!

  8. You are so lovely.

    I am also jealous of how comfy you can dress. ::glares at stiletto heels & tights::

  9. I love all your headbands (I too convince myself that a handband detracts from greasy hair)! Also I’m very jealous you have casual Fridays!!

  10. But I great smile goes with everything! And totally distracts people from noticing you are wearing the same pants:)

  11. You are a cute teacher (as a former & maybe future teacher, I know it is hard to balance cute & practical for a classroom)!

    I need to update my headbands, because mine are boring!

    This winter, I have been religiously wearing my “modern slim” jeans from Ann Taylor Loft and knee high Bandolino boots in a brownish red color. In other words, I don’t have ten looks, just a variation on one. Embarrassing!

  12. You are freakin adorable. I’m no where near brave enough to even show my damn face on the internet, much less my ‘mom uniform’ (which i live in when not at work by the way). I’m WAY jealous you got to wear a hoodie to work. I’ll be in the office this weekend, bet your arse, I’ll be sportin my hoodie!

  13. loved this, nice to meet you! Have joined in, not sure how to get the button but sure I’ll work it out 🙂

  14. Ok… I *seriously* had the thought of posting pictures of me in my clothes this weekend and letting my blog friends decide whether or not I should keep or give away items. I think I’m desperate for some change. Loved you showing what you wear though… maybe I’ll really do this someday. 🙂

  15. I look like your Friday 24/7. You are cute, cute, cute!

  16. You have a lot of khakies
    I love #4 and #8 but think you loom fab in everything
    Washing your hair is overrated

  17. Dude! You look cute for work! I think I need you to shop with me! Come August it will have to be the Tracy/Kates show hittin’ up the back to school!

  18. You? Are too adorable.
    My work attire used to consist of scrubs so I can appreciate the comfort of a good pair of khakis…
    now I wear stuffy dress pants…bleh.

  19. I see nothing wrong with the closet of shoes. I might have one (or two) similar closets 🙂 You look amazing in all of your clothes.

  20. Cute! But I have to say I’m most in awe of the fact that you got up and modeled 10 different outfits that early in the morning. AND allowed your picture to be taken! Never. 😉

  21. This slayed me. And seriously? You’re super duper cute. I love the flowers and headbands.


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