Top Ten Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Again you can blame the crowd over on twitter for this week’s Top Ten Topic…although this one was on my idea list.  I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spill all my guilty pleasures for all the world to know.

But it is time.  Time for me to come clean about my addictions entertainment.

10. Diet Coke – this one is a huge one.  I had my first swig of the lovely nectar in 8th grade.  My math teacher LOVED the stuff and collected cans in her room.  In pyramids.  I wanted to know what was so great about it.  I was never really able to drink sugary sodas, so this was perfect.

I have been hooked ever since.  My only hiatus was during my pregnancy with Eddie.  I tried to do caffeine free, but it tasted weird and I had the worst reflux known to man.

I have been told to cut out soda to help weight loss.  and I have cut way back, but I just can’t give up the good stuff completely.

9. The Red Carpet – almost any red carpet will do.  Award season is my favorite sport season.  And don’t say it’s not a sport.  It’s totally brutal

8. Fashion Police – Not the show that is now on weekly (although I do not mind that either in fact “bitch stole my look” is my favorite segment on that show), but the actual fashion police after the awards.  For instance tonight?  It will be the Oscars Fashion Police.  You know I will not be missing this.

7. Popcorn – and not healthy, low fat, nothing added popcorn.  No, my favorite?  Movie theater popcorn with TONS of extra butter.  I read somewhere that in a large tub?  You get all the calories you need for one day.  I would so sacrifice the rest of my day’s calories just to sit and mow down on a huge tub of greasy goodness.

6. America’s Next Top Model – admittedly I hate almost all reality shows.  But this one?  I love.  I haven’t watched it that much (I missed the end of the last cycle and I have the first episode of this season on Tivo that I haven’t watched yet), but if there is a marathon on a Sunday?  My day is DONE.

5. Mc Donalds – who am I kidding…it’s really the filet-o-fish from Micky D’s.  And now that it’s the magical season of lent?  You KNOW I get my nom on with the double filet.  My head knows it’s disgusting, my my heart?  Oh my heart is so in love.

4. Facebook – this one IS really guilty because I HATE that I am so addicted to it.  I don’t post all over it like I used to–I use it mainly to keep in touch with people and for my fan pages, but I do enjoy creeping looking at everyone’s pictures and reading their profiles.  It is a bit silly how easy it is to know what people are up to…and also completely addictive.

3. online shopping – specifically etsy.  Oh Mah Lawd how I can get stuck on etsy…for HOURS!  Mostly just browsing, but not always.  Let’s just say my email inbox?  Always has one or two receipts hanging out waiting for shipping info.

2. Peanut Butter M&Ms – Oh how I love you.  And oh how I love that my husband does not buy them every week with groceries or I would be about 72345098 pounds.

1. Twitter – It’s like I can’t be away from it!  I have tweetdeck open on my laptop ALWAYS, I have it on my phone, and I check in at work on the web.  I completely get sucked into EVERY conversation.  It’s probably the same reason I was always up until all hours chatting in real life back in college.  Now I am all over it online.  Sometimes?  It’s a problem. (by the way?  I am @ksluiter if you want to feed my addiction tweet with me).

And now you all know my dirty little secrets…you know why I can’t let the weight go and why when it seems like I am ALWAYS around on twitter?  It’s because I am.

Now it’s your turn to spill.  What are YOUR guilty pleasures?

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  1. I love this! And I feel the same way about a lot of these. Mine would also include movies like “Zoolander” and “Superstar,” which I can watch on a loop. lol

  2. Wow we have a lot of the same 🙂 I love reality tv…I am such a junkie!

  3. Sadly, my one tracked mind right now thinks chocolate would be the answer to all 10. I will try and see if I can come up with better answers hahaa. And filet o fish has me puking in my mouth. Shamrock shakes or any milkshake and fries I can handle from there but filet o fish? ewwwwwww.

  4. I could write a big fat list, but it really all comes down to Shopping At Target.

    He’s my lover and I can’t quit him.

  5. I love filet o fish too. It’s the tarter sauce. *sigh*

  6. Filet of fish?! It’s on! I love me some good fish and McDonald’s is right up the street. Score for Lent!

    And your teacher? Hilarious.

  7. give me back that filet-o-fish, give me that fish, WOOO! haha i <3/hate that commercial.

    aaaaand linking up.

  8. Popcorn. Popcorn is my first love. And Etsy? Don’t get me started. Seriously. I have to stay away. Although I do like to support the Etsy vendors…which is why I bought something this past weekend 🙂 Love your list!

  9. Chocolate. Twitter. Reading blogs. Expensive bras & underwear.

    Annnnnd this is why I usually don’t participate in your TTT’s… because my mind goes ::blank:: after #4!! ha!

  10. Wait. It’s Lent already? Where have I been?? Either way I’ve never had a filet-o-fish. Shocking, I know. I don’t eat much McD’s in general.

    My husband bought me an entire box of coconut Easter eggs on Friday. They were gone by…Sunday night. 9 of them. He ate 2 of them. You do the math.

    I’m so ashamed.

  11. I’m a new follower. Love this topic! We totally share the McDonalds one. Here’s my post:

  12. You saw my guilty pleasure over at Leah’s place. You, meaning SluiterNation, are part of my blog addiction/guilty pleasure. I check on you and the pearl jam lovin’ husband every day. It’s like we live in the same neighborhood or something and I make sure no one is stealing your tv or whatever.

    keep up the good work

  13. Oh heck yes for Twitter being #1! In order to get anything done, I have to turn it off!

  14. Oh yes, I am right there with you on the popcorn & Fashion Police. & if I weren’t too lazy, I would go make some right now!

  15. Girl!!! I LOVE online shopping!! And ANTM is my fave…it’s what I watch when I do my 8-10 mile runs on my treadmill. Gotta love Tyra Banks!

  16. Ummm I always wondered who ate those fish fillets…

  17. Diet Coke is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, and I haven’t had one in WEEKS now because I am trying to cut the caffeine out during my pregnancy. My first meal in the hospital with Brayden included a caffeine free one- I just needed a little taste!

  18. That’s a great-bad list. LOL.
    I have a lot of the same ones but I’d have to change the Diet Coke to Diet Lime Coke, PB M&Ms to plain M&Ms &
    I would add Soap Operas, Project Runway and Dairy Queen.

  19. LOVE the Fashion Police! I haven’t yet had a chance to watch anything Oscar related, but can’t WAIT to watch the show this Friday night!

  20. I am so a popcorn-aholic like you! Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra bad. (And I don’t care if my butt is fat) I’ll actually melt butter and pour over my popcorn. Occasionally. But Orville Redenbacker’s extreme butter is the BEST popcorn =)

  21. O. M. G. POPCORN!! It is more than a guilty pleasure for me, it’s a full blown addiction. And movie theater popcorn? I die. Sometimes I go to the movies, just for the popcorn. Probably my all time guilty pleasure is hitting the snooze in the morning.